Unethical Quote (And Tweet) Of The Month: Georgetown Law Professor Neal Katyal

Wow. I already have my Georgetown Law Center diploma hanging a foot off the floor and with its front to the wall. Now what?

Katyal  is a partner at the law firm of Hogan Lovells and serves as the Paul and Patricia Saunders Professor of National Security Law at Georgetown University Law Center. He is supposed to be a Constitutional Law expert. How could he write that? The two opinions are not even slightly related, other than the fact that they both are Supreme Court cases and concern issues that Katyal’s allies and pals are adamant about. In the assumed opinion not yet released knocking down Roe v. Wade, the court is correcting its own error, and rejecting the contrived and much derided opinion that abortion is a right. It is not “ending” a constitutional right, because that right never existed in the first place. Today’s opinion striking down a New York law that asserted government’s power to decide when a law-abiding citizen “needed” to carry a gun in public did not create a new right. Unlike the imaginary right to choose to kill unborn humans, the right to bear arms is in the Bill of Rights.

Over at Instapundit, law prof. Glenn Reynolds comments on Katyal’s tweet, “I would say that Katyal knows better than this, but maybe he doesn’t.” Of course he does. Bias makes you stupid, but it doesn’t make a Constitutional Law expert forget what’s in the Constitution. A commenter on the blog writes, “Katyal knows better. His comment is directed toward people who don’t know better.It’s a textbook example of dishonest framing.” Another says, “Liberals depend on total ignorance of the Constitution. Look at the Soviet-style January 6th hearings. The average America has no idea about the Speech and Debate clause, and by sitting where they are Congress can lie with impunity, with malice, and without shame, free from defamation lawsuits. Abortion rights in are penumbras and all that crap, while the Second Amendment doesn’t really mean what it says. OK.”

I think it is unethical for a lawyer, a law professor, and a perceived authority to mislead the public and non-lawyers this way. No, not unethical under the Rules of Professional Conduct, so Katyal couldn’t be punished by the bar, but still an abuse of authority, dishonest, and wrong. The law school, if it had any integrity, would discipline him.

But this is Georgetown Law Center. It has no integrity. GULC punished Illya Shapiro for making a true statement that offended woke sensibilities, but it will accept a deliberately false one from another professor because it advances the cause.

10 thoughts on “Unethical Quote (And Tweet) Of The Month: Georgetown Law Professor Neal Katyal

  1. Jack,

    “Wow. I already have my Georgetown Law Center diploma hanging a foot off the floor and with its front to the wall. Now what?”

    Do you really? You keep making allusions, but I can’t tell how serious you are.

  2. When I was in law school, I suspected many of my professors had abandoned objectivity in favor of progressive ideology. I could see one of my professors tweeting something exactly like this. To equate abortion with the second amendment (even if you disagree with the current interpretation of the second amendment) is intellectually dishonest.

    • So incredibly depressing that law school profs have become ideologues. I will admit, however, my Crim Law prof in 1978 was a former Freedom Rider and virulent opponent of the death penalty. But I think most of us just let that go over our heads. I sure hope the profs who teach contracts and torts and civil procedure and tax and securities and secured transactions are sticking to their knitting. i suspect 95 percent of practicing lawyers, trial and transactional, never really have to deal with Constitutional issues. Praise Allah.

  3. Does this work?

    “Gonna be very weird that Supreme Court just ended a constitutional right to keep and bear firearms, saying it should be left to the States to decide, right before it might impose an unrestricted constitutional right to have an abortion, saying it cannot be left to the States to decide.”


  4. Progressives hate the concept of the states having the right to decide these things for themselves (except when the state in question is opposing the right kind of federal intrusion). These totalitarian wannabees have already proven that they want all states to be forced to abide by their extremist checklist.

  5. What this is is exactly who progressives are.

    This has nothing to do with facts and everything about frightening one group of Americans in particular — women. It preys upon the genetic and cultural tendencies of women as protectors, and to their broad-based fear of firearms and weapons generally. Note that I’m aware ALL women don’t feel this way, but a large number, perhaps a majority and perhaps only a large plurality, do. Research studies consistently indicate women generally as the major subgroup in favor of more laws limiting the possession and use of firearms.

    This is exactly the same intention in the dissent by Breyer in Bruen. Breyer regurgitates all the scary statistics he can find, all with the intention of exacerbating fear of gun possession generally and predictably aimed mostly at women. Alito correctly calls him out for the transparently obvious fact that almost none of his dissent has anything at all to do with the question presented, and in fact, actually argues against itself. That’s because it was neither intended to be a judicial argument at all, but a political one intended to influence those who most fear guns, and to be cited by the left every time some psycho goes on a shooting rampage.

    Talk about unethical. Breyer’s dissent was wholly and profoundly unethical, and unmoored from logic or legal reasoning for which Alito correctly excoriates him. This tweet is no different, has precisely the same target, and is equally unmoored from either the law or the constitution. Both are shameful examples of pure political opportunism.

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