The Mar-a-Largo Raid (Cont.)

This should be simple. On its face, the armed raid on Mar-a-Largo appears to be a massive political blunder and a despicable and dangerous continuation of the progressive/Democratic Party effort to criminalize politics, especially when Donald Trump is the quarry…and that’s just if the early morning grandstanding was exactly what the Justice Department claims it was. It was still an excessive (and intentionally disrespectful) use of criminal law enforcement power against a political adversary of the government employing it, and therefore carries at very least the appearance of impropriety, which Justice Department officials are bound not to engage in.

As I already mentioned, it also shatters a core democratic norm, which when Trump was President, was pronounced as a terrifying and threatening thing by the Axis of Unethical Conduct along with their academic lackeys even when the norm being breached wasn’t a norm at all. This norm, however, is important. Once a government starts targeting political opponents, can Chile be far away?

We don’t know enough to go farther than that, but if this is accurate, from the New York Post…

Trump’s attorneys, led by Evan Corcoran, had been cooperating fully with federal authorities on the return of the documents to the National Archives and Records Administration, according to sources.

…then Merrick Garland and Sgt Biden Schultz (“I know nothing! NOTHING!”) have a lot of ‘splainin’ to do.” (Is it mixing metaphors to allude to both “Hogan’s Heroes” and “I Love Lucy” in the same sentence?) Presumably, we’ll get the explanations, or some facsimile soon. We’d better.

Meanwhile, idle speculation and assumptions by both the Trump Defenders and the Trump Destroyers don’t help; in fact, they make things worse. A unshakeable left-wing lawyer who was once a Facebook friend (I believe he unfriended me) posted an astounding matter-of-fact characterization of the raid as simply the Justice Department doing its job. He does this as if the little details of it only being the latest in six years of government attempts to “Get Trump,” occurring, coincidentally, as a one-party show trial aimed at the former President has been going on for months and failing at its mission, while the wipe-out in the mid-terms Democrats are as desperate to avoid as they have been madly begging for  loom ever-closer, are completely irrelevant. I wonder if he believes that. He probably does, because he is completely woke-wacky. I was going to point out the nonsensical aspects of his fantasy in response, and decided, “Why bother?”

It should be clear even to the Deranged that  the FBI raid is an extension of the 2016 Post Election Ethics Train Wreck that launched the anti-democratic push to sabotage an elected President the Left deemed unworthy. But no.  The raid and its fallout now risks turning into one of those offspring ETWs, like the Ferguson Ethics Train Wreck emerging from the Martin-Zimmerman disaster.

Here, the Trump defense brigade is getting way, way ahead of the facts, which are bad enough. Claims are being made—not by Trump or his lawyers, at least so far—that the FBI planted evidence during the search. This prompted the tweet by Dan Rather above, which is even more irresponsible than the claims of planted evidence.

Rather is pathetic, as we know. Only in a twisted environment where a disgraced old journalist can be treated with reverence—simply because he completely abandoned all pretense of objectivity and trustworthiness in exchange for partisan exploitation—would someone so tainted not have to supplement his pension by serving as a museum docent or something. That tweet is remarkable. The individuals directly affected by the raid haven’t made the planting of evidence accusation, so it isn’t one of their “defenses.” It is far from certain that a defense is necessary, though the Justice Department better be able to defend its actions. The gratuitous evidence-planting claim can’t be called the “only defense” because there may be others, again, if any defense is ever necessary.

Meanwhile, what “damning evidence”? Rather is either speculating while misrepresenting what he knows, withholding facts from the public, or, as is overwhelmingly likely, just pandering to the Trump Deranged mob. That’s how he makes his living, after all.

Doesn’t Dan know that “I’m not a lawyer but…” is translated as “I don’t know what the hell I’m talking about”? Although, to be fair, Dan does know something about planting phony evidence…

The wildly premature “they planted evidence” claims (by people who don’t matter) managed to trigger an even more intellectually dishonest response than Dan’s, amazingly enough. This arrived in the Politico magazine, courtesy of  Chuck Rosenberg, a former United States Attorney and senior FBI official. His argument, believe it or not, is “How dare anyone accuse the FBI of illegal or unethical conduct?”

I’m temped to let that one just sit there, exploding heads coast to coast.

I do not understand how anyone could make that argument, after the culture created by the bureau’s founder, J. Edgar Hoover, after COINTELPRO, the FBI’s systematic and illegal targeting of civil rights leaders, after the unethical leaking by Mark Felt, aka. “Deep Throat,” because he was angry about not getting the top job, after Comey, after the FISA fiasco, after the texts between former FBI agent Peter Strzok and former FBI lawyer Lisa Page, after the revelations about the Steele Dossier. Hey, why wouldn’t we trust the FBI?

Why would we trust the FBI?

11 thoughts on “The Mar-a-Largo Raid (Cont.)

  1. Typos: “progressive? Democratic Party” and 2106. Though at the rate we’re going, I wouldn’t be surprised if this ETW goes for that long.

  2. I love the way the AUC keeps saying “ongoing investigation” as if it’s some sort of mantra or scapula or holy water or magic fairy dust to ward off evil spirits. When did the left become so enamored of the FBI? Is it because J. Edgar was purportedly a cross dresser? I thought all law enforcement is racist and heteronormative and oppressive. Except the DOJ and the FBI? They’re not bastards?

  3. So, a journalist involved in publicizing and defending fabricated evidence against a Republican president to influence an election is saying that no one would ever fabricate evidence against a Republican president to influence an election? Uh huh….

  4. Well this should bolster the FBI’s reputation.

    The summary of events in chronological order.
    (1) The FBI uses a private safe-deposit box company as a ‘honey pot’ to catch criminals.
    (2) It turns out, almost no criminals are using the company and the scheme is a waste of time.
    (3) The FBI decides to seize the company and use asset forfeiture to make the endeavor look like a success.
    (4) They draw up a plan to seize the company, open all the safe-deposit boxes, and steal every box that contains over $5000 (the statutory minimum for asset forfeiture). They don’t even know who owns the boxes and they definitely don’t have any evidence of criminal activity.
    (5) They tell a federal magistrate that they are only interested in the the company that runs the business, not the boxes, and will inventory each safe deposit box and return the contents to the owner (note that this is what laymen call a ‘baldfaced lie’).
    (6) The warrant is granted, but the FBI is specifically not allowed to search the boxes for criminal offenses, just to identify the owners.
    (7) The FBI searches the boxes under the pretense of finding the owners. However, they search boxes that have the owner’s name, address, and next of kin on a piece of paper taped to them. They copy all documents they find; wills, lists of passwords, legal records, etc and put them in to federal databases.
    (8) They seized over $100 million in cash, precious metals, and jewelry and refuse to give it back.

    I’m sure this will make people much more trusting of the FBI.

    I don’t know if this or the police department that was pulling over armored cars to seize all the ‘suspicious cash’ inside is a more brazen use of asset forfeiture. At least the previous one didn’t rely on lying to federal judges to get warrants and then violating those warrants anyway.

  5. Speaking of appearance of impropriety…

    I wrote in my Appearance of Impropriety blog post at noon yesterday that…

    “I don’t know all the legalities about the documents or all the details about the warrant to raid Mar-a-Lago but I do know that this single action by official agencies of the United States government against a previous President of the United States that publicly opposes the current administration and who is a likely candidate for President of the United States in 2024 will obviously be looked at as an appearance of impropriety, political persecution and tyranny. The actions of the Department of Justice and the Federal Bureau of Investigation related to the approving the raid on the Mar-a-Lago home of the former President of the United States, Donald Trump, that is being questioned by both sides of the political aisle because it is clearly perceived far and wide as being an unneeded escalation of the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) position and it’s clearly political in character, that’s active politicization. This appears to be an ends justifies the means side swiping political attack on President Trump. I don’t like President Trump one bit an I think this is terribly wrong. The DOJ and FBI should not be doing things that appear to be blatantly partisan and transparently political in nature while intentionally breaking the norms of how previous President should be treated; nothing even remotely similar to this has ever been done to a previous President of the United States, this was unprecedented. This action by the DOJ and the FBI give an appearance of impropriety (conduct that reasonable minds would perceive as lacking independence, integrity, impartiality) and the stench of the ends justifies the means pure partisan politics.

    This single action is pure political and cultural poison and will drive a massive wedge between the extreme political factions in our country that may not be healable. If one could pick a single action to define all that is to follow, this action by the DOJ and the FBI would be it.

    An ethical President would fire the Attorney General Merrick B. Garland and the Director of the FBI Christopher Wray immediately for doing something that clearly puts a black cloud of pure politicization over the DOJ and the FBI when there were other avenues, aka subpoenas, to get the documents that the NARA wanted. These actions make it appear that the Biden Administration is weaponizing the DOJ and FBI and that’s not an appearance that a Presidential Administration should be projecting. We don’t currently have an ethical president, and haven’t for many years, so I don’t expect Garland or Wray to be fired.

    After the unethical, immoral and unconstitutional actions taken by the Democrats during the Trump presidency, this action by the DOJ and the FBI and the goal of the Administration to hire 87,000 IRS new agents (that calculates to 7,250 per state) should put a genuine fear of a possible tyrannical totalitarian government in the forefront of everyone’s mind.”

    I also wrote…

    “With every day, week and month that passes the tactics of the hive-minded Democratic Party become more and more obvious as their totalitarian tentacles stretch deeper and deeper into the bureaucracies that actually run and control the United States and those tentacles are strangling their opposition out of leadership and replacing them with anti-American anti-constitution hive-minded individuals with the ends justifies the means as a core belief. Consider this; the constitution will be toothless when all the bureaucracies are in complete control by the hive-minded totalitarian Democratic Party cult. If this cult is allowed to gain more power over the population then real tyranny is just over the horizon.”

    This shit is spiraling into a really dark place.

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