Don’t Censor The Anti-Police Mob, Do Expose, Reject And Condemn Them

Susan Sarandon proved with this ugly, stupid and unethical tweet that she is another talented artist, like Robert DeNiro and so, so many others, whose work has to be separated from their ill-informed, ignorant, politically-warped and outrageous personal opinions in order to tolerate it, never mind enjoy it. Sarandon is and always has been one of our very best film actresses, but my Cognitive Dissonance Scale is going to make it very hard for me to watch her performances after this.

The photo in the retweet shows the NYPD police gathered to honor slain NYPD Detective Jason Rivera. Officer Rivera and his 27-year-old partner Wilbert Mora died answering a 911 call from a mother in Harlem who said her son had verbally threatened her. They walked down a hall in the apartment and the son jumped out and opened fire, fatally wounding both officers. The outpouring of grief and professional respect from the New York police was traditional, appropriate and necessary.

Yet so full of anti-U.S., anti-law enforcement hate are the followers of the currently demented American Left that they cannot grasp this. They really think, in their John Lennon-esque fantasy world, that not having police would be a good thing, even as they see the communities who started down that idiotic road in the twin grips of the George Floyd Freakout and The Great Stupid make a U-Turn and start begging the insulted, endangered and desperately needed cops to come back.

Sarandon’s tweet employed the earlier tweet by socialist radical Danny Haiphong, like Sarandon a Bernie Sanders supporter. When I was in college, it was considered cool by a lot of my contemporaries to refer to police officers as “pigs.” I couldn’t respect anyone I heard use that term, no matter how hard I tried. In retrospect I can forgive them for the stupidity and gullibility of callow youth, but Sarandon is 75, and is apparently not senile. She’s always been this way. Tweeting a photo of a funeral for an executed police officer with the hashtag #abolishthepolice is signature significance. A rational, responsible, civically literate American doesn’t do this, ever.

Sarandon must be judged to be in league with the despicable Back Lives Matter movement, as well as awful human beings like the now-fired substitute teacher at Lyman Gilmore Middle School in Grass Valley, California, who berated a student wearing a pro-police mask (his father is a cope), telling him in math class, “That’s not the American flag, that’s the new confederacy flag.”

The continuing abuse and demonization of police will get citizens killed, not just cops. It’s already getting people killed: the urban murders statistics are exploding, and police departments are understaffed, which is exactly what criminals want. Black communities suffer the most from this development, yet are still under the spell of the corrupt BLM movement, which an entire political party currently embraces, choosing votes, chaos and hate over democracy, law and civilization.

It is important to assign responsibility squarely where it belongs.

Sarandon, either at the prompting of her agent or her publicist, quickly released an apology:

Not accepted! This is a Level 10 apology on the scale, “designed to allow the wrongdoer to escape accountability cheaply, and to deceive his or her victims into forgiveness and trust, so they are vulnerable to future wrongdoing.” How do we know that? We know that because we know what Sarandon stands for from her decades of promoting extreme Leftist propaganda. We know that following and endorsing someone like Haiphong is the mark of a fool and an anti-American, and we know that nobody with functioning ethics alarms looks at a photo of police officers mourning fallen comrades and thinks: “Fascists!”

Do you believe she didn’t connect that photo to a funeral? What did she think it was? What about “#abolishthepolice”? It was insensitive to call police fascists “at that time”? What the hell does that mean?

How can Sarandon, or anyone, say they care about the families of the murdered police officers when their rhetoric, political allies and fellow travelers continue to encourage the hatred and stupidity that gets cops like Rivera and Mora killed, and that makes the kind of individuals we want and need to have badges decide, “Who needs that?”

Don’t be fooled, and don’t forget: this is what Susan Sarandon and those who think, speak and tweet like her are. Watch and pay for her acting performances if you must or want to, but do not allow her and her compatriots to escape the condemnation and disgrace they deserve.

They are cultural poison and ethics corrupters. Acting accordingly is a civic duty.

14 thoughts on “Don’t Censor The Anti-Police Mob, Do Expose, Reject And Condemn Them

  1. It seems that some of the common attributes that make a good actor don’t necessarily contribute to making a good person; e.g., the ability to lie convincingly and pretend to be something you’re not, an outsized craving for attention from others. Not that that means all actors are bad people, but perhaps it contributes to their general fondness for leftist political positions…especially in a period when that is the leaning of major media.

  2. The apology is fine, Jack. The problem here is undoubtedly one of news bubbles. It’s perfectly believable that Susan Sarandon didn’t know about the deaths – well, murders – of Officers Rivera and Mora. Then she saw the photo and the meme, and she just reacted as people stupidly do on Twitter. The apology appears genuine, and my saying so of course does not mean that I agree whatsoever about her view of law enforcement in general, just that I recognize her mortification at later discovering the specific context. As I’ve said before, living in the D.C. area I’m a connoisseur of bad apologies, but this is the second time I’ve disagreed with you on your application of this “Level 10” category, which I think you apply too broadly based on your anger at the underlying political context. I hope this helps.

    • It will help more if you answer the questions I posed regarding it. And 1) I’m not “angry” 2) I don’t believe for one second that she didn’t know that was a police funeral. She’s in show business. The mass cop funeral in NYC is practically a cliche. It’s a bad apology mostly because she’s lying. She’s a BLM supporter from the beginning, and they don’t respect or support cops.

      • Twitter is Pavlovian. She probably gets 50K likes on whatever she comes up with in 3 seconds flat. Whoever this Haiphong guy is is responsible for the underlying, manipulative implication. I’m not obligated to answer your questions. I think her apology was sincere; you don’t, but IMO that’s based on your extra assumptions. I think this #10 category is kind of getting in the way of a larger, much more valid point about bad apologies. Again, I hope this helps.

        • You have to answer those questions, or I have to assume, ironically, that it’s you who are refusing to see reality because of pre-formed assumptions. Nobody has to be idiotic on Twitter, and if you have a large megaphone, you have an obligation to choose your words and retweets with care.I don’t believe Sarandon didn’t know that such a gathering was a police funeral; I don’t believe, if she follows that jerk, she doesn’t agree with him, and she is claiming that she doesn’t hate police while supporting anti-cop Black Lives Matter since their inception.

          You have the burden of proof. All the evidence indicates that her apology is a sham.

          • “The burden of proof is on you!” thunders the host. Sheesh, man. She made a mistake, she recognized it, she apologized unreservedly. This #10 category is too broad and can easily slide into political convenience as YOU are now wielding it, rather than having any meaningful utility in ethics as the rest of the apology scale does. Also, a lot of people “support” Black Lives Matter in a broader, more anodyne sense than something anti-police. Whether they’re being used in doing so is another discussion.

  3. “A rational, responsible, civically literate American doesn’t do this, ever.”
    These celebrity activists certainly don’t fit that description; heck, they aren’t living in the same America that most of us do. They reside in exclusive, well-secured enclaves where they are insulated and isolated from the hazards and potential dangers most other Americans deal with daily. They know nothing of the realities of daily life in the “real world,” much less anything about policing, crime prevention or crime suppression. Only about 11% of the population has officer-initiated contact with police annually, with the vast majority of these contacts (nearly 3/4) being traffic stops. What percentage of these celebrities do you think ever have any face-to-face contact with police that they do not themselves initiate? It is a sad commentary on our culture that these people’s opinions are given any credence or weight on anything at all outside their little artistic bubbles.

    • To paraphrase the Rock God/golfing enthusiast Alice Cooper—
      “If you are looking to the thoughts of celebrities to form your own opinions, you are an even BIGGER IDIOT than THEY are.”

  4. Launching political attacks towards people at funerals makes you just about as popular as it made the Westboro Baptist Church. It’s not a good move. No one wants to deal with political attacks when they are grieving, and most people have enough empathy to know it is malicious and unethical to launch political attacks at funerals. Most people also don’t listen to people who they know are malicious and unethical, so it is also stupid and counterproductive.

    Malicious, unethical, stupid and counterproductive pretty much sums up the modern left, though, so I see how Sarandon got on this track.

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