Morning Ethics Warm-Up, April 19, 2022: “A Good Day To Die” [With Easter Bunny Update!]

The 19th of April is a violent ethics day in history.

In 1775, on this date, the evening before had seen Paul Revere’s ride, and a few hours later, right about at dawn, 700 British troops marched through my home town of Arlington, Mass., then known as Menotomy, into Lexington. 77 armed minutemen under Captain John Parker waited for them on the town’s common green. Shots were exchanged, and when the Battle of Lexington ended a few minutes later, eight Americans were dead or dying and 10 others were wounded. No British soldier was killed and just one was injured, but the battle launched the Revolutionary War, for which most of us, and most of the world, are or ought to be grateful.

In 1943 on April 19, the courageous but doomed Warsaw Ghetto Uprising began when Nazi forces attempting to clear out the Polish city’s Jewish ghetto were met by gunfire from Jewish resistance fighters. The surprised Germans withdrew but soon returned, and on April 24 launched an all-out attack against the Warsaw Jews, slaughtering thousands. The Nazi army progressed down the ghettos, blowing up buildings as they went. The resistance took to the sewers to continue the fight, but their command bunker fell to the Germans on May 8, and its leaders committed suicide. During the uprising, some 300 German soldiers were killed, and thousands of Warsaw Jews were massacred.

—In Waco, Texas on April 19, 1993, the Federal Bureau of Investigation launched a tear-gas assault on the home of the Branch Davidians, an armed religious cult, after a 51-day standoff. The compound was burned to the ground, with 80 Branch Davidians, including 22 children, dying as a result.

April 19, 1995 saw the beginning of mass domestic terrorism here, as a massive truck bomb exploded outside the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. The blast instantly killed more than 100 people and trapped dozens more in the rubble. When the rescue effort finally ended two weeks later, the death toll stood at 168 people killed, including 19 children who were in the building’s day-care center at the time of the blast.

Liberal pundits and Democrats blamed Rush Limbaugh, among others, who had been vocally condemning the government since the election of Bill Clinton.

1. When did Derek Chauvin get appointed to the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals? In this case, the 5th Circuit ruled that an officer who deliberately caused pain to a woman because she was being “uncooperative” was in the clear. She had been arrested and was in custody, but refused to respond to the officer’s questions about her name and age. In response, the officer raised her handcuffed arms behind her back, causing, the woman said, “[e]xcruciating pain.” This was captured on the officer’s camera, and wasn’t disputed. The woman sued for violations of her Fourth Amendment rights. In ruling on an appeal, The Fifth Circuit held that such conduct by the officer—deliberately inflicting pain on a subject in custody to force compliance—was acceptable:

Nor did Martin violate Hymond’s Fourth Amendment rights. Hymond was shouting at Martin throughout the entire confrontation. She did not comply with any of Martin’s commands or instructions. Only after Hymond refused to provide Martin with her name did Martin employ any force against her. Martin’s use of force—lifting Hymond’s handcuffed arms behind her back—was relatively minimal. Hymond continued to verbally deride Martin while Martin was lifting her arms and immediately after he put her arms down. Given Hymond’s continued resistance, Martin’s use of force against Hymond was not objectively unreasonable.

The opinion literally excuses a police officer’s inflicting pain on a subject in handcuffs in response to verbal abuse and a lack of cooperation.

2. Watch: she’ll probably be elected, too. Here you can read former sex-worker and stripper Alexandra Hunt’s argument for being elected to Congress. It nicely ticks off all the boxes necessary for progressive love. I think this paragraph’s my favorite:

One does not need to boast a law degree to see how criminalization has become about a person’s identity rather than any grievance they may have committed. The prison-industrial complex has come to serve the purity model of white supremacy and places individuals into egregious living conditions if their identity deviates from white supremacy in anyway ― their race, their sexuality, their gender identity, their economic status, their nationality, or their occupation.

In fact, not having a law degree assists reaching that asinine and counter-factual conclusion. (So does hitting yourself in the head repeatedly with a frozen leg of lamb.) Elsewhere, explaining her abortion when she was 18, Hunt engages in one of my all-time most reviled rationalizations for abortion:

“I as a person was not ready to bring a child into this world, but also the world was not in a state — and is not, 10 years later, is not in a state — that I wanted to bring a child into yet, which is my decision to make. My generation faces a lack of jobs, a lack of living wage, a housing crisis, an affordable housing crisis, a student debt crisis, the climate emergency, the prison-industrial complex, and the list goes on and on. And I wanted to offer my child better.”

Actually, Alexandra, you wanted to offer your next child better. The first one you decided was better off being rubbed out of existence than getting a chance to live in the less-than-perfect world you seem to be enjoying. I’m pretty certain all potential human beings, asked whether they would prefer an imperfect life than none at all, would like their shot.

3. And now for something completely stupid…This nicely illustrates the quality of American punditry. Matt Yglesias has been a long-time progressive pundit for Slate and Vox among other platforms. He tweeted this brilliant revelation yesterday:

No comment. Res ipsa loquitur

4. Never mind. Snopes will prove that it didn’t happen. This is troubling. At the Easter egg-roll at the White House, the President wandered into some reporters and was about to discuss foreign affairs when someone dressed as the Easter Bunny cut in, interrupted him, and sent him off to less challenging matters. It is unknown who was in the costume, but presumably it was a White House staffer, adviser, or “handler.” I can’t imagine this being done to any other President; with many, it would be the equivalent of career suicide. The disrespect such treatment shows is stunning. Watch:

Update: The Hill has reported that the pushy bunny was Meghan Hays, Special Assistant to the President and Director of Message Planning, which apparently means working undercover to intervene if old Joe appears to be getting ready to say something Jen Psaki will have to deny he said later.

5. Informal Media Bias Research Dept. I cut our satellite service to the bare bones, so the only way I can watch CNN, MSNBC or Fox News is now on “News Mix,” which shows them, the BBC and two weather channels simultaneously. This morning and last, only Fox of the three made a genuine effort to cover a range of news. MSNBC and CNN were more than 90% devoted to the Ukraine war. On my New York Times, once again as in almost every issue for weeks, every story and headline “above the fold” concerned the war.

Guess which showed that video above! Of course, that’s just typical anti-Biden bias; the public has no right to know that the Presidency is in such a pathetic state.

6. Behold the Stupid Party. My wife has been bedeviled by GOP fundraising letters ever since she sent ten bucks to Mitt Romney’s campaign. Yesterday she received this email:


We tried to warn you but you kept ignoring us.

Now, you are letting your fellow Republicans and our country down with each passing day.

This is your FINAL CHANCE to renew your 2022 Membership and help Republicans win back the House Majority!


You can be the patriot who finally helps FIRE Nancy Pelosi and stop the Democrats’ radical agenda in Congress.

Or you can ignore this message, do nothing, and watch Democrats destroy this country.

All we’re asking is that you RENEW YOUR MEMBERSHIP to help Republicans beat the Democrats. We’ll even send you your very own ID card as a thank you!

There isn’t much time left, Grace. Please make the right choice.


Thank you,

House Republicans

Grace was a professional fundraiser for many years, and is livid. She points out, correctly (I was a fundraiser for quite a while too), that threatening, berating and ordering donors to give is not only obnoxious and disrespectful, it doesn’t work.

The proper response to an appeal like that is “Bite me.”

36 thoughts on “Morning Ethics Warm-Up, April 19, 2022: “A Good Day To Die” [With Easter Bunny Update!]

  1. The Democrat media is whole hog on Ukraine. It’s probably the only aspect of Joe Biden’s administration that has a remote hope of being spun into some sort of “Look I’m a good President” narrative.

    Stop laughing. I didn’t say it was believable. But among every single unraveling fiasco falling around the feet of these doofuses – a war against America’s traditional nemesis will always be spinnable.

    • Spinnable: it would not be unreasonable for a reporter to highlight the fact that dementia-joe’s first impulse was not to fondle and sniff the cute cuddly rabbit as an indication of progress.

  2. Does anyone know to what degree the colonists employed guerilla warfare compared to the high-body-count stand in front of each other and shoot away tactic?

      • Yes, I’m pretty sure the American Revolutionary War was one of the earlier instances of successfully conducted asymmetrical warfare.

        I saw yesterday somewhere a report that the U.S. will be providing the Ukraine forces with artillery and training in how to use it. Russian artillery seems to be the big unequalizer in the current war. The Ukes don’t seem to have any way of countering Russian artillery, which is fairly inexpensive and terribly effective in efficiently reducing modern cities to rubble. I’m guessing the plan is to arm the Ukes with artillery to shell the Russian batteries that are currently operating with impunity. I guess the war in Syria was just a tune up for the Russian military in total war.

  3. Regarding Number 1, it appears that Hymond had been physically resisting moments before, refusing to turn over her phone while she was being handcuffed.

    The court also specifically did not find the claim credible that raising the cuffs caused excruciating pain, judging her reaction while cuffed.

    Martin next went to arrest Hymond, who had been verbally harassing him throughout his arrests of Craig and J.H. Martin grabbed Hymond by the wrist, put her up against the side of the police vehicle, and attempted to wrangle her cell phone out of her hands. He handcuffed her and then put her up against the vehicle a second time. Hymond refused to respond to Martin’s questions about her name and age, so Martin raised her handcuffed arms behind her back in an attempt to obtain compliance. Hymond claims this maneuver caused “[e]xcruciating pain”; however, the video shows that the
    maneuver had little to any effect on Hymond.
    She continued to yell at Martin as he raised her arms and immediately after he lowered them. Martin then escorted Hymond into a second police vehicle that had just arrived at the scene.

    The court said only that it was a tense scene, where the officer had already been physically shoved accosted several times, and that his actions were not so obviously extreme as to disqualify his immunity as an police officer.

    • But it is a fact that raising one’s arms when cuffed behind the back is not only painful but designed to cause pain. The fact that it didn’t cause pain or might not have caused pain is moral luck. That’s why I mentioned Chauvin. If he did the exact same thing to Floyd and Floyd had said he couldn’t breathe but otherwise was fine, and then sued, would you think a similar reaction by a court would be justified?

      • “Pain compliance” is a recognized law enforcement tactic, but usually it’s more localized. That said, you’re not supposed to inflict pain on someone who’s not actually resisting, that’s what got one of the officers involved in the Rodney King arrest in trouble – bashing King after he had stopped resisting.

        • Steve-O-in-NJ,
          I think I agree. Pain compliance is probably inappropriate for verbal non-compliance. If she is berating you or not answering questions, you can just put her in a cell for a while. Pain compliance for physical resistance makes sense. Here, it sounds like there was some of both, which is why he got off.

  4. Not directly related to No. 5, but this story by Taylor Lorenz about the woman who runs Libs of TikTok is fascinating. Here is Lorenz’s story:

    This is the same person who cried that people were mean to her because of her posts. Now, she has gone to great lengths to identify the person behind this most nefarious and dangerous tiktok site, doing a deep dive on the person’s background. Remember, the tiktokker person merely copies and posts videos posted by other people who extol their virtues of how they are indoctrinating children in grade school, middle and high school on sexual orientation and other leftist issues.. Lorenz thought it was necessary to doxx her. Nice. Lorenz is an awful human being.


  5. April 19. Patriot’s Day. On which day in 1975, a Saturday, Mrs. OB and I were married in the Town of Saugus, Commonwealth of Massachusetts (because the following Monday gave us a day off from work). Forty-seven years ago, today. A good day to get married.

    • Happy Anniversary to you-n-yours, OB; special enough to break out the sleeveless Paul’s Club T…?

      Anywho, as I’m sure you know, the 47th’s traditional gift is anything to do with gardening or planting.

      I’d humbly recommend securing a magnificent Ananas Noire [Black Pineapple] Tomato Plant.

      This exquisite tricolor beefsteak slicer is a marvel to behold; I have three (3) seedlings under the lights as we speak; for just $25 (U.S.) per month, you could adopt one and be apprised of its weekly development.

      PayPal, Venmo, & major credit cards accepted…

        • Thanks Jack and Grace. It’s been a pretty neat forty-seven years, forty-eight including our full time together. (Do you really want April 18 in the headline?)

      • Thanks Paulie and CM. I remember as a pup seeing a gent celebrating his fiftieth wedding anniversary as we attended a work buddy’s wedding while in our late twenties asked to identify the secret to his marriage lasting so long responded, laconically, “Never got divorced?”

        Mrs. OB’s two tomato plants, one “Phoenix” and one “Big Boy,” back by [her] popular demand, both appear to have survived a freakish 31 degree morning last week here in Southern AZ and should be on their way to producing over a bushel each of caprese ready beauties this summer and green tomatoes later in the fall to be edible nigh unto January. Yum. There’s simply nothing like garden grown tomatoes. Nothing. Store-boughts are the equivalent of fiberglass by comparison.

    • Congrats, OB, for hanging in there! (Maybe I should address that to Mrs.? We’ll be hitting 50 in a few months; I know I’ve gotten the best of that deal.)

  6. Regarding 3, I have a comment. Medieval peasant were uneducated, died young, and rarely travelled more than 5 miles from their place of birth. What happened? Capitalism!

    • And the Industrial Revolution. We don’t all have to spend most of our time as subsistence farmers or hunter gatherers! Let’s hear it for Cyrus McCormick!

  7. 3: Has to win dumb tweet of the day, at least. Of course, the basic idea fits right in with the left’s position that the mass of the populace should essentially be slaves to their proper overlords.

    4: During that same event, “Dr. Jill” had to tell Mr. Dementia to “wave, wave” at the right time, and at one point, patted his hand and told him to “stay”.

    • How much longer can this sick charade/elder abuse be allowed to go on? What must other world leaders think? They have to be getting better analysis of Joe’s condition from their intelligence services than is being provided to the American public.

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