Weird Tales Of The Great Stupid! Tonight’s Episode: “The Apologetic Gynecologist”

Weird Tales

Gynecologist Ryan Stewart announced that he is redesigning his office, and inquired on Twitter, “I’m asking women. How would you design/optimize a visit to the gynecologist’s office?” Terrified, he realized soon after that he had uttered the unwoke, offensive, excluding word…wait for it…”women.” My God, who in this enlightened age would trust a gynecologist who says “women”? So after being properly chastened on social media, Dr. Steward grovelled in a tweet, 

“Folks have [correctly] pointed out that I [incorrectly] said ‘women’ when what I should have said was ‘folks who may need gynecologic care,’ Stewart tweeted. “I named the practice with this in mind @midwestpelvis, but I find that I still have a lot of internalized/implicit bias.”

He needs to read his own website.,  informs readers,”Dr. Ryan Stewart is a fellowship trained pelvic surgeon specializing in treatment of women with pelvic organ prolapse, urinary incontinence, and pelvic floor dysfunction.” 

As the Crystals might sing,

“He’s a weenie and he’ll never ever be any good
He’s a weenie ’cause he has to talk like woke people would
And even though it makes no sense and he looks like a jackass
He’ll say anything to grovel for all their love…”
Seriously, when will normal Americab with self respect and functioning cerebrums wake up, slap themselves in the forehead, and say, “What? I can’t associate myself with these terrified, pathetic, weak-minded people! They’re nuts! They’re creating a police state of the self-deluded! I don’t want to live in a country that’s so sensitive and frightened of words that a gynocologist has to apologize for saying “women”! Have I encouraged this insanity by tolerating it? WHAT HAVE I DONE???
Cue Major Clipton:


Source: The Blaze

4 thoughts on “Weird Tales Of The Great Stupid! Tonight’s Episode: “The Apologetic Gynecologist”

  1. I’m sympathetic to transgendered people. I would like for them to be able to live in safety and dignity, as much as anybody else. I’m willing to address them using whatever manner they choose for themselves (within reason, I’m not calling anyone “Grand Emperor” or such nonsense). But when a trans man needs to see the gynecologist to have “his” cervix examined, that pretense needs to stop.

  2. The trouble all starts with the assertion, by trans-activists, that “trans women are women”. This leads to transgender women being housed in women’s prisons, competing in women’s sporting events, being given access to women’s shelters, and such nonsense as that described in this post.

    The trans-activists are so vicious in their attacks on anyone who challenges this core tenet, and the vast majority of everyone else so cowed by that (myself included — hey, I have bills to pay), that we can expect to see more pitiful apologies in the future.

  3. By the doctor’s logic, the whole industry needs to be renamed, as “gynecologist” is just the Greek word for “study of women[‘s health]”.

    Either our society is transphobic at every level, and we need to burn it all the way down like Pol Pot, or people need to get a life.

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