Signature Significance: If You Say What GOP Michigan House Candidate Robert Regan Said Even Once, You Are Not Fit To Hold Elected Office

What did Regan say while engaging in a discussion via live stream regarding Donald Trump’s claims that the 2020 election was “stolen?”

Get this:

“I tell my daughters, ‘Well, if rape is inevitable, you should just lie back and enjoy it.’ ”

Moron. Sexist moron. Sexist moron who hasn’t been paying attention for his entire life. Saying this was enough to get any male candidate defeated thirty years ago!

Not surprisingly, Regan, who is, or was favored to win the Michigan’s District 74 seat in the state legislature, said other incredibly stupid things during the same program; they just weren’t as offensive. In the discussion hosted by the Rescue Michigan Coalition, a pro-Trump group, he also suggested that the 202o election could be “decertified” and that Trump would regain the Presidency. “We do want to decertify this election and we do want it returned to the rightful owner, just like if someone stole your car or stole your jewelry,” Regan said. “It goes back to the rightful owner. You decertify and you give it to the rightful owner, and that’s Donald Trump, and that’s what I’m pushing for and we’re going full-bore on that.”

Right. He’s an idiot. This is literally impossible. he might as well have said he’s going full-bore on flying to Saturn by flapping his arms really hard.

In the aftermath of his disqualifying statement, Regan tried various modes of defense. First, he rolled out the “I can’t talk as purdy as them slick politician fellers” dodge, telling alocal news outlet, that “sometimes” his words “aren’t as smooth and polished as the politicians are because I’m not a politician.” Next it was the “This is just a personal attack to divert attention from my astute positions” tactic, as he said, “The only reason the left trolls attack you is because they know you’re directly over the target, dropping direct hits on an issue. If you’re not scoring hits, they leave you alone.” Finally, he settled on the classic, “I didn’t really say what I said,” claiming that his comments on rape and the election only meant “nothing is inevitable.”

No, you jackass, they mean that you don’t comprehend what rape is. It means you stopped learning anything about the culture and ethical standards when you were about 12. It means your critical thinking skills are on par with the lower primates. It means you should be trusted to scoop ice cream cones, never mind make laws.

Now we understand why Regan’s three daughters urged voters not to vote for him during his 2020 bid for the state House. “If you’re in Michigan and 18+ pls for the love of god do not vote for my dad for state rep. Tell everyone,” Stephanie Regan wrote on Twitter.

I’m trying, Stephanie. I’m trying.

On a tangential note, the Washington Post story about this fiasco includes this statement:

The discussion was hosted by the Rescue Michigan Coalition, a conservative group that supports former president Donald Trump’s false claims that the 2020 election was stolen from him. The Justice Department found no evidence to support Trump’s baseless allegations.

The claims cannot be verified, and they are dubious, but they cannot be accurately called “false.” The Justice Department did not thoroughly investigate the 2020 election and the various irregularities in the states, nor could it in the time available. Trump’s allegations, while irresponsible and excessive, were not “baseless,” and very time a reporter pushes this lie, and it is a lie, Ethics Alarms will flag it.

13 thoughts on “Signature Significance: If You Say What GOP Michigan House Candidate Robert Regan Said Even Once, You Are Not Fit To Hold Elected Office

  1. “I tell my daughters, ‘Well, if rape is inevitable, you should just lie back and enjoy it.’ ”

    This so totally reminds me of a blog post that you made six years ago.

    UPDATE: The link to the Daily Caller Comments started working again, so here is a random section from them, unculled except for the typical idiotic detour where the commenters supporting Ted Cruz and Trump start calling each other names.

    Robin • a day ago
    The report calls this kid a “victim”????

    Man I wish I was victimized like that when I was in High School 🙂

    jamessavik • 2 days ago
    I’m sure he hated every minute of the orgy.

    BTW- wtf is he suing over. Most of us have to pay big bucks for a night like that.

    Bill Agans jamessavik • a day ago
    it wasn’t an orgy. it was a 3some. he’s not the one suin’. his mom is.

    SoonerRed Bill Agans • a day ago
    He got his, mom wants hers. It’s the American way… /barf

    OverTheEdge789 jamessavik • 17 hours ago
    The kid’s mother had to be the one behind the lawsuit. No one else involved would want it.

    sbut01 OverTheEdge789 • 9 hours ago
    Dad was too busy high fiving him and saying “that’s my boy”!

    Benedetti jamessavik • 2 days ago
    Parents are suing,he isn’t

    42n81 jamessavik • a day ago

    RatBastard • 2 days ago
    If the kid was my son I’d high-five him and buy him a beer.

    thefireman RatBastard • a day ago
    Where were those teachers when I was in school?

    cydcharisse thefireman • 6 hours ago
    They were there. They just weren’t interested in you.

    scott RatBastard • a day ago
    I’d ask for Parent-Teacher conference, at her house.

    Bob G RatBastard • a day ago
    No, I’d beat the snot out him for opening his big mouth and not letting his old man in on the action.


    It goes on and on like this.


    It would so totally not surprise me if Robert Regan was one of those commenters!

  2. Egads! I had hoped he’d been misquoted. The midterms are the Republicans’ to lose. They must produce better candidates than this.

  3. I am surprised and a little perplexed at the outrage on his comment. This is standard advice that all of my peer group got as high school seniors and college freshman/military recruits. Granted I was told to “PRETEND TO enjoy it” but still, the idea is the same. Girls are told this because being a rape victim is preferable to being a murder victim, and there is the belief (encouraged by the experiences my peer group had) that you will not make it through college or the military without being molested at least once, whether or not you are actually raped). This doesn’t glorify rape, but instead is meant as a survival tip. You should fight back, but only up to the point where your assailant proves to be overwhelming or excessively violent. Then you need to act to ensure your life. This is on the level of saying things like “never set your drink down”, “don’t go alone to parties where there might be alcohol”, “never be alone with a guy or group of guys”, “always walk with your keys between in your fingers as a gauntlet”, and “don’t walk through deserted parts of campus”. It’s not a sinister or perverted comment.

    • Advising women to be compliant in an attempt to save their lives is a legitimate suggestion, but telling women to enjoy it is not the same as telling them to pretend to enjoy it. Telling them to enjoy it is an immature frat boy attitude that is far too prevalent. I refuse to believe he misspoke and meant “pretend” as a strategy.

      • I was only basing my question on your seeming implication yesterday that Trump was a more acceptable choice than any Democrat, given the Democratic Party’s many sins. I asked you to clarify if you meant this implication, but maybe you missed it, since I didn’t see an answer. I apologize for the unintended insult, and I’m pleased by your answer.

        • President Trump WAS the more acceptable choice in 2020, and that comes from a guy that desperately wanted President Biden to run in 2016. I didn’t trust President Trump and Sec. Clinton was as dirty as dirty could be. I thought VP Biden (at the time) would be an acceptable “middle ground”. My wife will verify how many times I lamented his absence from the race and I would have voted for him pretty much without reservation in 2016.

          Trump’s idiotic moments aside, hindsight has easily confirmed President Trump would have been the better choice second time around.

    • Absolutely not! In fact, I seem to recall Hoosier Coach Bobby Knight saying something similar many years ago. It was wretched then, it’s wretched now.

      It doesn’t mean I would necessarily vote for a Democrat instead, but Regan certainly wouldn’t get my vote.

      • Yep, I remember the days-long outrage at Coach Knight’s comments. I was in high school at the time. Knight was at the height of his popularity then and it was a huge deal.

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