Ethics Quote Of The Week: Former Democratic Rep. Tulsi Gabbard

I haven’t had time to finish the second part of this post, but Gabbard’s tweet regarding Biden’s stunningly unpresidential demagoguery in his public, hyper-partisan  tantrum this week keeps the topic properly warm. The President of the United States publicly labelled the opposing party as the equivalents of Jefferson Davis, the president of the Confederacy—in other words, racists and traitors. This is how the leader of the Democratic Party wants to “save democracy.”

16 thoughts on “Ethics Quote Of The Week: Former Democratic Rep. Tulsi Gabbard

  1. The Democratic party has these code phrases, like “defending our democracy”, or “uniting the nation” which actually have different meaning than their face value. “Defending our democracy” means tweaking the system to ensure permanent Democratic majorities. Democracy is the Democrats, duh! Think of Palpatine saying “I am the senate!” “Uniting the nation” means ganging up on conservatives and driving them out of public discourse, otherizing them, and making them The Big Bad. Think of Stalin uniting the nation against the kulaks. Once you use the proper meaning of these code words and phrases, everything is as it should be.

  2. Does the degree of our ethical obligation to be respectful of the president decrease when there is communication from him which is(not “can be considered”) stunningly unpresidential demagoguery?

  3. Less than 2 minutes into his speech, and he’s once again called Harris the President, called Jan 6th the “Insurrection”, and slurred worse than old Otis from Andy Griffith. I’d leave this country if he was actually running the show. He’s just a badly spoken sock puppet already, and will only get worse with time.

  4. The speech was fun to watch, though; his lies and gaffs only confirmed his descent into scatterbrained senility. His fantasy arrest in defense of civil rights, “President Harris”… Maybe he thinks he’s running for Senate again.

  5. I don’t care if presidential historian Meecham wrote his speech. His mouth, his words, his beliefs. He plays the senile old coot well but I believe it is an act to escape culpability when he no longer has Congress to protect him.

    Sorry Jack, respect for the president goes out the window when he or she shows no respect for the citizens, a total disregard for their intelligence who demonstrates a complete lack of capacity to carry out the duties of the office and demands private firms to stifle any opposition to his insane policies.

  6. This is just a continuation of what was begun under Obama’s watch.

    President Bush part deux was the last President to speak of Americans as “we” and “us”. He never spoke about Americans on the other side as enemies or opponents. He advanced all his policy points ultimately under the umbrella of us as a common people.

    Obama changed this. Decisively. He began verbally dividing us into warring camps. While this was an accurate description of the political landscape created by Left wing media and pop culture during the Bush years, Obama was treacherous in creating the precedent for a President to do so.

      • It’s dastardly. Jonah Goldberg just published a piece decrying Biden’s “divisiveness” after promising a “unifying voice” after Trump’s disruptive “divisiveness” and a “calming voice” after Trump’s rambunctiousness.

        Except was Trump really divisive? Or was the concerted media reaction to him divisive and prompted his rambunctious behavior?

        The problem with Jonah is that he’s bought the Trump was a gross aberration no matter what the Left did and would have been a gross aberration if the Left hadn’t done what it did.

        I’m more and more coming around to the notion that Trump would probably have been fairly well behaved if he’d been given a chance.

        • He deserved a chance, and the fact that he never had one makes it impossible to hold him completely responsible for the result. But Trump’s leadership style is to sow chaos, personally insult critics, and refuse to accommodate “norms.” It’s largely worked for him. He might have been better behaved, but I really doubt that he is wired to be fairly well-behaved.

  7. First I want to say, this would be a good time for the more l left leaning people to say… whatever they want. Second, Biden has never been as “not Trump” as people want to think. He just was lucky enough to be a senator pre social media so he didn’t have the ability to be so very public and blatantly coarse and prove his intellect without a doubt. This is Joe Biden being Joe Biden. Republicans and Democrats can’t seem to find a decent human with manners to be President. A nod to my favorite movie clip “What a sad commentary on our times.” Indeed it is.

    • The Republicans ran decent humans with manners in 08 and 12. Those decent humans with manners were promptly turned by the left wing propaganda machine into the worst kinds of monsters in the eyes of impressionable young voters who believed the media to be unbiased arbiters of public discourse. And it worked for the media. Democrats ran the most intentionally divisive person they could in 08 and the media propaganda machine turned him into the smooth talking “unifier” of the “right side of history”.

      Why on earth would Republicans ever play nice again?

      • I do not know why they’d play nice. Romney was definitely attacked by the media. I don’t think they ever did play nice. I never cared much for McCain, Obama, Clinton, Trump, or Biden. Besides, that was a while back now. All I’m saying is our selections the last few rounds for President have been sub par. You’d think with over 330 million people and quite a few who could be President, there would be a few better options moving forward. At minimum find someone under the age of 65 who can speak coherently and not blatantly lie, insult someone, or exaggerate for three sentences in a row.

        • Romney let the media turn his resume into his indictment, but the American people bought it, hook, line and sinker and voted “true bill.” Romney didn’t do much about it. Interestingly, the last conservative notable to stand up for himself, Justice Kavanaugh, was lambasted for doing just that. Apparently the left are like the bullies back in school, you’re just supposed to take the beating.

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