Saturday Ethics Amusements, 8/6/2022: Witches, Frauds, Hypocrites And Morons

What? Democrats manipulate health protocols for political advantage and expediency? Another conspiracy theory, conservatives? “Not hardly,” as Big Jake would say. Democrats are flagrantly disregarding their sacred Wuhan virus safety protocols because they can’t afford and positive testing or quarantines when the upcoming vote on the latest spending and tax bill (the hilariously oxymoronic titled Inflation Reduction Act) is expected to be razor thin. Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D., N.Y.) said there is no “plan B” when it comes to passing the controversial spending package, because Democrats are “going to stay healthy.” Reportedly Democratic Senators could “bring [their] ventilator and still vote.” The Hill nickname for this hypocritical exercise, far from the first involving progressives and the pandemic, is “Don’t test, don’t tell.”

And yet people doubt the sincerity of the Left’s pandemic scaremongering….

1. And while we’re on the topic of trustworthy science, a French physicist posted this photo, writing (in French, of course), “Photo of Proxima Centauri, the closest star to the Sun, located 4.2 light years from us. She was taken by the [James Webb Space Telescope]. This level of detail… A new world is revealed day after day”:

It was really a slice of chorizo sausage. Trust the science! (Just not the scientists…)

2. At what point will the vast majority of the public just point and laugh at people who react like this? U.S. and British TV personality Gordon Ramsey, a chef, food critic and restaurateur, was shown in a video surveying a flock of lambs for future consumption while saying, “Yummy yum yum yum yum yum. I’m going to eat you. Which one’s going in the oven first?” Then he picked one.

Social media critics were horrified. Morons.

3. And speaking of morons: Alex Jones. A jury found the “Infowars” conspiracy theory hack guilty of defamation for falsely claiming—ridiculously claiming— that the 2021 attack on the Newtown, Connecticut elementary school that took the lives of 20 children was a hoax. He was ordered to pay $4.1 million in compensatory damages, then another $45.2 million in punitive damages…and this was just for two of the families. Expect the damages to be significantly reduced, but it appears to be a good verdict. Lying is protected under the First Amendment, but Jones’ lies in this case implicated the parents of murdered children in a plot with no evidence whatsoever, though Jones implied that there was. That’s defamation. (I know, because that’s not what I did when an Ethics Alarms reader claimed that I defamed him.)

4. I won’t say Georgia candidate for Governor, Stacey Abrams, is a moron, but her “explanation” of how she squares her faith with her support for abortion is, shall we say, interesting:

It is a medical decision. And while your faith tradition may tell you that you personally do not want to make that choice, it is not my right as a Christian to impose that value system on someone else because the value that should overhang everything is the right to make our own decisions, the free will that the God I believe in gave us. And my responsiblity as a legislator is to make certain that we allow doctors and nurses and medical professionals to make medical decisions and that politicians stay out of it.

Incoherent and insulting. The decision of a healthy woman to terminate a healthy fetus is not a “medical decision.” Moreover, if an individual believes that killing a fetus is ending the life of a human being, it matters not how an individual reached that conclusion, be it the Bible, biochemistry or experience: that individual has an obligation to  act on that belief. Abrams is endorsing subjective ethical standards even when they involve homicide, an inexcusable position for a lawmaker. All laws involve elected officials deciding on what societal values and standards must be, and imposing them.

5. Bottom ethics item of the day: Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker’s  state budget included a pardon signed by Massachusetts’ Governor Charlie Baker, thus exonerating Elizabeth Johnson from her 1692 conviction for practicing witchcraft in Salem.

 This was the culmination of a three-year effort by civics teacher Carrie LaPierre and students at North Andover middle school, who relentlessly campaigned to exonerate Johnson with an assist by a state senator who apparently doesn’t have enough to do.

My verdict: stupid grandstanding and virtue-signaling. None of those found guilty of witchcraft require exoneration, because everyone knows there were no witches. The linked article describe’s Johnson’s name as”seemingly-forever smeared by the witchcraft conviction.” To whom? Who knows her name at all today? This isn’t like Bill Clinton finally pardoning the captain of the “Indianapolis,” who was unjustly court-martialed for an infamous naval disaster he could not have prevented. [Pointer: JutGory]



5 thoughts on “Saturday Ethics Amusements, 8/6/2022: Witches, Frauds, Hypocrites And Morons

  1. RE #5: Well of course he did. Charlie Baker is a show pony – one trotted around by Democrats to prove they can cross the aisle and vote for an alleged Republican (Massachusetts won’t be so lucky in November – Baker isn’t running and the the heir apparent, currently the state’s AG, could be a member of The Squad were it not for a distinct lack of melanin).

    Charlie Baker is no more conservative than, say, Mike Dukakis, and never was. Allegedly a former healthcare exec, his administration signed a generous contract for the state’s covid vaccine rollout reservation system with a completely unqualified web development company whose main attribute was being owned by a woman of color (supplemented by freelancers) – which led to an absolutely catastrophic rollout.

    And what has he done for us lately? Oh, nothing much – including not bothering to fix the MBTA (Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority), which has been an absolute shitshow for years, with recent star turns such as dragging passengers to their deaths because the door sensors don’t work, trains and buses catching fire, and much other goodness such as shutting down entire lines for repairs because the tracks and signal systems are in such bad shape. The “T” is one step away from being seized by the Federal Transportation Agency, much as Washington’s Metro was.

    But what the hell. He looks GREAT on camera – sort of an older, wiser Gavin Newsome. No wonder the Dems loved him.

  2. Re: No. 4, The Abrams Predicament

    Wait. How can Abrams be a legislator? She’s the Governor, which is Georgia’s highest Executive Branch Grand Poobah. Now I find out she is a member of congress, too? She’s just too awesome.


  3. Regard free the free will argument posed by Stacy Abrams and the like. Free will is a gift from God. The ability to choose good from evil is storied in the garden of Eden. However, what is not brought up in today’s argument is that once the free will of Adam & Eve made the wrong choice they received punishment.

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