A Popeye: I Have To Fisk This Smoking Gun Opinion Piece, Because My Head Will Explode Beyond Repair If I Don’t…Part 4: The End

Yes, I’m sorry I started this.

The original piece was too long, so the process of debunking and exposing it is also too long. There are other issues to cover, and sock drawers to organize. Still: this kind of irresponsible, dishonest mind-poison is published in respectable places every day, and they are hardly ever challenged in print. Someone like Wajahat Ali will issue this junk and then get welcomed onto MSNBC, where Joy Reid or another one of the anti-America, anti-white racists who bloviate there will cheer him on. I know I can’t do anything about it, or him, or her. Still, I can’t do nothing either.

Let’s finish this…

If Republicans take control of the political leadership of Congress, which seems likely, they will be beholden to an increasingly radicalized and weaponized base that is fine using violence to “take back their country.”

A leftist wacko inflamed by pundits like Ali and the Jan. 6 show trial just tried to assassinate Justice Kavanaugh. I do not see how any Democrat can get away with calling Republican followers “radicalized” while their own allies convince pre-teens to change their gender, police are villified, cities like San Francisco are allowing thieves to run amuck, schools are being encouraged to teach that white America continues to oppress all minorities, children are being forced to grow up with half their faces covered, and the Democratic Party’s solution to students taking on more debt than they can afford is for the government to pay it off.

Meanwhile, Republicans refuse to move against white supremacist terrorism, which is the number domestic terror threat in the country. Instead their colleagues, Reps. Marjorie Taylor Greene and Paul Gosar, openly attend conferences hosted by Nick Fuentes—a notorious antisemite and white nationalist. The hoods are off, and there’s no turning back for the GOP.

Shameless, don’t you think? This is an administration that called parents protesting anti-white propaganda in elementary schools “white supremacist terrorists.” Using two outlying, really bad, GOP House members as representative of the whole party is bold glass house stone-throwing for the supporter of a party where “The Squad”—speaking of anti-semites and wackos–has so much influence.

As a Muslim, I saw President Donald Trump openly say, “I think Islam hates us.” He ran on a promise to enact a “complete and total ban” on Muslims. He was not only elected as president in 2016, but he received 11 million more votes after spending four years doubling down on chaos, hate, xenophobia, and cruelty. History has taught us that when authoritarian movements see people as problems, they usually come up with gruesome and horrific solutions.

Well, let’s see… Saudis inflicted the worst terrorist attack in U.S. history; Iran still calls the U.S. “The Great Satan”—I don’t see how the conclusion that the Islamic world “hates us” is completely out of line. Islam hates anyone who isn’t Muslim. The Muslim author of this essay seems pretty hostile to the U.S. himself. Is it too much to ask for examples of “doubling down on chaos, hate, xenophobia, and cruelty”? I know the xenophobia part:  enforcing our immigration laws is “hateful” and “cruel.” Is that it? Like the rest of this offal, Ali just throws out generalities without bothering with specifics or facts.

It’s tough to love a country that doesn’t love you back, and even tougher to fight for it as it’s trying to kill you.

This is such a fatuous, hyperbolic, counter-factual appeal to emotion it defies rebuttal.

Unfortunately, the last two years have revealed that the institutions that have the power to respond have repeatedly failed. Media organizations have chosen the path toward self-immolation by rehabilitating their sworn enemies for the sake of profit and ratings.

There it is: signature significance for so many things. No one could write that without committing to hiding his head under a bag for life unless he was immune to the siren call of reality. The news media—why would I have to even write this?—is wildly, destructively, inexcusably biased against all matters Republican and conservative, and will go to extreme lengths to support any minority who is properly progressive. Ali, however, sees them as insufficiently supportive.

CBS News’ co-president Neeraj Khemlani rationalized the hiring of former Trump chief of staff Mick Mulvaney as a contributor by citing the need for “access” to a likely Republican administration in the future. Most media outlets will fail us as they “both sides” our democracy towards fascism.

This is one of my favorite sections. Covering both sides of the political spectrum equally—which the news media largely does not—risks fascism. Pushing the agendas, personalities, leaders and positions of the side currently controlling the government is the essence of democracy.

War is Peace, Freedom is Slavery, Ignorance is Strength…

Corporations, historically, have always paved the road for fascist leaders, because it’s good for business—until it isn’t. Disney is learning this the hard way after enduring Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’ wrath for balking at his hateful “don’t say gay” policy. That was a warning shot across the bow for all business leaders to get in line or face the GOP boot.

Again, the current Democratic government has used Big Tech and other corporations to censor its critics and adversaries. Ali’s description of the Disney-Florida conflict is so misleading as to qualify as gaslighting. There was and is nothing hateful about a Florida restriction on teachers explaining their sex lives to third-graders. It’s absurd that such a law was even needed.

Meanwhile, it’s apparent that most Democrats aren’t built for this challenge. They bring a pencil to a knife fight, while Republicans and Mitch McConnell bring an AR-15. President Biden still refers to Republicans who are committed to obstructing him every step of the way as “rational.” Members of the GOP voted against certifying the election hours after a mob threatening to hang the vice president sacked the Capitol. But some Democrats, especially obstructionists such as Sens. Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema, still think we need the filibuster to preserve bipartisanship. Democracy dies, in part, thanks to white moderates who tend to the economic anxiety of “average” Americans while ignoring the lament and cries of the rest of us.

Do I have to do this one? It’s racist, to begin with. The Republicans aren’t obstructing “him,” they have been obstructing a series of irresponsible policy initiatives from a group of far-left extremists whose credibility is nil in an evenly divided Congress and nation.  The filibuster isn’t there just to encourage bi-partisanship, but to discourage a momentary majority from steamrolling minority interests.

Here Ali just descends into blather about his father’s worries and other non-substantive matters. Ali’s father raised this hack: I really don’t care what Dad thinks about the U.S.

The author concludes:

The question is will my kids’ generation—who will be the first generation of Americans to have fewer rights than the previous one—have the ability to be the protagonist of a country that sees them as villains and invaders?

What an asshole. Virtually obody sees legal immigrant families as “villains and invaders.” This is straight up hate-mongering and seeding fear.

Over the weekend, I told my wife, “Listen, we should seriously think about the possibility of leaving. We have three kids, and they deserve a chance to be safe.” My wife thought about it, but decided that even though the future does indeed look bleak in America (especially for our democracy), we should stay and fight.

Perhaps because I’m a patriot or a masochist, or both, I agreed. In my heart, I know I’m never leaving. After all, those who have been rejected by America are usually always the ones who have fought and bled for it, still hoping the country will stretch and expand itself to accommodate the rest of us and rise up to its lofty ideals.

So the whole premise of the essay was a lie. Of course it was.

I still believe in that America. But, some days, it’s really tough. My wife and I agreed we’d revisit the conversation in two years—just to be safe.

I can’t wait.

17 thoughts on “A Popeye: I Have To Fisk This Smoking Gun Opinion Piece, Because My Head Will Explode Beyond Repair If I Don’t…Part 4: The End

  1. I love this:

    He ran on a promise to enact a “complete and total ban” on Muslims.

    I presume the quote is accurate, but the quotation does not include “on Muslims.” Presumably, the actual quote did not say “on Muslims.” If it had, you would think it would have been in the quotation.

    That is enough for me to believe that Trump did not say what he claims he said.


    • What Trump said on the campaign trail was to promise a “total and complete shutdown” of Muslims entering the United States. That isn’t a ban on Muslims. Since he was elected, what matters is what he did, not how he phrased campaign promises. He blocked travel from some Muslim countries where there was a genuine concern that terrorists would get into the US. It was upheld by the courts as a security-based move, and not religious or ethnic discrimination.

      Of course Ali couldn’t play straight with this either.

  2. Thank you for taking the time and exerting the mental effort to expose, in detail, this piece of hackery. I’m actually disappointed that he has decided to stay, although the coming Republican resurgence may finally trigger him to take flight.

    • I think if and when he does take flight, either after the resurgence this fall or after the return of you-know-who in 2024, he’ll be writing similar columns from his comfortable exile somewhere in Europe or Canada, talking about how great it is to walk down the street knowing no one is going to shoot him and how he can just walk into the clinic and get whatever healthcare he needs without fussing about insurance. Boy will he be glad to be away from that backward country called the US, and boy will we be glad he’s gone.

  3. As much as I appreciate your taking the time to comprehensively rebut Mr Alice ramblings, I prefer a simpler heuristic approach: If he believes all these things he’s saying, then of course he should leave. He should have left years ago. But he hasn’t, and he won’t, therefore he doesn’t.

  4. OK, the whole thing is unsupported nonsense, but he really saved the best for last, didn’t he?

    “After all, those who have been rejected by America are usually always the ones who have fought and bled for it, still hoping the country will stretch and expand itself to accommodate the rest of us and rise up to its lofty ideals.”

    What in the wide, wide world o’ sports is a goin’ on with that?

  5. I feel somewhat foolish in devoting 4 posts to such a sloppy, careless, knee-jerk piece of hackery. It is lazy preaching to the choir, I know, but still, it offends the hell out of me. This isn’t even punditry. It provides no enlightenment or perspective; it deliberately distorts facts (or mostly omits them), and it wasn’t even a satisfying challenge to rebut. But it seem wrong to leave a large dump of metaphorical fecal rhetoric just lying around stinking, and nobody at the Daily Beast will have the decency to give it a good spray.

    On my death bed, I will wish I had the time back I spent on this mess. I do already.

    • Attention must be paid. Ironically, this guy, a refugee from Pakistan, wants to make the U.S. into a shithole country like Pakistan. Damnedest thing I’ve ever seen. It’s Ilhan Omar Syndrome. “Let’s turn the U.S. into Somalia!”

      • I think its the delusion that being a minority anywhere is supposed to be like being part of the majority. It isn’t. It just isn’t. Human beings aren’t wired that way. It’s why “fish out of water” stories, plays, TV shows and movies are eternal. Being angry because you feel different from everyone else in a setting where you are different in a significant way is infantile. Yes, there are disadvantages to minority status, and ethics, not law, is the solution, but its never going to be easy. A member of a minority really has only three rational choices: 1) join the majority to the extent possible; 2) accept that being a minority will occasionally be unpleasant, awkward, and inconvenient, or 3) go someplace where you are part of a majority.

        • Or as I prefer to put it, “What is it about the word ‘minority’ you don’t understand?” Joke told Mrs. OB and me while vacationing in Ireland by an Irish businessman to explain the difference between an Irish kid and an American kid: An American kid dates a gorgeous young girl. He goes to her house. They live in a nice neighborhood, have a nice house and the father is a successful businessman. The young American kid sees all this and says to himself, “Someday, I’m going to be like that guy!” The Irish kid dates the same girl, sees the same house and father and says to himself, “Someday, I’m going to get even with that guy.”

  6. His opinion piece summarizes nicely the world view of some of my hard-left relatives: a fantasy world were Republicans are neo-Nazis who want to take over by force, expel all of the “people of color”, and force women back into being barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen. It sounds absurd, but I had to explain to one of my older relatives that, no, the men in trucks with American flags don’t want to harm you and, no, they’re not going to break into your house. One of them suspected that his car mechanic might have voted for Trump, and then determined that he would never take his car to that shop again.

    I suspect that Ali, just like my relatives, carefully eliminates any contact with people that might think differently, so he can maintain his grand illusions of bravely fighting the forces of evil by sitting in his liberal echo chamber writing opinion pieces like this.

    • He had to pay for his surgery? It wasn’t free? Isn’t medical care a human right? (Lefties are never, ever satisfied. The are implacable.)

  7. For someone that claims his desire is to build bridges across groups he really means to create a coalition of brown nationalists to become the face of America which he believes will be superior to that which exists now. Obviously, that is the definition of racism.

    Being brown in America today provides a rich niche for brown writers to exploit the fears of even relatively successful non white persons. Writers like Ali give those who want one an off ramp to personal responsibility. His writings are no different than those who preach white supremacy. The only difference is that his prejudices are socially acceptable.

  8. The other week I met someone from an organization called FAIR: the Foundation Against Intolerance & Racism. It seems aligned with the values of Ethics Alarms and well worth looking into. You may recognize names on the board of advisors as well.

    Here’s an excerpt from the About page:

    “Increasingly, American institutions — colleges and universities, businesses, government, the media and even our children’s schools — are enforcing a cynical and intolerant orthodoxy. This orthodoxy requires us to identify ourselves and each other based on immutable characteristics like skin color, gender and sexual orientation. It pits us against one another, and diminishes what it means to be human.”


    Does this sound like something people here would be interested in?

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