There Is Hope: In NYC, Again The Courts To The Rescue!

The day before last Thanksgiving, in the day’s “warm-up,” I closed out with this item:

Leaping down a slippery slope. The New York City Council is about to approve a bill allowing more than 800,000 non-citizens to vote in municipal elections if they have green cards or are otherwise residing in the United States legally The measure is expected to be approved in December by a veto-proof margin. It would not allow non-citizens to vote in federal or state elections. This is such a bad idea that Mayor de Blasio, who loves most terrible ideas if they are sufficiently progressive, opposes it. But several towns in Maryland and Vermont already give non-citizens municipal voting rights. Non-citizens vote in school board elections in San Francisco, and cities in California, Maine, Illinois and Massachusetts have similar legislation on the drawing board.

Why wasn’t this a full post? Oh, lot’s of reasons….mostly the fact that the locale was New York City, and like edicts by the mayors of Washington, D.C. and Chicago, and the wacko measures approved in San Francisco, Portland, Seattle and the states those cities are in, New York City’s progressives advocating policies that undercut our democracy and cheapen citizenship (and the Rule of Law, equal treatment under law…don’t get me started!) is hardly news. It’s like the old “dog bites man/man bites dog” definition of news. If New York City bucks progressive mania for a change, that’s news.

Nobody commented even on the item.

Now, the rest of the story: the City Council did approve the bill, and yesterday the New York Supreme Court (which is just a trial level court, so there will be an appeal, and maybe several) struck it down as a violation of the New York Constitution.

Justice Ralph J. Porzio wrote that giving non-citizens the right to vote would require a referendum, and added, “The New York State Constitution expressly states that citizens meeting the age and residency requirements are entitled to register and vote in elections. Though voting is a right so many citizens take for granted, the City of New York cannot ‘obviate’ the restrictions imposed by the Constitution.”

As they fear the tide of public opinion is turning against their plans for a “great reset,” Democrats and progressives now look to increasing their voting pool by any means necessary. Several Democrats have advocated lowering the voting age to 16 or even less than that, for example; if adults are so easy to confuse and manipulate, children are even more vulnerable. Of course, virtually open borders has been part of the formula for a long time.

The campaign is relentless, so one should not rejoice too much over any setback. “Too much too soon, I guess” the revolutionaries conclude from such stumbles.

They’ll be back.

[One more thing: when I was re-reading that 2021 post, I had to fix about 5 glaring typos. These were of the sort I usually catch in my last proofing, which means I was in rush and never did one. I’m sorry. I fix typos in old posts many times every day. They are just one more thing that undermines what little influence an ethics blog might have.]


Pointer: JutGory

9 thoughts on “There Is Hope: In NYC, Again The Courts To The Rescue!

  1. I was once told to really proofread something, read it backwards. It takes your brain out of the flow of the words, which makes it easy to skip over errors when reading normally.

  2. Are we really going here? It is terrifying. All ‘legal’ residents? Hundreds of thousands of illegal residents: how hard would it be to get on the voting rolls? A Democrat’s joy and hope for their future. Aaugh !

      • I’ve always made the assumption that illegal aliens manage to vote in elections as soon as humanly possible and in large numbers. I’m not sure how, I just assume it must be the case. Why else would Dems be so in favor of illegal immigration? There must be some kind of theorem that explains this. “If A, then B, regardless of how you get from A to B.”

        • I can’t vouch on the illegal alien part, but I sure can on the legal resident non-citizen angle.
          I bought my property from Mexican immigrants. I remember on the title search, it listed the owners as “resident alien / citizen of Mexico” on the paperwork. When the next election rolled around, ballots arrived for the husband / wife, along with the mom / grandmother and eldest son. I don’t know the status of the son, he could have been born here. But certainly, grandma wasn’t a citizen, or the wife would have been too.

          It has been a darn long time now, but the story has always stuck with me when I head the Democrats claim that non-citizen voting is rare.

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