Ethics Verdict: It’s Unethical For ABC To Allow Anyone As Ignorant, Reckless And Stupid As Joy Behar To Be A Host On “The View”

I hate having to devote a whole post to someone as trivial as Joy Behar, and I wish I didn’t have to start Easter morning by highlighting her idiocy, but as Linda Loman would say, “Attention must be paid.”

In an orgy of ignorant anti-gun hysteria on “The View” following last week’s subway shooter in New York City, Joy Behar predictably took the prize for Most Outrageous Statement, and there was tough competition. Are you ready? I don’t want brains and skull fragments to mess up your Easter baskets.

She actually said, and I wouldn’t kid you about this,

The Supreme Court is poised to pass a bill contradicting the New York City State laws. We have very strict gun laws here, and they would like it to be apparently somebody has put it on their desk that New York should be an open carry state, and an open carry city with all of the density in this city. They want people running around with guns. People – middle-class people will be leaving in droves if that happens.

Yes, Joy Behar thinks that the Supreme Court passes bills that “somebody has put on their desk.” She’s 79 years old, with a college degree and a Masters (so much for the benefits of higher education) , and still lacks the civic literacy of a 6th grader. She also said that New York City is a state, but that’s within her usual range of sloppiness. Later, Behar claimed that there had been “more than 130” mass shootings in the U.S. this year.As regular readers here know, I regard public figures making citizens dumber and more ignorant than they already are (thanks to our wretched public schools, our lowest common denominator public culture and social media rot) as a serious ethics breach that ought to have severe career consequences. Incompetent opinions are one thing, and disinformation is something else. Viewers reasonably assume that a regular co-host on a public affairs and news-driven show like “The View” is qualified to have that position, and that such an individual issues opinions because she is better informed and more astute than the average American. With that inexcusable statement, Behar proved beyond the shadow of a doubt that she isn’t more informed or astute than the average dung beetle.

It is beyond redemption that ABC continues to give someone with Behar’s demonstrated lazy work habits and crippled critical thinking skills a regular platform to spread stupidity far and wide. She is the Typhoid Mary of stupidly, and history teaches that stupidity and ignorance are far, far more deadly than any epidemic.

This isn’t a difficult principle: if you are going to discuss the Supreme Court to a TV audience, make sure you know what the Supreme Court does. In addition to being dumb as Silly Putty, Behar is a negligent human slug. Saying on the air that the President of the United States is Flip Wilson would be no more outrageous than saying bills are put on Supreme Court Justices’ desks to “pass.”

The producers of “The View” had an obligation to fire Behar during the first break after that statement. When they didn’t, ABC had an obligation to fire them. The producers can’t be trusted any more than Behar. Maybe she wasn’t fired because THEY don’t know that SCOTUS doesn’t pass bills.

Behar’s civics fantasy was never corrected during or after the show.

17 thoughts on “Ethics Verdict: It’s Unethical For ABC To Allow Anyone As Ignorant, Reckless And Stupid As Joy Behar To Be A Host On “The View”

  1. Behar wasn’t fired because the producers and ABC don’t care about anything other than ad revenue. As long as people watch the show nothing will happen. Therein lies the really question: why do people watch that show? It isn’t for the high level debate. Not one of the show’s hosts is any brighter, they just aren’t as arrogant.


      • Steve O isn’t wrong about that. For my money (and I confess never watching The View, merely seeing the occasional clip), it seems to me that The View is reminiscent of what I’d seen of The Morton Downey Jr Show or The Jerry Springer Show years ago, without the chair-throwing and hair pulling (not that I ever watched those, other than clips, either or in waiting area). There’s something about that audience demo that seems to enjoy the format. I can’t explain it: can you?

  2. Half the world’s below the fiftieth percentile. Ask people what level of the judiciary Judge Judy occupies. Joy Behar is the female equivalent of the left’s favorite catchall, the “crazy uncle.” But she’d never be called the “crazy aunt” because the “crazy uncle/aunt” epithet is only applied to someone espousing conservative rather than orthodox lefty positions. I doubt any of the View viewers pay a bit of attention to anything the “talent” say. And by the way, I think that Sunny Hosten woman is more of a threat. She’s evidently a (shudder — Notre Dame) law school grad and licensed attorney. But then again, Joy’s a former teacher! Yikes!

    • I guess my point is there’s money to be made providing idiotic programming to idiots. It’s good to spend some time looking at Breugel paintings every once in a while, to abuse oneself of the concept of a fully educable public or polity. We’re supposed to have competent elected leadership. Sigh.

      • True but Behar is anything but a leader. She is a loud-mouthed partisan hack. I do agree with your point on Hosten. She should know better but I suspect she thinks arguing with Behar is akin to debating with a small soap dish.

        Again, I place the fault on the viewers. As long as ratings are good the show will continue. How long was that Downey guy on tv?


  3. My deepest apologies, dear Jack. I commented on her statement on Facebook. I did not attribute my “discovery” of the statement to your blog, as I have found that my friends on the left (yes, I have many of those) will not read what is attributed to your blog as they believe — incorrectly — that it is a far right Republican blog, and any efforts I make to correct that bias is rejected … so, wanting them to see what ridiculous depth of ignorance is celebrated, I posted (the quote) without attribution to this blog. Unethical? Or is it alright because I quoted her and it was not necessary to disclose how it was brought to my attention? Or neither.

    • MY friends on the left won’t read EA, so this is no surprise.

      Confession: I have quoted sources on Facebook occasionally without attribution when I knew the source’s name would eliminate any chance of many readers considering the legitimacy of the statement.

  4. I’m sure standard issue lefties would dismiss any objection to Behar’s alleged understanding of the respective roles of the branches of government by saying, “Oh come on. You know what she’s saying. And anyway, she’s right!” Of course, compare this to how anything Trump said was treated. Everything Trump said was not only incorrect, it was an outright lie.

  5. “Behar proved beyond the shadow of a doubt that she isn’t more informed or astute than the average dung beetle.”

    It just so happens the dung beetle is recognized as a highly beneficial insect that plays a very constructive role within the ecosystem.
    Conversely, Joy Behar has not been recognized as a beneficial life form despite countless studies, and therefore plays no constructive role within the larger ecosystem.

  6. What is worse: Joy Behar showing that she doesn’t know what the Supreme Court does on broadcast television, or people using this recent shooting to push the conspiracy theory that the CIA or some other branch of the federal government orchestrated this to get ‘ghost guns’ banned? Stipulated, the same people push the conspiracy theory that the CIA or other fed agency orchestrated the Las Vegas shooting to stop the Hearing Protection Act from passing.

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