The Biden White House Trying Its Big Brother Thing To Avoid Being Held Responsible For A Recession Might Be Not Be So Suspicious If We Forgot About The Last 18 Months…Or Five Years [Corrected!]

As Ronald Reagan might say, “There they go again!” This White House and Democrats in general are addicted to the Orwellian technique of avoiding reality and gaslighting the public using the technique represented by Ethics Alarms Rationalization #64, Yoo’s Rationalization, or “It Isn’t What It Is.”

Orwell’s Big Brother reveled in mottos like “War is Peace,” “Freedom is Slavery” and “Ignorance is Strength.” The Democratic way for some time now, and it is natural that the Biden Administration would employ it, is to deal with facts it doesn’t care for by denying them, altering unpleasant reality by offering an alternate one to the gullible public, or, as in the current case, just changing the meanings of words so things are too muddled and confusing for anyone to be sure what’s happening.

Democracy dies in befuddlement.

All my adult life, I have read that economists view two consecutive quarters in which the economy has contracted as signifying a recession. Well, you know…economists. Nonetheless, I have lived through a lot of them, and never before have I seen the unfortunate wretches caught “holding the bag” when this damning diagnosis attaches have the chutzpah to do what the Bidenites have. The Bureau of Economic Analysis is set to release the second-quarter gross domestic product (GDP) numbers this week, and they are widely expected to show those two consecutive quarters of economic decline. So what have the Democrats cooked up? A definition of “recession” that will allow them—they hope—to avoid the “R” word.

Late last week, the White House issued a bold document asserting that two straight quarters of negative GDP “is not the official definition of recession nor how economists evaluate the economy. Treasury Secretary Janet L. Yellen—you know, that trustworthy expert who previously stated that inflation would be a fleeting problem—said yesterday that she would be “amazed” if the National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER), which gets to decide whether a recession is official, were to declare that. This suggests to me that family members of key members of the bureau may be being held as hostage or money has changed hands, or something: the fix is in. Yellen also stated that we’re not in a recession, telling “Meet the Press,” now a full-time progressive propaganda machine,

“Even if that [GDP] number is negative, we are not in a recession now. And I would, you know, warn that we should be not characterizing that as a recession.”

This is how the party rolls now. “It isn’t what it is” if it makes Joe and the Gang look incompetent, or if “it” shows that Democratic delusions and schemes aren’t working. This has been a theme during the whole Biden administration so far. Spiking gas prices have always been regarded as bad, but the Secretary of Transportation pronounced them good last week, because they would force people to buy electric cars. Inflation has always been seen as at least partly triggered by profligate spending (and rising fuel prices), but the Biden flacks keep blaming our inflation on Putin’s invasion of Ukraine…though inflation had started skyrocketing well before Russia attacked. Biden’s Secretary of Homeland Security, as photos, accounts and statistics show a Southern boarder that is as porous as a sieve, pronounced that same boarder “secure.” The Supreme Court finally issued the complex ruling returning abortion policy to the public and state governments after an earlier SCOTUS had changed the law by edict, and Democrats have attacked the Dobbs decision as “undemocratic.” House Democrats are running an unprecedented single party show trial on the Hill with no defense or due process, designed to influence future elections, and claiming that the rigged exercise is a desperate attempt to “save democracy.” In that kangaroo court, a single day, disorganized riot by middle-aged wackos wearing funny hats and carrying pathetic “weapons” like sticks and bear spray are said to have been engaged in a serious attempt to take over the government.

In more arcane matters, Democrats, even their latest Supreme Court Justice, have suddenly decided to re-define the term “woman” out of existence, because defining a woman as has been understood for centuries undermines the most radical claims of their transsexual constituency.

All of this is, as you probably know, an incomplete list, but it should be long enough to make the point.

This is what totalitarians do. The similarity to Orwell’s world of 1984 is no accident. The administration’s policies have failed disastrously because they are based on really bad progressive magical thinking. When this happens, unethical, undemocratic-minded governments that have no respect for their citizens or alliance to the truth, do things like changing definitions, banning words and throwing up smoke, dust and more noxious substances. Then they wait for their captive propaganda organs to defend their actions.

So voila!

Here’s the Washington Post huminahumina-ing that the conveniently altered definition is just “pre-emptive pushback,” stating that while “it’s rare for there to be two consecutive quarters of negative GDP without a recession”— the only time on record appears to have been 1947—it still doesn’t mean that we’re in a recession now. Newsweek helps out with a “factcheck” that tries everything, hoping something might stick. Trump’s White House website was deceptive too, it reminds us. There are good reasons for a government to withhold recession calls! Adversaries often claim one prematurely! Global influences beyond the reach of domestic governments might be at fault! Fears of a recession can be “kicked around to denigrate a political rival.”

Smoke in your eyes yet?

Actually, the White House is, in its desperation and cynicism, doing us a favor. This obfuscation exercise isn’t going to work, but it is a wonderful way to show American exactly who today’s Democrats are.

For that, thanks!

19 thoughts on “The Biden White House Trying Its Big Brother Thing To Avoid Being Held Responsible For A Recession Might Be Not Be So Suspicious If We Forgot About The Last 18 Months…Or Five Years [Corrected!]

  1. It’s probably worth considering that Orwell wasn’t making things up out of whole cloth, nor was he writing a playback which the left is now discovering. The tactics and horrors of 1984 were merely a recognition of what a totalitarian regime always does, and then extrapolated forward to include the use of technology in achieving the same ends. The methods and prevalence might be new, but the goals and tactics are as old as time.

  2. Okay, the Boggs decision made me skip to the bottom.


    (You will note I omitted any jokes in reference to Wade or J.R. Bob, respectively.)


  3. I taught Economics at the college level for over a decade. Every textbook defined a recession as 2 consecutive quarters of declines in real GDP. Even if we allowed for other variables to factor into the equation such as the change in stock market values or labor force participation rates we would have called the economy in recession last quarter.

    Labor force participation well below that prior to pre-Biden policies,
    Purchasing power substantially below pre-Biden policies’
    Stocks of available goods substantially below pre-pandemic levels,
    Property & violent crime levels are up,
    Drug use & overdose deaths are up.

    We are in decline and that means we are receding economically as a nation.

      • By the way, here is the education of the woman who wrote this piece and is CNN’s chief financial correspondent, a fairly pleasant looking woman, Christine Romans. From Wikipedia: “Romans … graduated from … Iowa State University in 1993. While attending Iowa State University Romans majored in French, journalism, and mass communication and studied French media and French literature at L’Instut Catholique de Lyon in France in the summer of 1991.”

        How can someone who didn’t even study finance in college be considered a “business correspondent?” She’s a liberal arts major! How can she possibly make any determination as to the validity of what people say about anything finance related? This is a big and non-stop problems with journalists: just because they can string together a bunch of paragraphs on most any topic, they think they’re experts on what they report on. This is how we get journalists who all of a sudden, when a war breaks out or a defense budget gets contentious, they’re, all of a sudden, experts on all things military.

    • Yellen has no business defining the term recession when she, by her own admission, did not fully understand the impact of spending trillions of dollars when little was being produced globally.

      When too many dollars chase too few goods prices rise.

      In technical terms – Nominal GDP=MV=PQ. When M or V rise and Q is static or declining the P increases. M= money supply, V=velocity of money, Q =real output, P = price level.

  4. You know what a regulation Democrat or lefty, but I repeat myself, would say to all the problems you enumerate, Jack? “Yeah, but so what, Trump’s not President, right!” That’s also what they’re going to run on this fall.

  5. Another example– although the unemployment rate is currently low and there’s much self-administered chiropractic activity around this indicator… The labor force participation rate, when adjusted for greater female participation, is the lowest it’s been since we started to measure it in the 1950’s.

  6. I believe I’ve made the point before, that be there’s a certain type of person that doesn’t seem to understand that, underneath all the spin, the propaganda, the message control, there is still an underlying reality. They really believe they make thingstrue by making them believed. Politics has always had more than its fair share of such people, but the Biden White House is seemingly just wall-to-wall with them.

    • This is as good a place as any to note that there were a bunch of typos when I posted this, and I think they are out now. I apologize: I made a call. Just as I had finished the post except for the final proofing, I had an emergency to deal with. I knew typos were lurking, but I decided to get the thing up: I didn’t know when I would be returning to the office.

      Well, there were more than I hoped. Bad call on my part.

  7. An observation of hope. I am vacationing at a Dominican Republic all inclusive. Walking around the pool area I spied three young adults (20-30) reading “1984”. Also, not a mask in sight at this predominantly non English speaking venue and no trans genderism sighted, although there is a lot of heterosexual pool PDA, and I have not been asked for my preferred pronoun.

  8. Part of the reason why “what is a woman?” was so effective is because the left wants to avoid definitions, because if they define something, they’ll have to abide by their own definitions. “what is a woman?” was particularly fraught because by defining something, you also, at least partially, define the inverse: “What isn’t a woman?” If a woman has XX chromosomes, then all those XY havers aren’t women, now, they’ll never draw that line, because of course they won’t, but they’ll never draw *a* line because they’re petrified at the idea of cutting someone out of their over inclusionary circle jerk.

    This is similar. The question isn’t “are we in a recession?” because we obviously are. The definition of a recession is two quarters of negative GDP growth. We’re there, we’ve known it for a while. But they’re saying that despite the negative GDP growth, we aren’t in a recession. So the question is “what is a recession?” Because if this isn’t one, what is?

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