Not Helping: Houston Texans Owner Cal McNair Grovels An Apology For Telling The Truth

A while back I asked readers if I should start a “Weenie of the Week” category or its equivalent. The feedback was mostlynegative, but I still have to shine a sickly green light on those who are eroding my free speech rights by refusing to fight for their own.

Back in May, the owner of the NFL’s Houston Texans owner Cal McNair commented during the team’s Charity Golf Classic at River Oaks Country Club, “I’m sorry that we couldn’t get together last year, because of the China virus.”

For some reason, a muckraking political correctness-fomenting sports journalist named Michael Silver decided that this was a scandal, or a scoop, or something, now, months later. “Said one unnamed witness,” Silver writes, ‘Everyone gasped, especially the people directly across from him.'” Gasped! My god, the man called a virus that unquestionable began in China the “China virus”! This was “racially insensitive” says NBC Sports, echoing Silver.

No, it wasn’t.

Never mind: McNair, showing himself to have the spine of an annelid worm, quickly grovelled an apology:

“My comments at the event last May included an inappropriate choice of words. I immediately apologized to people who approached me then and I apologize again now. I know how important it is to choose my words carefully. I would never want to offend anyone.”

Even as forced apologies go, this one is especially cringe-worthy. No, the words were not “inappropriate,” they were accurate. Ooh, better choose your words carefully so as not to trigger those who will try to ruin anyone who doesn’t obey the political correctness edicts from the Left! The only way not to “offend anyone” is to avoid speaking and writing.

I hereby move that people who prove they have been thoroughly weenie-ized save us time by skipping these sickening, virtue-signaling apology by simply stating, “I love Big Brother,” and get it over with. That’s what this kind of grovel means. Maybe they should sign a registry or something that gets them discounts on Coca-Cola products.

But…but…TRUUUUUMP! “The term used by McNair was used multiple times by the former president in the early months of the pandemic, and many still use the term (and similar ones) when referring to COVID-19 without apologizing or even flinching,” writes good little censorship soldier, NBC’s Mike Florio. Bite me, Mike: I’m one of those many, though I prefer the more specific “Wuhan virus.” You tell me why a completely accurate name is “racially insensitive.” I’ve asked many lock-step woke friends and relatives to explain what racially insensitive, and the answer basically comes down to “Trump used it, and he’s a racist” or “Because that’s what the directive from The Ministry Of Truth” says. Then there are wimpers about all the Asian Americans being attacked when there is scant evidence that what we call the virus has anything to do with such incidents, and since when did we let the actions of idiots determine what information has to be de facto censored?

Facts are not sensitive or insensitive; they are facts. Chinese-Americans feel badly when they are reminded that the nation of their ancestors lied and botched its way to a world pandemic recently? Gee, I’m sorry: they need to grow up. I don’t feel personally attacked when someone talks about the treatment of blacks during slavery and Jim Crow. It wasn’t my doing, and if I regarded all of the anti-white rhetoric as a personal attack, I’d spend my days weeping. Is calling the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor Japanese “insensitive”? Is doing so justification for abusing Japanese-Americans now (FDR and the Supreme Court thought so then, but their reasoning has been thoroughly condemned)?

MacNair is an ethics corrupter just as much as Silver and everyone else who dutifully marched to the discordant tune of the speech police on this issue more than a year ago. Once again, I reiterate that if you don’t have the fortitude, principles, integrity and courage to defend the right to speak and defy the censors, then don’t talk or write for public consumption….and definitely stop speaking to students. These disgraceful weenie outbreaks undermine everyone’s rights and put the enablers of totalitarianism ever-closer to the levers of power.

8 thoughts on “Not Helping: Houston Texans Owner Cal McNair Grovels An Apology For Telling The Truth

  1. I guess the NFL is trying to follow the NBA into being popular (to bet on?) in China. Or we’re all supposed to tip toe around the Chinese so they will continue buying all our debt? Or they’ll expose Joe and Hunter?

  2. I call it the “Chinese Communist Party virus” whenever I say it, among many other examples of politically-incorrect (but factually correct) speech that I engage in. That’s one of the advantages I enjoy for looking like, and being, a guy that you just don’t talk shit to, and I use it to maximum effect to push back against this idiocy. I can only hope I’m helping to kindle little sparks of resistance here & there.

  3. I vote “Yea” for Weenie of the Week, for what it’s worth. By the way; my chronic, severe insomnia problem (mean average of less than 2 hours per night since 2008) has finally abated as of last week. My brain is coming alive, and for the first time since the inception of this blog, I have the cognitive dexterity to make a semi-coherent and relevant comment now and then.

  4. The NFL has little room to preach to me about the need to “End Racism” (on the backs of helmets) and “It Takes All of Us” (in the end-zone grass) when it has let the Chinese and their racist, repressive, totalitarian ways so far into its pockets that a GM feels the need to apologize for using “China” and “virus” sequentially in a sentence.

    The NFL is disgraceful.

  5. Once again, I reiterate that if you don’t have the fortitude, principles, integrity and courage to defend the right to speak and defy the censors, then don’t talk or write for public consumption….and definitely stop speaking to students.

    Once again, I reiterate that that will lead to a deeper and self-defeating reaction: some people will want to forbid those people to talk or write for public consumption … and definitely to make them stop speaking to students.

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