Comment Of The Day: “Ethics Quote Of The Week: American Thinker…(With A Flashback And Regrets)”

Steve-O-in NJ’s Comment of the Day inspired by the discussion of “Black Lives Matter” (and Black Lives Matter without quotes, which thrives on the confusion) requires no introduction. Here it is, a comment on “Ethics Quote Of The Week: American Thinker…(With A Flashback And Regrets)”:


“There is no god but God, and Muhammad is His Prophet!”

“Deus vult!”

“Workers of the World, Unite!”

“The World Must Be Made Safe for Democracy!”

“Peace, Bread and Land!”

“Asia for the Asians!”

“Make Love, not War!”

“Give Peace a Chance!”

“Black Lives Matter!”

On their faces, all these slogans sound benign and inspirational. Maybe even the intent behind them was good, or at least the true believers thought so. Muhammad was looking to move the Arab world, forward, not back, when he introduced his own brand of monotheism, and I don’t doubt he thought he was creating a framework for a good and honest life when he wrote it all down and proclaimed this the complete record, with nothing more to come. However, there is no doubt he was also using it to cement his own power, and the evil that was later done in his name and that of his early slogan is history.

When Pope Urban shouted “Deus vult!” (God wills it!) on that hill outside Clermont, there is no doubt he thought that he was doing the right thing by rallying the attending nobles and knights to form and army and take back the Holy Land from the Muslims, who had stolen it away from the Byzantines and were not respecting the rights of Christians there. History also tells us what happened after that, and none of it is humanity at its best.

When Karl Marx wrote “Workers of the World, unite!” he probably meant it, but it was clear he hadn’t really thought it through. He himself was no working-class hero, just an expatriated writer and philosopher who avoided bankruptcy more than once because his well-to-do fellow traveler Friedrich Engels bailed him out. In 1848 he published the Communist Manifesto, fuel to the fire of the already smoldering problems that became the Revolutions of 1848, which you can look up. We all know what came later as a result of his crazy and unrealistic ideas.

“The World must be Made Safe for Democracy!” So shouted Woodrow Wilson to Congress as he led this country into a war that he had campaigned months before to keep it out of. I don’t doubt he really meant to do this world some good as a missionary for his rigid, hypocritical morality. I also don’t doubt that America’s contribution to WWI was a net positive for many people in Europe who would have suffered longer or more without it. However, it was also the first of a series of dominoes that led this world into a lot bigger problems later on, and arguably made the world less self for democracy in the long run.

Lenin at the very least was saying what he knew would resonate when he promised his followers “peace, bread, and land.” Once the Bolsheviks were in control, the only peace the new Soviet state knew was that of the cowed and fearful weakling or the grave, you only had your daily ration of bread if you were a good little cog in the machine of the state, and most if not all of the land was the property of the state which had replaced God.

“Asia for the Asians” might have sounded good to the Burmese, Vietnamese, Chinese, and others who had seen their backward continent carved up like a roast by the Europeans. They found out all too soon what that meant when Manchuria became Manchukuo and Nanking was being raped. Tyranny is tyranny, and it really doesn’t matter at all whether the tyrant looks like you or not.

“Make Love, not War!” Oh sure, it sounded good to a bunch of teens and college students who had no interest in joining a war effort that was arguably not helping them or this nation but had a LOT of interest in getting into one another’s underwear. What could be better than a world of endless blissed-out days listening to the latest music and endless nights boinking? We’re STILL feeling the effects of that abdication of responsibility.

“Give Peace a Chance,” or so said the same guy who gave us the ode to magical thinking that our host thinks so highly of (Ha!). A chance to do what? A chance to make those who like freedom defenseless against those who do not?

“Black Lives Matter!” Maybe at the beginning it was a benign and even good slogan, but it’s already been pointed out how it’s become a corrosive acid that’s eating away at society and may have done permanent damage.

A friend of mine, who I’ll just call by her first name, Anna, warned me when I started to become somewhat expert at combining pictures with zinger slogans I made up that it was unwise to create tasty, easily digestible morsels of hatred, fear, or anger. I generally don’t have that much influence outside of rallying a little bit of rah-rah for my side. However, all of this is proof of what happens when large numbers of people are led to become fixated on one thought to the exclusion of all others and that thought is a short or elastic one that is subject to being twisted or interpreted to mean just about anything the leaders want it to mean.

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