A “Bias Makes You Stupid” Case Study: Meghan McCain

Meghan McCain

Meghan McCain, the late Senator’s daughter, is attracting well-deserved mockery for her first column in the Daily Mail, the British tabloid. In her lament, John’s little chip of the old block pronounces herself amazed and horrified that Joe Biden, as President, has been exactly what it was obvious to anyone paying attention that he would be after his bumbling, fumbling, sometimes frightening campaign in 2020. This snippet is sufficient:

The man I once considered a friend and confidante has morphed into a feckless and unreliable leader I no longer recognize. He gives all the signs of stubborn cantankerous naiveté, surrounded by idiotic sycophants anyone who has spent more than fifteen minutes around politics should easily recognize as the worst type of corrupt bureaucrats. Biden’s policies have broken with his rhetoric of unity to create more division and distrust. Inflation has exploded. Americans are paying more at the pump and the grocery and soon for their kids’ holiday toys. The schools are supposed to be reopened, but in-person learning is inconsistent and can be pulled away with the speed of a positive test. The vaccine booster shots, which Biden promised at the beginning of the month, ran into a brick wall of FDA policy. New government mandates are testing the limits of executive power. The man who promised he would shut down the virus, not the country, is doing the opposite.

Why yes, Meghan, Joe Biden is conducting his Presidency exactly as one should expect from a career political hack of minimal intellectual timber who was obviously in the throes of diminishing capacity when he was nominated, and who was only nominated to be a malleable prop for the far-left while the Democrats pretended that he was a moderate “adult in the room” in contrast to ruthless ideologues like Elizabeth Warren and human racial spoils like Kamala Harris? Why are you surprised?

On the other hand, why does anyone care what Meghan thinks? For the record, she is surprised because,

1. Bias makes you stupid, and Biden was “a friend.”

2. The fact that her whole family detested Donald Trump made any Trump opponent seem benign, and Biden’s potential risk to the nation was a lesser priority than a family vendetta

3. John McCain had many fine qualities, but intellectual acuity was not one of them. His daughter has not demonstrated that she is even up to his modest level in the critical thinking department.

Meghan McCain is in the lowest category of celebrities, the bottom of the barrel, even below reality TV stars. Yes, and even below Alyssa Milano and Nicki Menaj. She is famous for being famous. Her major in college was art history; she has never built anything, managed anything, created anything, or been responsible for anything substantive, other than having her name on books that were written for her. If Meghan’s last name were not McCain, nobody would have ever heard of her, nor would her opinions be of interest to people who are even dimmer than she is. If she were not blond and relatively attractive, even her last name wouldn’t have helped. She cleverly rode her father’s reputation as a “maverick” to get book deals and TV gigs allowing her to issue critiques of politicians and elected officials whose job she couldn’t perform on a dare, regarding issues she has no more expertise regrading than the young man who mows my lawn. She was recruited as a member of “The View’s” collection of ill-informed loud-mouths with ladyparts in 2017, because she could be relied upon to bash Donald Trump from the Right. He was mean to her father, after all.

Her amazement that Joe Biden is a disaster is just further evidence that she has nothing, literally nothing, to contribute to public discourse and national consciousness. America’s willingness to assume that special abilities attach to those bearing the same last names as people who actually did something of use and note has been a blight on the nation virtually from the beginning of its existence. It has burdened the U.S. with mediocre Presidents (John Quincy Adams, Benjamin Harrison, George W. Bush), Presidential candidates of dubious skill and trustworthiness ( Hillary Clinton, Al Gore), unqualified widows in elected office (Lurleen Wallace, Mary Bono—it’s happened 48 times in Congress), enough Kennedys of progressively less ability to justify a legal ban, plus Andrew Cuomo. The lower sub-species of people who are accorded worthiness to persuade simply because they share DNA with someone who earned their prominence, is perhaps less harmful, but these smug, fake authorities—this is where Chris Cuomo fits in along with the various Trump spawn—eventually convince themselves as well as others that their opinions have more value that what you can hear at any bar.

The opinions of the Megyn McCains among us are static, making it increasingly difficult for ordinary people to discern who can help clarify difficult issues and problems, and who is just trying to exploit serious problems for their own profit.

12 thoughts on “A “Bias Makes You Stupid” Case Study: Meghan McCain

  1. I have always believed that anyone who shares genetic material or the surname obtained by marriage or birth of any officeholder be barred from running for any office for at least three generations.

  2. Meghan is also an heiress, which helps in the entertainment business (and is seemingly sometimes the only requirement).

    A little background on Meghan’s mother’s fortune. From wiki (and seemingly written by the company’s PR department):

    “Hensley & Co., also known as Hensley Beverage Company, is an Anheuser-Busch beer wholesaler and distributor headquartered in the West Phoenix area of Phoenix, Arizona. Its market territory covers nearly the entire state of Arizona. As of 2007 it was the third-largest Anheuser-Busch distributor in the United States and one of the largest privately held companies in Arizona.

    The company was founded in 1955 by Arizona businessman Jim Hensley and steadily grew based upon population growth in the region and a close arrangement with Anheuser-Busch. Following Hensley’s death in 2000, his daughter Cindy Hensley McCain became the controlling owner. At the height of prominence of her husband, U.S. Senator and two-time presidential candidate John McCain, Hensley & Co. was arguably the best-known beer distributorship in America. Previously focused on marketing to the Phoenix, Tempe, and Prescott Valley areas, its size and scope increased significantly with the 2016 acquisition of Tucson-based Golden Eagle Distributors. Hensley Beverage Company maintains an active presence in the Phoenix area in terms of sponsorships and charitable giving. Its representatives have held high positions in several city and state business groups and the company is active in political discussions that affect the industry.”

    The article says 2009 earnings were $350,000,000.00. I can only imagine what they are now. As Chuck Schumer is considered the Senator from Wall Street, you can see why John McCain was justifiably considered the Senator from the liquor industry.

  3. “Meghan McCain is in the lowest category of celebrities, the bottom of the barrel, even below reality TV stars. Yes, and even below Alyssa Milano and Nicki Menaj. She is famous for being famous. Her major in college was art history; she has never built anything, managed anything, created anything, or been responsible for anything substantive, other than having her name on books that were written for her.”

    I get where you are coming from Jack, but the vapid McCain has *built* a *substantive* net worth of 10mil, *created* a lucrative brand without any special talent or skill, while successfully *managing* the whole process. She is now set for life at age 37, plus she has good skin.
    That is about 10mil. more than me and I have valuable marketable skills.

    • That’s not building. That’s cashing in. Things one builds have substantive benefits for society. I do not accept that definition of ‘building.’ It is so broad as to render the concept meaningless. She has no brand. The Kardashians have a brand.

      • To use a gross example: Hitler built a highly successful, innovative, destructive military machine, that spawned advances in rocket science, computers (enigmamachine), and more.
        McCain has/is a recognizable brand albeit not as lucrative or universally identified as the Kardashians.
        The Kardashians have worked hard as a group for a long time to develop and cash in on their brand while McCain is but one person who appears to not be nearly as ambitious. McCain’s brand isn’t as lucrative but is more respectable.

        • She built her net worth? Hah. Her net worth has been built by the Budweiser and Stella Artois drinkers of Arizona. All she has to do is cash her dividend checks. Give me a break.

          • OB,
            When was the last time you sat around with a bunch of grating loudmouth sanctimonious female democrats and received a cool million/yr for the pleasure?
            Her annual salary is estimated to be roughly 3mil/yr. Her dividend checks are given to charity, plus she’s pretty, smells good, and happily married.

          • John McCain was a member of the club of politicians who made their fortunes marrying heiresses. John “Heinz Ketchup” Kerry comes to mind. The Symington brothers. and their scion, Fife Symington, who married an heiress of the Olin chemical fortune. I think it’s called “good breeding.”

            • I’m not sure where you’re coming from. I’m supposed to be impressed that Meghan McCain makes three million dollars a year as well as feel bad because I never made anything near that in any of my working years? You’re kidding me, right? Next you’ll be telling me Kamala Harris is a brilliant, accomplished and hyper successful woman and I’m supposed to be sad because unlike her I’m not married to a partner at O’Melveny and Myers or something.

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