Failures Of Proportion Make Failed Leadership Inevitable

I am torn: this post screamed out for a Major Clipton introduction though the head-exploding tweet above by President Biden’s Chief of Staff (or head puppeteer) arguably needs no introduction. I think I’ll settle on both: we haven’t heard from the major for a while…

Proportion is an important ethical value that we don’t talk about enough. That idiotic tweet demonstrates a disastrous ethics flaw—not the only one, heaven knows–that underlies so much of the ongoing tragedy that is the progressive movement currently being inflicted on the nation by Biden and the Democrats.

Inflation is reaching crisis levels, harming virtually all Americans not candidates for a reboot of “Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous.” The national debt has reached and exceeded and then exceeded more any rational level that a responsible country should tolerate. Yet the White House wants a victory lap because two women instead of the traditional one will have their signatures on the currency.

Who cares? That’s not a rhetorical question; we really need to know, because anyone who places a high priority on such trivia should be forced to wear a pointy cap and carry a bell if they go out in public. Janet Yellen has been by any measure an inept and incompetent Treasury Secretary: last year, as observors with eyes and memories predicted that Biden’s policies were courting an outbreak of inflation, Yellen said she anticipated inflation would be “a small risk,” “manageable” and “not a problem.” Good one, Ace!

Remember how Dodgers GM Branch Rickey insisted that the first black player to break the color barrier in baseball had to be great, because if he failed it would put the progress of his race back years or decades? Yellen is the first female Secretary of the Treasury, and she’s lousy at her job. She ought to resign; failing that, Biden should fire her. He won’t, though, because what matters most to this deranged bunch of social justice warriors is that Yellen is the “right” gender, and that the United States will finally have two signatures (that nobody ever reads) by women on the nation’s bills.

In reality, where progressives haven’t dwelled for a very long time, the assortment of sex chromosomes possessed by signatories on money is the very definition of trivia. It doesn’t matter, nobody pays attention to it, and nobody should. What matters to the responsible and sane among us is how well a high government official like Yellen does her job, and not her sex organs. But to our current leaders, that’s backwards—how they reached that delusion, I don’t know, but there it is—what matters most is group identity.

The Times attachment to the tweet shows that the mainstream media is dedicated to bolstering this warped proportion rather than correcting it, which should be journalism’s function. Marilyn Malerba will be the first Native American U.S. Treasurer! Calloo callay! SO THE HELL WHAT? A woman has filled the U.S. Treasurer post since 1949. I guess the Times would have found it crucial to mention this level of added credentials if Malerba instead was the first Mongolian-American, schizophrenic, open lesbian or had six toes on her left foot. (They didn’t think information about Hunter’s laptop was “fit to print,” but this is.)

Now we can understand why it was more important to President Biden and his party to symbolically cut oil production when it couldn’t have any palliative effect on climate change whatsoever than to look out for the welfare of the nation and its residents. Our current leaders’ sense of proportion is astonishingly, dangerously, crazily out of whack.

That alone disqualifies them for leadership, which is about balancing interests, outcomes and consequences. If leaders think what isn’t important is the most important of all, what do you get?


7 thoughts on “Failures Of Proportion Make Failed Leadership Inevitable

  1. Waaaaay back when, has to be before spring 1994 because that’s when Star Trek:TNG ended, there was an otherwise forgettable exchange between Patrick Stewart’s Jean-Luc Picard and Admiral Nechayev, a throwaway female higher-up deliberately portrayed as an icy bitch. She dresses him down for forgoing an opportunity to take down the Borg (a cybernetic race created to provide the hardcore danger that the wisecracking Ferengi could not). When he protests that his conscience guided him otherwise, she says sternly, “Your priority is to safeguard the lives of Federation citizens. Not to wrestle with your conscience.”

    Admittedly, TNG was very plot-driven, and that might have been a different exchange had the plot required it. However, the point is that the first duty of any position is to perform the duties associated with that position, not worry about whether you can square them with your conscience, nor use the position to advance your beliefs and show how great they are. If you can’t perform the duties without a prolonged grapple with your conscience, and maybe you need to resign if that’s the case. If you are going to use the position primarily as a platform for your views, you don’t belong there. The current administration is pretty much doing only that.

  2. When people tried to organize a march on Washington to protest the fascist Left’s policies, they discovered the will existed but not enough could afford the gas money to even get close to within walking distance.
    Meanwhile, the FBI has been busy door knocking on those deemed just a wee bit too vocal in their disapproval of how dementia-jo and his gang of misfits are running things.

    On the brightside; it was reported that our discombobulated Prez answered two out of two questions correctly for the first time in weeks~~~> “what is your name and what year is it?”
    Keep the faith baby…

  3. “Any criticism of Yellen is sexist misogyny. And Ron Klain is one of us. He’s brilliant. He went to Harvard Law School.”

  4. How can the Times even claim to know this? Are they trained biologists? Did they assume the genders of all the previous signatories, or did they confirm preferred pronouns first?

  5. Remember when the Susan B. Anthony dollar coins came out and folks called them ‘Carter quarters’? Good times, good times…wait, they really weren’t.

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