Ethics Dunce: Jared Schmeck [Updated]

That’s nice…embarrassing the President of the United States while he’s engaged in a non-partisan Christmas-related appearance. How clever. How brave.

What an asshole.

As you can see above, President Biden and the First Lady were set up by (allegedly) a father participating in the annual White House NORAD Santa-tracking call, who ended his conversation with POTUS with the “Let’s Go Brandon,” the code for “Fuck Joe Biden.”  After the caller, identified as “Jared from Oregon,” but later revealed to be Jared Schmeck, wished the President and Jill Biden a merry Christmas and added, “…and let’s go Brandon!” Poor clueless Joe responded “Let’s go Brandon, I agree!”

Hilarity and ridicule quickly followed in conservative media- and social medialand.

No President deserves to be treated with that kind of gratuitous disrespect. Ever. That would be true even if this instance did not occur in a season when the Golden Rule and being kind to our fellow human beings needs to be reinforced in our society, not deliberately ignored. It would be true even if Joe Biden were not an obviously age-impaired public servant struggling to do an already difficult job.

Schmeck’s stunt was hateful, cruel, and harmful. Yes, yes, I know: if Trump were President, a similar trick would be getting cheers from the “resistance” on social media and Stephen Colbert, and quickly employed by critics to show that Trump should be declared mentally unfit. That still doesn’t excuse the treatment of Biden. No leader can function without a baseline of loyalty, respect and fairness from the public, and the fact that Trump was never accorded that minimal support doesn’t change the principle, which was stated concisely by the lawyer for the “Caine Mutiny’s” mutineers—just read “President” for “captain”: “You don’t work with the captain because of how he parts his hair…you work with him because  he’s got the job, or you’re no good.”

The country has to survive three more years of this poor, diminished mediocrity. Trying to undermine him with cheap tricks is unconscionable.

15 thoughts on “Ethics Dunce: Jared Schmeck [Updated]

  1. The other day a friend of mine brought up this incident and made it clear that while he agrees with the sentiment implied by “Let’s Go, Brandon!”, he denounces the crank caller and his use of the phrase on the televised Christmas call as completely out of line.

    To me that’s a more effective demonstration of principle than if a fan of Biden criticized “Jared” (if that is his real name). Ethics is still alive out there.

  2. I am amused by the Let’s go Brandon phenomenon, but springing it on the president on a Christmas call is just tacky.

    Or for that matter springing it on the president on any call.

  3. So, Joe Biden is demented but Ron Klain and Kamala Harris and Jen Psaki are all the best and the brightest and they put people in back of anyone when they’re talking that are all vetted as young loyalists and they let Joe Schmoe call in and just say whatever the hell he felt like saying? They didn’t vet this guy? From Oregon? As in Portland? Aren’t all the people in Oregon lefties? How on earth did anyone allow this to happen? Isn’t incompetence unethical? What is wrong with these people? They want to micromanage an entire populous and they can’t stage manage the NORAD/Santa annual goofiness? Cue Kevin Klien: “Assholes!” And they let Joe have conversations with Vlad The Destroyer and the Emperor of China?

    • Yes, this and Biden’s response: “let’s go Brandon, I agree”, demonstrating that he either does not know what the phrase refers to or that he forgot, are the far more important aspects of this exchange. We are all aboard a rudderless ship.

  4. “Yes, yes, I know: if Trump were President, a similar trick would be getting cheers from the “resistance” on social media and Stephen Colbert, and quickly employed by critics to show that Trump should be declared mentally unfit.”

    Unfortunately, that’s really all you need to know. The fact of the matter is that at this point no president will be accorded a minimal level of respect by the other side, or at least by elements of the other side. The left set the precedent, now they have to live with it. You get to complain, but they don’t. It is neither fair nor just that someone get to complain about behavior they encouraged in the first place when it is turned against them.

    • Correction: WE have to live with it, unless we turn it around. The Presidency can’t work this way, which means the country can’t work this way. It’s as simple as that. Who is at fault is irrelevant.

      • No, it is relevant. The people who tore down norms and standards to get Trump must be held accountable for this. Kurt Schlichter has been right over the years.

        There is no two ways about it. As he wrote about Alec Baldwin, “There have been two different reactions among those on our general side of the fight to the reactions to Alec Baldwin’s fall from, well, not exactly grace. One is to recoil with horror at the accident and assert that this is a time when we should offer our thoughts and prayers for the victims and for Baldwin, who one would hope is devastated by what he has done. Nice people tend to have this reaction, those who want to live in a more genteel world than we do. I sympathize, in that I would like to live in such a world. I would also like a unicorn pony.”

        What he warned about in 2017 which you discussed ( is happening now. We’re beyond ethical or unethical, we’re asked now to pick the less unethical option between unilateral disarmament or fighting fire with fire. Reluctantly, the latter is the less unethical option.

      • I disagree, I always think who is at fault is relevant. However, that fact is less relevant than the fact that as you point out, the US is in trouble if from now on the president is (at best) always going to be despised by half the country, who will make it their business to get in his way any way they can. I am having a very hard time envisioning how the US gets out of this mess, though, unless there is another 9/11 (please no). Actually, let me ask, do you think that, if a 9/11-style attack happened today, the US would all rally together like it did then? I have some serious reservations. It wouldn’t all be Biden’s fault, some of the fault lies with the presidents before for their various botches, but it’s his watch.

  5. Will this finally expose Biden and his followers to the fact that he has significant cognitive disabilities? Jack has been hammering away at that fact – and it appears to be a fact – for a year or more. Good for “Jared” putting this front and center and even the protective media has to respond and this brings more attention. Just maybe a catalyst?

      • Was that what he was doing? If it was, I’d be impressed. I think the old Joe Biden (meaning the younger one with all his marbles) might have said, “Right back at ya!” which would have been ideal. It seems like he didn’t grasp what was going on, though.

        • Agree. I might be wrong, but I didn’t see any cues that would indicate Biden knew what was happening. A savvy pol might have said something like “Well, Merry Christmas to YOU, Jared.” and gained the upper hand. We saw a befuddled old man who could only parrot back what the caller said, and then cluelessly say he agreed with it.

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