Ethics Quiz: Too Much?

Halloween gore

The scene above was the work of Steven Novak, an artist in Dallas, Texas. Last year, neighbors were so unsettled by his Halloween decorations that one of them called the police to report a murder. (No word yet on what this year’s display was.)

Your post Halloween Ethics Alarms Ethics Quiz:

Is a display like that unfair to the neighborhood and irresponsible?

A few thoughts:

  • I think it’s great.
  • Do you think he got many trick-or-treaters?
  • It may be OK, but I’d advise Alec Baldwin to avoid such creativity.


Source: Res Ipsa Loquitur

15 thoughts on “Ethics Quiz: Too Much?

  1. I’m torn, although thankfully not as literally as those limbs in the wheelbarrow. It’s a bit gruesomely realistic to leave it out in public for long. It’d be unpleasant to see every day walking around in the neighborhood. On the other hand, it’d be a shame to take down such thorough effort and craftsmanship after such a brief display.

    On Halloween itself, though? Of course it’s fine! That’s one of the points of Halloween.

  2. It’s pretty horrorshow. Well done. It falls under the same issue as Christmas lights. It’s his yard, his display, and he’ll do it how he wants for as long as he wants. Some displays can be assholish, but I would not lump Mr. Novak’s display in that category. It’s Halloween time. The context is clear, and there’s no threats directed at any person or group.

  3. It takes guts to put out that kind of display, and he certainly was not intimidated, as he showed with the 2021 effort. The addition of a wood chipper with a gushing geyser of blood might have been enough to keep all of the kids away so he could keep all of his Halloween candy for himself.
    I believe the ethics of public displays requires a knowledge of your audience and the situation, so this is okay unless there is a hidden message spouting “Let’s Go Brandon.”

  4. Let me guess, the ones that called the police in horror last year laughed their asses off at the multiple President Trump’s severed head photos. People need to regain some common sense.

    No this is not irresponsible, it’s Haloween art and he did a damn good job at creating it. He’s got real talent and he should be dressing sets as a profession.

    • People need to regain some common sense.

      I’ve driven past enough real crime scenes that I myself might have called the police I didn’t have enough context after dark.

      Weird shit I’ve encountered overnight (including, but not limited to):
      * Thwarting a potential murder in the middle of a prominent bridge
      * Random burning cars by the side of the road
      * Creepy elderly couple in a rainstorm attempting to get into my car after asking to be brought to a bank two towns over at 2 AM.

      All of the above took place in generally safe, suburban areas. If I saw aforementioned display in an unfamiliar area, I may well say, “Not fucking again!” and call the police as I sped off (If I couldn’t tell unambiguously tell it was all fake, I wouldn’t stick around a potential mob war long enough to try!). This isn’t to say the display is unethical, but he may well certainly have a duty to forewarn the authorities to prevent accidental “swatting”.

  5. I’m guessing there wouldn’t be too many trick or treaters willing to wade through blood to get to his front door. I’m just saying…..

    However, if he left a candy bucket out by the sidewalk, I’ll bet it didn’t last long.

  6. It’s Pop Art. I’d be proud to have it on my block. But I’m betting his block, like mine, doesn’t have any small children running around on it.

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