Emergency Open Forum!

I’m sorry…this Open Forum is either a day early or a week late, but either way, I’m counting on readers to keep the ethics fires burning for a while as I deal with a family emergency. I’m hoping it’s better than it looks; in any event, it’s going to be complicated getting a post up for a yet-to-be-determined period.

Thanks for helping out.

15 thoughts on “Emergency Open Forum!

  1. Hope everything works out smoothly!

    So here’s a topic for discussion: Breyer reportedly had been planning to retire after this term anyway, but was taken by surprise that the story broke when it did. It’s likely that the White House was aware of this. So what say you: did the White House leak this to distract the media from its ongoing trainwreck, or did it slip out some other way?

    • It would be funny if he weren’t retiring at all and the source for the story was the same one that told Nina Totenberg that Justice Gorsuch refused to mask up for Justice Sotomayor!

  2. Time for a mandate rant. On 1/4, I ordered three tickets for the Alvin Ailey Dance Troupe at the Wang Center in Boston. One ticket is for my unwaxed ten-year-old granddaughter, and my wife and I are vaxed. On 1/15, the Mayor of Boston and a Liz Warren protege, Michelle Wu, moved (again) the goalposts. Children 5+ must comply, and we have no recourse. Tickets are not refundable. Messages to the mayor are crickets.

    I have sent letters to the Boston Restaurant Association and Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce. We spend an excessive of $5,000 a year in Boston. No more.

    The last time I attended the theater in Boston, my wife was furious. She does not like confrontations, but when proof of vaccination was requested, I also demanded to see evidence from who was asking, all theater personnel, and anyone involved in the production. This resulted in a heated 20-minute discussion, but I was shown proof, only a few. There I now feel better.

    • I feel for you Rick.I haven’t been in Boston since the corona passport kicked in, so I haven’t yet been given the “papers please” treatment. Looking forward to that. I will ask for their papers too! Wu is a nascent authoritarian, and is just trying to outwoke de Blasio, or something. It’s quite funny how interim mayor Janey didn’t have any mandates, because she said it would be racist against the minorities. Wu doesn’t have those qualms, as long as the affluent white people are happy with it. I found it so annoying, when Wu won, the local news kept touting her as a person of color, etc. Oh puh-leeze. If you can’t get into Harvard without merits, then you ain’t a POC, to borrow Biden’s quote. Wu would not be able get into Harvard.

  3. “Curb your Enthusiasm” star Cheryl Hines dunked on her husband, RFK Jr, on twitter after he made Nazi comparisons with the vax mandate, when at an anti-mandate rally in DC (See link for story). Talk about throwing your loved one under the bus. This makes Patton Oswald look like a boy scout with Dave Chappelle. I guess Cheryl subscribes to the George Conway school of marriage, where you crap on your spouse publicly. Whose betrayal of trust is worse, Patton’s or Cheryl’s?

    • Unquestionably Cheryl Hines. You can disagree with your spouse all you want, but don’t go out in public and slam them like that. I mean, what is even the point of that?

      • I think the point is to make sure those in your industry (very leftist Hollywood) recognize your profound “wokeness” and your willingness to strictly adhere to the “rules” they’ve made up. You must be careful not to express any tolerance for those that won’t walk the line.

  4. How all is well with your emergency!

    In this case it is a “hunting rifle” that this citizen is planning on using to help stop a tyrannical government with tanks and jets and nukes.

    Here in America a lesser firearm would be considered a Mark 34 Childpocalypse School Level Automurder 2000. And it would be completely useless at stopping any government and only capable of mass murder.

  5. A little while back, Jack noted the story of University of Illinois Chicago Law professor Jason Kilborn, who was suspended and investigated for a test question (which he had used in previous exams) that employed redacted references to racial slurs as examples. Part of his resolution with the school on the issue included the agreement that he didn’t have to attend re-education sensitivity training sessions. Under pressure from certain groups, the school reneged on that agreement; Kilborn is now suing the school.

    Now the fun part. The course materials for the proposed sessions include the same redacted slur which the school deemed so unacceptable as to be worthy of punishment when the prof used it.
    Another day, another entertaining episode of Woke Hypocrisy Theater.

  6. Yesterday, my wife had an appointment with one of her health-care providers. While conversing, the health-care professional asked if my wife used a certain product. When my wife said “no”, the woman said that it was a good product that would help and she used to sell it, but no longer would because the product was made by a company that was run by, in her words, a “whack-a-doodle”. She repeated that term at least three additional times in the course of the appointment. She went on to say that she herself owned, and still used, the product in question.

    That product is, in fact, made by a nationally-known US-based company that is owned by a well-known conservative who makes no secrets about his/her ideology nor his/her worldview.

    I’m curious about the ethics, because this feels unethical to me. This is a health-care provider – whose job it is to help people – purposely refusing to sell a product that potentially helps people due to a difference in politics. I will say that she said the product was a good one as something of a oblique recommendation (clearly, because she still uses it), but she no longer offers it, and she sells no comparable alternative.

    Thoughts on this? Do I need to ask her questions?…or do I just go order the product myself – it’s available online – and let her miss the opportunity to sell a good product that could help her patients?

  7. Well, Maddow strikes again (because it was a new day.) Lesson: Pundits aren’t Journalists or Reporters. They are Propagandists. (Propagandizers? Propagandateers?…nah, spell check doesn’t like that one, but apparently the first two are kosher.)

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