Ethics Dunce And Unethical Tweet Of The Week: Barack Obama

How many ex-Presidents have revealed themselves to be far bigger jerks than anyone suspected in their post-White House years? Until relatively recently, most Presidents died so soon after their terms were up that the situation didn’t arise. John Tyler joined the Confederate cabinet; Teddy Roosevelt torpedoed his own party and his old friend Taft in a fit of ego, but that really wasn’t out of character. Most have stayed relatively quiet and inoffensive. I think Barack Obama wins the booby prize for post-POTUS jerkism.

The tweet is gold medal pandering: the shooting and Floyd’s death have no nexus at all, except that they have both been exploited for their progressive agenda value. More dunder-headed still, these two issues are contradictory. Democrats have been crippling law enforcement in many cities and communities, putting law abiding citizens at risk; that was one of the results of the excessive and cynical frenzy over a single bad policing incident in Minneapolis. Now that police are sufficiently terrified and reluctant to police, Obama wants to make it harder for Americans to protect themselves. But hey, anything to help promote Black Lives Matter!

In Barack’s most recent tweet, his promotion of a “Reimagining Policing Pledge” for mayors features a photo of Trayvon Martin, whose death had noting to do with police, and who was not “murdered,” though Obama says he was.


Divisive jerk.

Irresponsibly divisive jerk.

Regarding the tweet above, Jason Whitlock wrote, “Brah, this ain’t it. Little kids slaughtered at school is not the equivalent of Floyd dying after resisting arrest while high. This is one of the worst tweets in history.”

That might be hyperbole, but it’s definitely one of the worst tweets by an ex-President.

21 thoughts on “Ethics Dunce And Unethical Tweet Of The Week: Barack Obama

  1. Oh, I dunno, Jimmy Carter’s attempts at free-lance diplomacy have done more harm than good, in my opinion, and have gone on for longer. However, this could definitely be the worst post-presidential tweet. Obama should have zipped it. I called him the divider in chief, and I wasn’t wrong.

    • ” Obama should have zipped it. I called him the divider in chief, and I wasn’t wrong.”
      There are direct lines from Obama as POTUS to the self-race-identified public that have permanently set back, if not severed, the slow but sure advancement of unity, of aiming for the goal of dealing with real problems that beset all of us. In fact, as the titular head of this country for 13 years, voted in with over 74mil+/46%, he was in a position to mend fences across the board. Instead he set as many factions as paid attention at each others’ throats … the same thing the woke are doing today by using “diversity” to slot individuals into smaller and ever-more antagonistic units in order to make unity impossible. Ego-satisfaction goes with the job; Obama’s was (and is) inflated to god-like proportions. Tragically, the zipper stays just closed enough that the teeth don’t show. Unlike Joe Biden, I think he has always been totally cognizant of his every word and chose eacj without regard to psychological truth or honest fact.: Trayvon’s death, for instance “was the start of America looking inward and in fits and starts coming to terms with what has always been our original sin.” None of it makes sense, but it hits particular targets at every weak point. Thus does a citizen betray his country.

  2. Biden’s executive order doesn’t have much to do with mass shootings, and Obama artificially bringing up George Floyd means the Democrats were planning on doing something on his anniversary.

    Obama really has turned out to be just like every other politician. He’s going to go down as a forgettable president. The ACA didn’t pass because of him; it passed because of shrewd politicians in the House and Senate. All he did was inject himself into debates that he didn’t really know anything about, and he got the lie of the year from a liberal fact checking organization. I don’t know if politifact would even have the guts to do that now.

  3. Jack wrote, “I think Barack Obama wins the booby prize for post-POTUS jerkism.”

    Although Barack Obama can certainly be a jerk sometimes, I think Donald Trump has to be the master of the booby prize for post-POTUS jerkism.

    • Technically, Trump is still a viable candidate for 2024, so he can’t quality for post-potus status until he wins and serves out the term or dies, because he may keep “running” for a long time! But, maybe that strategy could qualify him for the booby prize?

      • sooner8728 wrote, “Technically, Trump is still a viable candidate for 2024, so he can’t quality for post-potus status until he wins and serves out the term or dies, because he may keep “running” for a long time!”

        Completely irrelevant; at this moment in time Trump is LITERALLY post-potus status.

    • Same response as for Jimmy Carter: Trump proved to be the exact kind of asshole we knew going into his presidency. That he managed to not collapse but provide some leadership and accomplishment despite overwhelming assholery directed at him manages is strictly to his credit.

      • Roe v. Wade may be overturned because of him. A lot of his actual policies (despite his rhetoric) were conservative. I think his presidency is going to be a mixed bag by objective observers.

  4. Just the other day I was wondering exactly how it is the Obamas have amassed a net worth sufficient to own a mansion on Martha’s Vineyard and a mansion on a Hawaiian island? What’s the deal? How does that work?

      • But is there really that much money in book advances? Do people really buy millions of copies of books by Barack and Michelle Obama? There must be some delayed payola going on. I remember seeing a brand new 1969 Camaro in a girl acquaintance’s driveway. “Who’s is that?” I asked. It was her college football star brother’s. He’d just finished his final season playing big time football and would be drafted by the Jets later that year and have a successful NFL career. “It’s [my brother’s],” she replied. “That was the deal: If he played all four years, once he was done, he’d get a car!”

  5. I know Rahm Emmanuel said “never let a good crisis go to waste” but his is beyond absurd. Perhaps parades were planned to commemorate St. George of the Floyd’s canonization but that little shootie thingy in Uvalde upset the apple cart. Poor thing. St. George of the Floyd never gets his due. I wonder if Obama was dismissive of the events in Uvalde because the victims weren’t the right victims of color and the shooter wasn’t sufficiently racist. Could be.


  6. A bunch of Obama apologists in a corner of Reddit were calling out the guy who posted the same screenshot for not including full context.

    So I went to Twitter myself to see what was missing.

    Two more posts made the same day, one with more irrelevant narrative race-baiting divisiveness, and the second with a link to Obama’s foundation where he’s raising money to do even more of the same. Yeah, that context totally redeemed him.

  7. I heard and/or read that a book in the offering is a biography of Mr. Floyd proposing that throughout his life time somebody had a knee to his neck. Thus, it will assume it was this lifelong oppression that led him to be a drug addict, alcoholic, wife-beater, and general reprobate. After the book, I am sure there will be a movie, with Will Smith probably in the starring role.

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