Unethical Quote Of The Week: GOP Senate Candidate Herschel Walker [Expanded]

“Since we don’t control the air, our good air decided to float over to China’s bad air. So when China gets our good air, their bad air got to move. So it moves over to our good air space. Then — now we got we to clean that back up.”

Yes, Georgia Senate candidate Herschel Walker really said those words, in that order. The gibberish is on a recently released video of an appearance he made last week at a local GOP picnic in Hall County, northeast of Atlanta, when Walker spoke, if you can call it that, about climate change. The Republican Party, desperate to take control of the Senate, actually nominated a candidate to defeat Democratic incumbent Ralph Warnock whose grasp of science, logic and language is that infantile.

Walker’s sole qualifications, if you can call them that, for the Senate are that he is a local and national sports celebrity, and black. He has no other qualifications. In addition to his obvious lack of education and erudition, he has also lied repeatedly for years, presenting himself as someone he is not. He is a neon-bright hypocrite, lecturing about the responsibilities of fatherhood while hiding the existence of his own children conceived without the security of a secure relationship with their mothers.

Oh yes—there’s one more “qualification”: he supports Donald Trump, who helped launch the professional football league that Walker once dominated.

That quote is signature significance. It is the statement of a man who thinks, reasons and and speaks like a child, and not a very bright child at that. Kamala Harris is justly mocked for statements that are Churchillian by comparison. If Joe Biden offered an explanation like that, his Cabinet would be drafting the document to trigger the 25th Amendment within hours.

It’s easy to blame Walker’s party for nominating someone so obviously unfit for office. Both parties have now sunk to embracing the cynical and irresponsible practice of ignoring their obligation to offer qualified and trustworthy candidates, concentrating instead on family associations, celebrity, charisma, and glib demagoguery. Character simply doesn’t factor into the equation at all. The last legitimately qualified candidate for President was George H.W. Bush. He didn’t help the cause of qualified politicians by being a weak and ineffective Chief Executive, but Bush I left the White House thirty years ago. Now the practice of nominating flavors of the month based on polls and buzz has been institutionalized across the political spectrum. After all, it works…it works at getting really bad leaders and representative of the public put into positions of power where they can do extensive damage.

The ultimate blame, however, for this particular unqualified candidate must be placed on Walker himself. He’s a walking, babbling phony. If he doesn’t realize how unqualified he is to be a U.S. Senator, then he’s spectacular ignorant and stupid on top of his other deficits. If he does realize it, then Walker is thoroughly irredeemable as a citizen.

Meanwhile, I see almost no criticism of Walker in the conservative media, except from the perspective that he’s in the process of blowing the election and thus hurting the GOP. Walker deserves to lose, and conservatives are obligated to say so.

ADDED: Commenter Michael West makes the legitimate point that the context of Walker’s remarks (which you can view here) was his point that the “Green New Deal” climate change policies required spending billions on US pollution that would not do anything to alleviate the environmental problems in India and China. But that point needs clear elaboration, and nonsense, even if one assumes its tongue-in-cheek, about air moving back and forth between China and the US just magnifies ignorance and confusion, while raising the question of how well Walker understands the complex issue, if at all.

Yes, the news media has focused on that single quote. (And it is ridiculously hard to find the entire video.) That is typical and predictable, and a competent candidate has to avoid handing them sticks to beat him with.

27 thoughts on “Unethical Quote Of The Week: GOP Senate Candidate Herschel Walker [Expanded]

  1. If you squint, want to give him every benefit of every doubt, and feed it through the spin machine once or twice, it’s close to a point.

    This comment, without all that work, has the same energy as “Will Guam capsize if we build a base on it?”, but what Walker might have been trying to say is that it doesn’t matter how much America reduces carbon emissions is China and India don’t play ball. China’s emissions won’t stop spreading at their border, they do make their way around the world, and then they’re filtered out (to some extent) in the forests of nations with a whole lot less population density of which America might be one (I’m just saying: Canada’s boreal forest is huge).

    But politicians have a duty to speak clearly. And he didn’t. And I’m probably being overly generous.

  2. Actually considering the full context of his comment, and not the curated clip that the liberal media used, one can fully see Herschel Walker is mocking the left wing notion that we’re some sort of grievous polluter in need of reform.

    He was mocking the idea that America – one of the *least* polluting nations per capita in the world – can make a difference when places like China, India, et al are pumping pollutants into the air with glee.

    He knew his audience would already be frustrated with the incredibly stupid ideas that the environmentalist left wish to push and spoke to that audience.

    I don’t see the problem here.

      • And if the turn here is then that he has to talk like this to Hall Country Republicans – then it’s Hall Country Republicans who are unethical rubes – I’ll simply counter – people will laughingly listen and applaud less than good explanations for scientific phenomenon when each individual entrusted with clearly, professionally and unbiasedly communicating science turns out to be 10% scientist, 45% liar, and 45% political activist.

        But again, in the context, Walker’s comments really aren’t out of place for the point he’s making.

        • The point he is making is that voters are all idiots and this kind of goo-goo gah-gah characterization of a complex issue is good enough for them, since it’s good enough for him. A stupid statement is usually still stupid regardless of the context. Moreover, if a candidate chooses to speak only to the lowest common denominator, he or she raises the rebuttable presumption that there is no capability there to speak or reason at a higher level. I have seen none. You don’t get to mock theories you don’t understand and can’t fairly describe. That was the equivalent of the radio evangelist I heard once mocking evolution because, he said, it was like believing that if you left a 6 cylinder engine in the garage for a few million years, it would be an 8 cylinder eventually.

          Then there’s the little detail of Walker lying about his education, his record, and his kids.

          • But this isn’t complex: we have among the *best* contemporary records in combatting pollution in the world – so well that the massive spending demanded by the environmentalist left to *marginally* make us even better on this topic WILL NOT in ANYWAY make a global change compared to what places like China and India are doing.

            That is simple even amidst the complex topic of climate change. And that’s what he was addressing.

            • And there are clear, articulate, scientifically accurate ways to make that argument so that even the average voter can understand it. Using a ridiculous and incoherent description to sell a valid point isn’t ethical, honest or competent.

              • Are there? The entire debate is mired in extremist positions on both sides, from the sky is falling to the proverbial shrug. In fact, there is probably no middle ground on any issue anymore. The most recent is the story about the 10 year old Ohioan procuring an Indiana abortion. Both sides blew it, though I think the Fox News skepticism side may have been a bit more circumspect but, still, they declared the story false and a hoax. Well, it turns out that, like most things, the truth was somewhere in the middle, where the mother of the 10 year old probably thought an Indiana doctor wouldn’t report a crime committed in Ohio. Surprise!


          • “Then there’s the little detail of Walker lying about his education, his record, and his kids.”

            Which have zilch to do with the ethical analysis of the comment this post is about.

          • And I watched the whole clip. Yeah, he said that the Green New Deal and the rest proposes spending billions when we have no control over the pollution of countries like China and India. And that was the end of anything coherent in his speech. I’ll add a reference to that part to the post—it doesn’t excuse the quote at issue, or, in my opinion, the pandering semi-ebonics used to express it.

  3. I think that Hershel Walker, Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, Elizabeth Warren, Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, Nancy Pelosi, etc. etc. are all cut from the same cloth. Not one of them can make their case clearly, logically, and in an adult manner. And most of them can’t put a sentence together without denigrating anyone who disagrees with them. Maybe we could put them all on a remote island, along with similar personalities from the media, so the rest of us can pursue rational thoughts and enjoy real debate.

  4. Herschel Walker is…was…an excellent fooyball player. He is not, and never will be, a “polished” politician. And, he has a bend towards sarcasm. I give him some points for both.

  5. “If Joe Biden offered an explanation like that, his Cabinet would be drafting the document to trigger the 25th Amendment within hours.”

    Not as long as they have the Sword Of Kamalacles hanging over them, they wouldn’t.

    Joe Biden’s last truly astute act of political awareness was setting that booby trap to protect his presidency. If his VP weren’t such a disaster, he’d have been 25’ed out of office by now, and the Democrats would be referring to him as “Joe Who?” as he lay moldering in the dustbin of history. But he’s holding a live grenade with the pin pulled. Shoot him, and he takes the whole room with him.

    Sadly, this is probably mostly by accident. He didn’t expect it to work out this way, he just got lucky that Harris is ten times worse at the job than anyone thought she’d be.

  6. “Not as long as they have the Sword Of Kamalacles hanging over them, they wouldn’t.”

    Well done. I plan to use “Kamalacles” in the future.

    I’d thought on this previously, and at some point you have to wonder if Kamala was just Joe’s 25th Amendment insurance plan. It’s very fringey, and the more reasonable explanation is that Joe’s handlers are insufferably woke and didn’t consider things like… winning. Or being effective. But, I mean… There were other black women in America just as tappable as Harris. Why pick the one that was so unpopular she had to drop out before the spectacle of losing egregiously in her home state? The one that called him a racist in a debate? It’s like he went out of his way to find the most toxic running mate possible with some certain minimum qualifications.

    • I think she was chosen because she’s not super black and fairly photogenic. I guess they assumed she’d never open her mouth.

      • I’m way too classy to do so, but that last sentence would be an excellent setup to make a deplorably crass Willie Brown joke.

        But alas, I’m far too refined for such vulgar nonsense.

        • “But alas, I’m far too refined for such vulgar nonsense.”

          It occurred to me that Walker and Harris may very well be a nicely compatible couple because neither of them would ever know what the other was saying which solves their biggest obstacle of diametrically opposite political perspective.

    • I am not sure. In my mind, Harris was chosen because she looks good, has decent stage presence, and seems likeable. They probably thought that Biden would flame out in 2 years or less, leaving the door wide open for Harris to step in and be truly historic. They didn’t realize she was as unacceptable as she is. Why they would miss that is a mystery. She was the first candidate to drop out of the 2020 primaries, never polled about 2 percent, and ran an abysmal campaign from the very beginning. Her own party flatly rejected her and now she is one 25th Amendment away from the most powerful seat in the world? God help us all.


      • I really wanted to disagree with you… Then I realized just how shallow the D bench was.

        Surely, thought I, there was a more likeable African American woman they could have chosen… what about…. St.acy..Abra… No, no… More likeable. Huh. Google! “Black female senators”… Kamala…. “Black female Governors”… Crud. LGs? Nope. House Members…. None with any recognition. Maybe that was the best they could do after Joe foot-in-mouthed that he’d tap a black woman.

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