To Be Fair, The Fact That Virginia’s Democratic Candidate For Governor Is A Sleaze Isn’t News…[UPDATED!]


In the last couple of hours, Fox News has been showing a copy of a misdirected email sent to Fox from the McAuliffe campaign asking recipients, news outlets all, to “kill” a story about revelations that the campaign has hired Mark Elias in the waning days of the race. Elias was previously a partner at the law firm Perkins Coie until his deep involvement in the Russian collusion hoax became an embarrassment to the firm, which worked for Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign. Elias was involved in bringing on Fusion GPS to conduct opposition research on Donald Trump that included Christopher Steele’s dossier according to a recent Justice Department report.

It’s no surprise that Clinton’s lawyers would also gravitate to McAuliffe, since he was a Clinton henchman for years. Sending a “please kill this story” email to Fox News, the one large TV news source that wouldn’t kill a story that might embarrass McAuliffe, shows desperation and carelessness by the Democrat’s team. McAuliffe’s poll numbers are in freefall, with GOP hopeful Glenn Youngkin soaring in the past week, not because of any special virtues on his part, but because of one self-inflicted wound after another by his adversary.

I would have liked to post a screen shot of the memo, but it isn’t on line yet, and only Fox News is mentioning Elias’s involvement, perhaps because all the mainstream media other than Fox News is trying to kill the story. (Google too has buried it.) There’s nothing inherently wrong with hiring Elias; it’s the attempted cover-up that is news, or rather one more indication of what shouldn’t be news at all. In fact, it’s a smoking gun: this is how the Democratic Party uses the lapdog news media to deceive the public.

Nah, there’s no mainstream media bias!

UPDATE: Fox finally got the email on the web. (Christina Freundlich is a McAuliffe spokesperson.)

McAulliffe tweet

9 thoughts on “To Be Fair, The Fact That Virginia’s Democratic Candidate For Governor Is A Sleaze Isn’t News…[UPDATED!]

  1. Perhaps McAuliffe’s fall is a result of people simply tiring of the tactics of smearing enemies and buying votes. Perhaps somethings are just to crazy for even die hard Dems to swallow.

    Obviously, the Garland DOJ that is settling lawsuits, to the tune of about $900,000 per family unit, filed by the ACLU on behalf of illegal immigrants whose children were placed into federal foster care while awaiting adjudication pisses a lot of people off. The ACLU stands to make a boatload of bucks on the billion dollar deal. We have American citizens sitting isolated in a DC jail who cannot get representation yet illegal immigrants get a big payday because the government enforced immigration law and did not allow the lawbreakers to infiltrate and disappear into our society.

  2. I mean…. I know that media is interested in soiling itself as quickly and expressively as possible, but when there’s a story in the media about how a campaign asked you to kill a story, you almost want to correct by overcompensating and running that story for some amount of time, even if you wouldn’t have normally in an effort to make some kind of face-saving gesture. As it stands it’s now a matter of record that campaigns ask media outlets to kill stories, and some of them will.

  3. It’s impossible to completely eradicate the Clintons and the Clintonistas. Like roaches, I think they would survive a nuclear holocaust and continue to thrive.

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