Is This The Most Unethical Job In The World That Isn’t Illegal?

Carolina Lekker, a Playboy model, says that she charges women up to $2,000 to approach their boyfriends on social media to test how faithful they really are.

She approaches unsuspecting men whose spouses or lovers suspect of being potentially unfaithful using Instagram and other social media platforms. After  enticing exchanges, she invites them to meet with her, and if they do, they are busted. Lekker then keeps the money and exposes their perfidy to their partner. If they resist their charms and prove their faithfulness, she returns the fee to the client.

Nice. (Incidentally, this is similar to the plot of Netflix’s “Clickbait,” on which I still have not managed to arrange the promised Zoom colloquy.) She is scum, and so are her clients. Any man who discovered that his spouse would pay to sic this human succubus on him would have grounds for ending the relationship regardless of whether or not he succumbed to her wiles.

Carolina says she has already spent  $150,000 on plastic surgery in her quest to achieve the “most expensive body on Instagram.” Whatever money she earns from her entrapment business will also go into her self-enhancement project.

There is a male version of this creep too: Xavier Long, a 20-year-old man from Alabama, who claims he is paid several thousands of dollars per week by men who want him to test their girlfriends’ loyalty.

13 thoughts on “Is This The Most Unethical Job In The World That Isn’t Illegal?

  1. I wonder if she has any white or Asian colleagues who she cuts in for a piece of the action if the suspected boyfriend doesn’t like black women (despite the joke about once you go black you never go back). I wouldn’t be surprised. I agree, I wouldn’t want any further part of a woman who would play this extremely vile game. However, like the teacher who dismissed those who disliked the idea of him flying the Antifa flag in the classroom by saying that the flag was designed to make fascists uncomfortable, so if it makes YOU uncomfortable… this could also be brushed off by saying something along the lines of “stay faithful and make sure your woman doesn’t have a reason to think otherwise, and you won’t need to worry.”

  2. Sadly, one can’t implant ethics alarms. Of course it is not really sad – think of the consequences of brain implants. But I see why it is tempting.

  3. If you are thinking of paying $2,000 to find out – then you already have your answer as to whether the relationship is worth continuing. The relationship obviously doesn’t have trust in at least one-direction, but more importantly, open transparent conversation is not present.

    • I like your take on it. Deceiving one’s significant other to test their character is signature significance of an unhealthy relationship to me.

      I’m not convinced that it’s the most unethical profession, unless we use the criterion that the profession is inherently unethical and could not be conducted ethically, which would rule out things like marketing and lobbying, which are not inherently unethical professions but people often go about them unethically. In that case, relationship fidelity testing may be up there with writing people’s academic papers for them.

  4. In the business of private investigation this is call “fidelity” checking. Many agencies offer it, but for a fixed or hourly rate, win, lose or draw. Yes, the very fact a spouse of paramour would spend real money on such a thing is gooe evidence they already know. There are stories of suspicious wives spending many hundreds, even thousands, to find out that their husband does actually work long into the night at the office, doing actual work.

    • At least with a private investigator, any discovered infidelity can help a spouse get a better divorce settlement. Would that still be the case if the infidelity was the result of a deliberate ploy? I guess the rules on entrapment might be different considering a divorce lawsuit is a civil case rather than a criminal case.

      • “At least with a private investigator, any discovered infidelity can help a spouse get a better divorce settlement.”

        An attorney calls his wealthy art collector client and says: “I have some good news and I have some bad news.”

        The art collector replied; “give me the good news first.”

        The lawyer “Well, I met with your wife today, and she informed me that she invested only $5,000 in two very nice pictures that she thinks will bring somewhere between $15 and $20 million…I think she could be right.”

        The art collector “Wow! Well done! She sure is a brilliant business woman, isn’t she? Now, what’s the bad news?”

        The lawyer: “The pictures are of you and your secretary.”

  5. I am tested by women all the time and because of that I can now spot the honey-traps almost instantly. Unfortunately if I am not 100% correct I then shut down genuine nice women.
    One must be terribly lonely, gullible, or horny, to be duped by Lekker.

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