“You Know, Morons!” Three GOP House Members Embrace Their Inner Ethics Dunce

It really is depressing the number of irredeemable, ethically-clueless fools the American public elects to Congress. Yesterday came another reminder:

The House of Representatives passed a resolution declaring its support for Ukraine as the nation fights to resist the Russian invasion, and demanding an “immediate cease-fire.” The resolution, which is nonbinding, says that the House “stands steadfastly, staunchly, proudly, and fervently behind the Ukrainian people in their fight against the authoritarian Putin regime” and  calls for the U.S. and its allies “to deliver additional and immediate defensive security assistance to help Ukraine address the armored, airborne, and other threats Ukraine is currently facing from Russian forces.” Congress, the declaration says,“will never recognize or support any illegitimate Russian-controlled leader or government installed through the use of force.”

As a non-binding resolution, all the measure does is announce an official sentiment without committing the House to any action. It passed 426-3. The votes in opposition were those three Republicans: Reps. Paul Gosar of Arizona, Thomas Massie of Kentucky,  and Matt Rosendale of Montana.


“Talk to me when our border is secure,” was Gosar’s brilliant response to criticism on Twitter. He might as well have said, “Talk to me when the Cleveland Guradians win a World Series.” What does the Biden administration’s illegal immigration policies have to do with the Russian invasion of Ukraine?  There is no nexus, no logic, no justification in Gosar’s response. It marks his vote as an infantile protest that is neither appropriate nor meaningful.

As of yesterday, Rep. Rosendale hadn’t made his reasons clear, but it is a safe bet they are similar to Gosar’s. The Montana Congressman has also been obsessed with border policy.

For his part, Rep. Massie said that he opposed the resolution because it was “overly broad” in stated support for providing defense assistance to Ukraine, and he argued that the call for economic sanctions against Russia  might hurt “innocent people in Russia” who would then develop resentments against America.  “I fully support the right of the people of Ukraine to self determination. However there are many reasons I could not vote for the seven page Resolution that passed the House of Representatives today,” Massie  tweeted.

The main one being, I guess, that Massie is dumb as a slow brick. What part of “non-binding” confuses him? The resolution was nothing but an opportunity to join in what is a nearly unanimous opinion on the part of the American public, and to demonstrate that there are at least some things that Democrats and Republicans can agree on. Voting “yes” was an easy, pain-free virtue-signaling exercise with no downside. Voting “no” simply embarrasses the Republican Party. The contrarian votes are also signature significance: only a jerk would cast one.

The three obnoxious nay votes are also ominous signs for Republican prospects if House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy takes over as Speaker of the House next year, as is widely expected.  If he couldn’t manage to get his party members to vote as one for a resolution that does no more than declare, “Putin bad, poor Ukraine!,” what chance does he have of moving a legislative agenda?

20 thoughts on ““You Know, Morons!” Three GOP House Members Embrace Their Inner Ethics Dunce

  1. “The three obnoxious nay votes are also ominous signs for Republican prospects if House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy takes over as Speaker of the House next year, as is widely expected. If he couldn’t manage to get his party members to vote as one for a resolution that does no more than declare, “Putin bad, poor Ukraine!,” what chance does he have of moving a legislative agenda?”

    Depends how big their margin is. Right now, something like 30 Democrats have announced that they aren’t running for re-election. I’d just like to take this moment to remind everyone that it is March. If the midterms end up being the absolute bloodbath they appear to be lined up for, and McCarthy gets an extra 50 bodies, then a couple of idiot lunatics won’t matter. If they get a 50%+1 majority… That would suck.

  2. There has been an isolationist/non-interventionist streak in parts of the Right. It’s gotten stronger after the Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. But also, we miss that Blue America’s actions over the past 25 to 30 years has been a huge contributor to this.

    Remember what Mohammed Ali said about the Viet Cong in 1966 when he refused to serve? Well, Red America is channeling that. They can say the following things, and all are true.
    * “Putin never called me a deplorable.”
    * “Putin isn’t transitioning my children behind my back.”
    * “Putin didn’t sic the IRS on the Tea Party.”
    * “Putin didn’t wreck my small business during COVID.”
    – The list can go on and on.

    Who’s done all or more of that? The Left.

    Then let’s look at how the Left acted during the War on Terror:
    * They helped give al-Qaeda access to the American court system – which makes Hanoi Jane’s ack-ack gun photo-op look like peanuts.
    * They undermined and sabotaged the effort to fight the war.
    * They smeared Marines as murderers after Haitha (which was a lie).
    * They even treated the folks who stepped up and got KSM to spill his guts as villains, not the heroes they were.
    * They saw Biden turn Afghanistan into Saigon II.

    So why should Red America want to send their sons and daughters to be cannon fodder, particularly when the Left has been verbally and emotionally abusing them for the better part of three decades?

    What is frightening is that Blue America sees no need to self-reflect – they are that drunk on their sense of righteousness.

    • “So why should Red America want to send their sons and daughters to be cannon fodder, particularly when the Left has been verbally and emotionally abusing them for the better part of three decades?”

      Straw man 1. Who is proposing that, other than Ukrainians?
      Straw man 2. What does the American Left have to do with whether or not it is responsible foreign policy to use force to oppose Russian aggression? “You know, Vlad, it’s a lucky thing all those U.S. progressives were so mean and uncivil, or you’d be in big trouble!”

      • I have to agree. We’re not there yet. We are probably never going to get there unless Vlad is so stupid as to touch NATO territory. Even if we did get there, I don’t see us sending large numbers on the ground. The Ukrainians can mobilize a lot more men than we can possibly ship in, and large numbers are unlikely to arrive in time to change the equation. Airpower, yes, although the Russians are not really trying to use their vastly superior air numbers here, since they know making good any losses will be difficult. Naval bombardment, yes. American submarines are so quiet the Russian Black Sea Fleet, which consists of six surface vessels and six diesel subs, no more, can’t seriously hope to find them. We could also take a leaf from the old Soviets and create a “bastion” through the use of combined forces, withing in which they can’t even get near our subs, and they can launch cruise missiles with impunity. Commandos, yes, ours are the best in the world and would have a very easy time taking out Russian leaders, sabotaging equipment, and blowing up supplies. But we’re not there yet. However, if the time comes when we are there, we shouldn’t hesitate to use force if we need to.

        The rest of this is all true, and I think the American left needs to pay a price for it. However, that’s internal. When the left starts hearing about THEM getting put on trial as traitors, I think they’ll rethink their approach to dealing with the right.

  3. I can almost see the logic behind the border objections. It must be galling to vote for even a non-binding promise to send troops to enforce Ukraine’s borders when they can’t even get that much about the army which spills over their own borders daily. Ukraine is still worse, but I can see where it might rankle.

  4. This resolution is a pointless gesture. The current US government has no intention of doing anything that might actually change the outcome of this invasion. They are not going to open up domestic oil production. They are not going to stop buying Russian oil. They are therefore not going to implement sanctions fully, because it would interfere with buying Russian oil.

    The current US government is also not going to send troops to Ukraine, implement a no fly zone over Ukraine or provide Iron Dome type protection.

    I’m short, they will do absolutely nothing useful for Ukraine.

    The useless gesture does absolutely nothing but let the government pretend to care. Pretending to care is the same as lying. I would posit that the non-binding resolution is nothing but a lie, and is unethical itself. Refusing to go along with the lie, even for stupid reasons, is not any more unethical than the original lie. It might even be more ethical, if the individuals refusing to vote in favor of the resolution do so for non-lying reasons. If they actually care about the border, then that is a better stance than pretending to care about Ukraine.

    I see nothing ethical about this condemnation theatre. It’s typical government behavior, but just because everybody does it doesn’t make it ethical. Unless Congress plans to actually take some action that will legitimately have a meaningful impact, I’d prefer that they shut the hell up and stop pretending to care about things that they obviously don’t give a damn about. All they are doing is virtue signaling. That these 3 congressmen chose to virtue signal about something else is no more unethical than the group virtue signal effort was to begin with. They are all equally guilty of the same unethical conduct.

    • It’s not “pointless.” The point is to issue a public condemnation. This is what Congress does literally every day. Check the Congressional Record. If the members vote for Bacon Day and to salute some constituent somewhere who was a teacher for 50 years,and they do this constnatly, NOT voting to condemn a dictator’s invasion killing thousands looks like approval, or a “So what?”

      That’s enough of a “point,” isn’t it?

      • No. It’s not enough of a point, because it’s nothing but propaganda. They do not actually care that a ruthless dictator is slaughtering people. They only want people to think they care. If they actually cared, they would stop purchasing Russian oil. They are to busy virtue signaling about climate change to take such an action. The US government cares more about virtue signaling about climate change than they do about death and destruction in Ukraine. That is the plain, obvious truth. Actions speak louder than words.

        Yes, I want them to care about the actions of a ruthless dictator slaughtering people. No, I do not want to hear lies about how much you care when every action you actually take supports the ruthless dictator who is slaughtering people. The only purpose of this propaganda is to trick the American people into complacency about what their government is actually doing.

        This is no different than banning Russian cats from participating in cat shows. It does nothing.

        US interference is why the Ukraine has no nuclear weapons. US interference in the Ukraine is at least partially responsible for this attack. The US is doing absolutely nothing to help the Ukraine. US condemnation of the attack is a meaningless gesture.

        The propaganda virtue signaling is absolutely infuriating. They do not mean a word of it.

        I’m supposed to be happy they said the invasion is bad? No shit, it’s bad. Bipartisan agreement of obvious things is not impressive. It’s pathetic. They want to make a point? Make a bipartisan condemnation of Biden’s incompetence combating the invasion. THAT would be a point worth making.

        • Thinking they are is enough. Now, if the three could articulate any valid or credible reasons why they shouldn’t vote for the resolution, that would mean something. But the US border?

        • NP
          I was waffling on this issue until your post. Your arguments are far more persuasive than simply saying that we need to condemn something in a resolution that is without any mechanisms to effect the desired change.

          I too am tired of empty gestures. Some time ago I wrote here that I was tired of simply talking about these issues and was looking for ethical ways to challenge what I consider wrong. I understand Jack’s perspective and if there was a chance that it would have any positive effect I might agree with him but you are right about it being nothing more than propaganda. Enough is enough. Those who voted for these empty gestures would be better to introduce and vote for hard and fast actions that would effect it real change. Start with opening the federal lands to new energy exploration. A passing vote will send oil prices plummeting thus increasing the opportunity costs of Russian expansionism

    • Well, yes, the resolution doesn’t actually do anything — but in that sense it’s no different from any number of non-binding resolutions passed to make a point.

      However, I disagree that the U.S. is doing nothing effective to oppose this invasion. Yes, the sanctions could be stiffer — but could we get Europe to go along with boycotting Russian oil and gas? Certainly not unless we were willing to call off our war on our own oil and gas industry, and even then it would take time I think. The sanctions will hurt Russia but not stop it.

      But the military aid we are providing and the military aid European nations are providing can make a genuine difference I believe. Modern armies can be incredibly mobile and powerful, but they can at the same time be quite vulnerable to determined opposition. Providing anti tank and anti aircraft missiles, and intelligence information on Russian air actions and other movements (as I’ve heard we might be doing) can make a real difference in this kind of war.

      I think a lot of people have been shocked at the poor performance of the Russian Army and Air Forces in this war so far. Quite possibly they were hyped up too much beforehand, but also I suspect the determined stands by the Ukrainians have had much to do with that.

      In the first Gulf War, we spent weeks bombing the Iraqi armies, and then struck deep into their territory to surround and destroy them. The Russian could not do that kind of preparatory bombardment (although they may be starting on it now), and they face a far more motivated and determined defense.

      Materiel support can make a big difference in this war, I do believe. We do not at this time see this as an existential threat to the world, and so we are not willing to engage Russia directly — so no troops in Ukraine, no no fly zone. If Russia attacks a NATO country that will all change as it presumably always would have.

  5. Representative Thomas Massie is much more a Libertarian than a Republican; Rand Paul would be to Massie’s left. I don’t know his stance on Ukraine as of this moment, but it may have been a more honest explanation if he had cited the absolute lack of reason for Congress to write & vote on something that does absolutely nothing for anyone. The resolution is as meaningless as the members of Congress wearing a Ukraine flag pin at the SOTU. Maybe that wouldn’t fly in the Twitter-verse.

  6. The vote itself doesn’t bother me, welcome to America, we have a right to disagree. If the representatives constituents have an issue they can always vote them out. Is it likely grandstanding, yep, so are the 436 votes in favor. The house wasted 7 pages and how much time on this.
    Oh, so you want folks to blindly vote in accord with their party?
    Woke up grumpy this AM, also a contrarian, meself.

    • Yes, when not voting with the party does absolutely nothing but make the party look bad, and there is no positive result imaginable. Being a contrarian, by itself, is not an accomplishment.

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