Now THAT’S An Incompetent Journalist!

I have several large, complicated ethics issues to write about (like the LibsofTikTok fiasco) and I’m not looking forward to it, so I’m starting this morning with an easy call that confirms many of my deeply held convictions.

One is that journalists, as a group, just aren’t that sharp. There are exceptions, but they are exceptions: this is a field that has never attracted the best and the brightest, and it is a structural problem that has become a major problem in the age of the “new journalism,” which is advocacy journalism, as in unethical journalism. The people with the largest metaphorical megaphone lack the wisdom, acumen, education of critical thinking skills to justify their having it. Yet they really think they know best, and have the right and the duty to use a job that was supposed to be about informing the public to manipulate public opinion for what journalists think is “the greater good.” They don’t know what the greater good is. Most don’t know what “good” is.

Chris Cillizza isn’t just any journalist: he’s supposed to be one of the better ones. Horrible thought: he probably is. He’s an editor at CNN, and before that he wrote the daily political blog of The Washington Post, and was a regular writer for the Post on political issues as well as a frequent panelist on “Meet the Press.” He also has a long rap sheet on Ethics Alarms, despite the fact that I avoid following his regular forays into fake news, propaganda, and biased punditry. Who knows what I’ve missed.Another conviction is that bias makes you stupid, and that tweet is a shining example.

I need a new term here. A Jumbo-–“Elephant? What Elephant?”—is when a dishonest advocate or partisan tries to pretend a massive and obvious problem, event, damning statement or other significant occurrence never happened, isn’t important, or is invisible. What should we call it when someone like Cillizza announces that he’s discovered something that anyone with eyes, ears and a brain knew was there all along?

” New sneaky big issue” ? NEW SNEAKY BIG ISSUE?

Illegal immigration (or “immigration” to lying progressives like Cillizza) was the issue that made Donald Trump President! It has been a persistent and throbbing failure of the Democrats and Joe Biden during his term and long before. It was recognized as a major problem during the Reagan administration.

Propagandists for open borders made wildly hypocritical claims about “kids in cages” under Trump while the Democratic POTUSes before and after him pursued identical policies because when would-be border-jumpers use their children as human wedges, they place them in peril. Biden has vilified border patrols (his “whipping” smear was finally definitively disproved and the guards thus smeared exonerated), and even with news sources like CNN working hard to hide it, the administration’s ridiculous “catch and release” policies are being highlighted by Texas busing illegals to Washington, D.C. A strong majority of Americans, including Hispanic-Americans, want the immigration laws enforced, and it is obvious that the government isn’t enforcing them.

And esteemed journalist Chris Cillizza tweets his expert assessment that “immigration” may be a new election issue. Wow.

Is it possible that because his employer, CNN, has deliberately ignored the chaos at the border, Cillizza never realized it was going on? Do CNN reporters only get their (biased, selectively censored, cynically manipulated and incompetently reported) news of the world from CNN? Did Chris accidentally stumble on Fox News and discover that the Ukraine war was not the only newsworthy event occurring?

Chris Cillizza is typical of the alleged professionals we trust and rely upon to inform us of the world around us and what we need to know to run a functioning democracy.

And he’s an idiot.

Take it Geena…

4 thoughts on “Now THAT’S An Incompetent Journalist!

  1. “Propagandists for open borders made wildly hypocritical claims about ‘kids in cages’ under Trump while the Democratic POTUSes before and after him pursued identical policies”

    (bolds/caps/italics mine throughout)
    “(Attorney R. Andrew) Free found himself at a political event where the president was present.

    Reluctant to disrupt the scene, but unable to let what he had seen go unspoken, Free struck an uneasy compromise with himself. He politely shook hands with the president, then mentioned his visit to the detention centers. Close them, Mr. President, he begged. ‘IT’S WRONG,’ Free said. ‘AND IT’S GOING TO BE A STAIN ON YOUR LEGACY.’

    ”The president was unmoved. ‘I’ll tell you what we can’t have,’ he told Free. ‘It’s these parents sending their kids here on a dangerous journey and putting their lives at risk.’ Then he moved on down the line, shaking hands with his supporters. Admitted Free: ‘I was dumbfounded.’

    ”Free’s poignant tweets, written a couple of weeks ago, stirred a firestorm of thousands of responses — mostly, it appeared, because THE YEAR HE WAS DESCRIBING WAS NOT 2018 BUT 2015, AND THE PRESIDENT HE WAS REPROVING WAS NOT DONALD TRUMP BUT BARACK OBAMA.

    ” ‘A LOT OF PEOPLE THINK THAT ALL THIS STARTED WITH TRUMP,’ Free told the Miami Herald last week (June 2018) from his Nashville office. ‘IT DIDN’T …‘ ”

  2. Cillizza is looking to save his ass and his employer’s ass. The problem at the border has gotten too big to bury and too obviously a problem to say it isn’t one. Americans were willing to look the other way while to government at least pretended to do something about it and officially was against illegal immigration. It was a minority of folks who were all in for just letting anyone who decided America was better than wherever they were to just walk in, no questions asked. Unfortunately this minority included people like Bill DeBlasio in New York, protecting everyone except ordinary folks, and Gavin Newsome in CA, who said stopping children being put in danger by their parents from coming across the border was not what this country was supposed to be about. It also included media folks like Chris, who, while not making big bucks like Anderson Cooper (actually he doesn’t even gross $150K per year), is more than comfortable and lives in the 70% white town of Falls Church, VA, far away from any of these problems.

  3. Jack wrote, “Chris Cillizza is typical of the alleged professionals we trust and rely upon to inform us of the world around us and what we need to know to run a functioning democracy. And he’s an idiot.”

    What can you expect from a hackified political attack dog that’s part of the Progressives Outlets Of Propaganda media (a.k.a. POOP media) that uses Salem Witch Trial School of Thinking in their gaslighting propaganda.

    Salem Witch Trial School of Thought: are underlying thoughts of a person that causes them to throw out all logical reasoning and conclude the absurd.

  4. Some years back, I saw an article on journalism students which included a poll on their reasons for choosing that career. A (perhaps THE) main reason given was something along the lines of “to be able to show people the right way to think about issues”.

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