How Donald Trump Could Be A Great American And Ethics Hero, But Almost Certainly Won’t


One of the benefits of not having Donald Trump as President—such benefits do not include having Joe Biden in the White House—is that I don’t have to write about him as often or regularly point out the relentless efforts to de-legitimize and destroy his Presidency. However, the Trump Deranged in the news media and the Angry Left in general let Trump live, as the cliche goes, rent-free in their heads, so now he has become a boogeyman. Say his name three times in front of a mirror, and he’ll appear and murder democracy.

On his substack newsletter, Andrew Sullivan, who occasionally called out Trump Derangement excesses but still never could bring himself to extend any respect to The Donald, weighed in today with an essay called “How Biden Could Bring Back Trump.” What the piece is really about is how wretched Biden’s Presidency has been so far, especially regarding illegal immigration. But to get his core readership’s attention, Sullivan felt he had to frame the argument as he does in his final two paragraphs:

“…the immigration debate reflects an elite that simply cannot imagine why most normal citizens think that enforcing a country’s borders is not an exercise in white supremacist violence, but a core function of any basic government. Which is to say that far from taming the brushfire of right ethno-populism, Biden may be fueling it. Trump may not need to send the country into a constitutional crisis in 2024. If mass migration continues to accelerate under this administration, and Biden seems unable or unwilling to do anything about it, Tump could win that election in a romp. And deserve to.”

Andrew can’t bring himself to quite say that Trump was right about illegal immigration all along, that the public mostly agreed with him because they aren’t insane, and that Biden’s policies and rhetoric are incompetence itself. He does write, though, to be fair to Sullivan, “The temptation to reduce every normie concern about immigration to ‘white supremacy’ was too hard to eschew. And the view that “All Borders Are Racist” — as perfect an expression of woke extremism as “Defund the Police” and “Pregnant People” — became an elite cause. Nation-states and borders? That has been left in the dust of the Obama era.” Bingo to that. Still, the big scare isn’t the collapse of the rule of law and the natural disastrous consequences of open borders. It’s that it all might bring Truuuuuuump back.

Gee, ya think? Recent polls–I know, I know, polls—show Trump defeating Biden decisively if the election were held today, assuming that Democrats don’t pass a law that makes whispering a candidate’s name to a poll-worker a valid vote. The same polls show Trump beating Kamala even more decisively. As Sullivan says, if Biden continues as he has—and what would make anyone think he’s going to get better?—Trump should be able to win easily.

And that would be a disaster. If Trump entered the Presidency last time under the din of hysterical fearmongering and Big Lies, a second term would begin under a serious threat of violence. Democrats and progressives are now like Palestinians: they have been conditioned by irresponsible rhetoric to be driven by blind hate for so long that they are incapable of being rational. At the same time, Trump supporters—which does not necessarily mean those who like Trump personally—have reached peak resentment regarding the calumny aimed at them and the President they elected since 2016. Whether Trump won or lost in 2024, another election with him involved would almost certainly lead to the worst crisis the United States has faced since the Civil War. At the same time, the ruins of the Democratic Party, standing as it now does for deception, anti-Americanism, the corruption of democratic institutions, a state-controlled media, division, anti-white racism and increasing restrictions on personal liberty and core Constitutional rights, are the existential threat the Trump Deranged claim Trump is.

This is truly a Scylla and Charybdis ( that’s the duo above) dilemma, with the S.S. United States somehow having to navigate between two monsters that are both capable of and even likely to sink the ship. What is the solution?

It’s pretty obvious, really. Donald Trump has to support another Republican who has demonstrated leadership and executive skill while not displaying the obnoxious and un-Presidential habits that Trump has proven himself incapable of repressing.

It’s not my purpose here to suggest who that might be; Republicans have three years to find him or her, and they are ethically obligated to do so. But they can’t find someone to replace Trump without Trump agreeing. Without his assent, the nation would risk another Bull Moose Party fiasco, with the GOP splitting in two to guarantee the election of a Democrat who could never have won otherwise…like Kamala Harris, speaking of monsters. Teddy Roosevelt’s ego-driven snit in 1912 ended up by inflicting Woodrow Wilson on the nation, resulting in war, racism, pestilence, death, and Warren G. Harding. Trump is fully capable of pulling a Bull Moose, and the country be damned.

Thus the ethical course is for him to resolve now to find and support his replacement, and to choose a good one. It will require his acting unselfishly for once in his life. It will require his abandoning his dreams of revenge and a satisfying victory over the man and the party he believes stole the Presidency from him. If, however, he can amass the courage, sacrifice, humility and patriotism to do it, Donald Trump would not only be an ethics hero, but perhaps the nation’s savior as well.

Will he do it? Of course not! I don’t know why I’m even writing about it.

7 thoughts on “How Donald Trump Could Be A Great American And Ethics Hero, But Almost Certainly Won’t

  1. I have recently read a few conservative (the real kind) pundits making similar arguments; basically that the ball is in Trump’s court and the best thing he could do for the country would be to do as you suggest and endorse someone else who could win, but if he does run the party should have a spirited primary campaign with everyone agreeing to support the eventual nominee whether it is Trump or someone else. We shall see.

    • But we’ve seen already, no? Why would the next round be any different in the end than the one before, when Trump was an underdog, his first debate was pronounced a disaster by Charles Krauthammer who mocked that he was “not ready for prime time,” and he rolled over everyone? Next time, he’ll be an ex-President with an already solid base.

      • I think the true conservatives taking the long view believe the nation could endure another Trump presidency more easily than another Dem presidency and continued control of the House, but we are engaging in wishful thinking in hoping for another conservative (non-RINO) Republican who can bring “Trumpism without Trump.” The important thing right now is to take Congressional and Presidential power back from the radical socialist Left and then stop the “managed decline” of the country by “moderate” elites of both parties. We can drain the swamp only after we deal with the alligators. If by some disaster the Dems remain in power after 2024, then all bets against a civil war, or a partitioning, are off.

  2. I don’t know that it particularly matters who runs for the republicans next presidential election; the country is going to reach the same point no matter who runs. Anyone Trump endorsed would be declared a nazi worse than Hitler, and the same hysteria that would be applied to Trump would be applied to the endorsed candidate. The left has jumped face first into the crazy pool, and they are not backing down. They actively wish anyone who opposes them dead, including those in the democrat party who don’t tow the lunatic line. Just look at the current rhetoric aimed at democrat “moderates” who won’t agree to $3.5 trillion dollars worth of delusional psychosis.

    In my opinion, Trump supporters are not going to vote for some milquetoast rhino candidate. I know I wouldn’t. Should one somehow take the nomination, I’d rather stay home on Election Day and let the country implode quickly, rather than elect a wishy washy appeaser who will let it be destroyed cut by radical leftist cut. I don’t care if Trump is the nominee or not, but I am only voting for someone I believe is going to fight the left tooth and nail and work to put an end to the bullshit. If the person nominated does not fit that description, I’m not helping elect them.

    There is already a split in the Republican Party between people who want to go back to the status quo of controlled decline, and people who have reached their breaking point on the decline that has already occurred. Some of these issues are no longer negotiable to a large swath of the population. Open borders, leftist indoctrination in schools, communism, government control of medical decisions, inflation, destruction of property rights, destruction of the first and second amendments and increases in government spying are not issues I want to hear any compromise on. Anyone even hinting they are open to considering these ideas is openly stating they don’t want my vote, and I’m willing to oblige them.

    The left wants all those things and more, and isn’t willing to let anyone get in their way. The left is already paying groups like Antifa to commit terrorism to achieve their goals. Political violence, political censorship and state run media propaganda are now the norm.

    I don’t see any of this abating or going away. It is only going to get worse, not better. Trump or no Trump, the country is on the brink of civil war.

    I agree that he will probably run, however, regardless of the potential consequences, so it is a moot point.

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