Observations On Larry Tribe’s Latest Trump-Deranged Tweet…

I can only find out about EA post-worthy tweets second-hand, as I killed my Twitter account after the platform censored the Hunter Biden laptop story. I actually followed Tribe’s tweets before that, because his public descent into demented hackery after such a distinguished legal and academic career had the tragic fascination of gruesome car wreck as well as conveying a useful lesson in mortality: I have asked my wife to bash in my head with a brick from behind should I ever jump the cognitive shark as obviously as Tribe has.

This time, Ann Althouse was my tweet source, though her post’s subject was another, slightly less whacked-out tweet re-tweeting Tribe by author Joyce Carol Oates. Tribe’s tweet, in turn, only quoted a typical piece of furious Trump-Deranged venom from Times columnist Maureen Dowd. Before his brain started to melt, the idea of Prof. Tribe appealing to the authority of the likes of Dowd would be like imagining Henry Kissinger quoting “Mark Trail.”

All clear now? Observations:

  • How long will it be before public figures learn that Twitter not only makes them look stupid, it makes them become stupid. Tribe’s cognitive decline is almost completely parallel to his Twitter obsession.
  • The quote from Dowd’s column is just more angry Trump-hate name-calling. This is what the “resistance”/Democrat/mainstream media [“The Axis of Unethical Conduct”] fury has degenerated into, and it’s all they have. How ugly and petty it makes them look, but then, res ipsa loquitur. They are ugly and petty.
  • Trump is desecrating our democracy! This “It isn’t what it is” rationalized Big Lie was always intellectually dishonest, but at this point the claim  is so absurd that for the life of me I can’t understand why anyone whose skull hasn’t been hollowed out with a melon scoop doesn’t laugh at it. Trump isn’t even in a position of official power. In contrast, the groups that are obsessed with destroying him (“The Democrats’ daddy issues obsession with Donald Trump is making them behave like cornered animals,” writes Stephen Kruiser, most accurately) have abused the Constitution’s impeachment process twice, concocted a fake conspiracy investigation using tainted evidence, held a single-party partisan public show trial to make the case that he planned an “insurrection,” demonized  his supporters as fascist , racists and morons, installed a race-based double standard of law enforcement (black riots good, brown border-breaching fine, white riots treasonous, ), enabled anti-white discrimination and bigotry generally, and now triggered an armed raid designed to justify punitive measures against the individual seen as the major threat to unseating the party in power. And that’s an incomplete list.
  • “Tearing the country apart” is equally dishonest, and for all of the same reasons, plus more: It is Tribe and Dowd’s tribe that continue to use race and gender as poisonous wedges. “Diversity, Equity and  Inclusion” is a cult that directly opposes equality, equal protection, and due process. It is Trump’s foes who call his supporters’ rhetoric “hate speech” and want to censor it and who cast the Supreme Court conservatives as fascists for holding that the decision of when to permit the killing of inconvenient fetuses should be decided by voters rather than judicial legislation.
  • Once legitimately respected figures like Tribe abuse their credibility and influence by using them to encourage mindless hate and anger rather than to encourage reason and civil discourse.

10 thoughts on “Observations On Larry Tribe’s Latest Trump-Deranged Tweet…

  1. I have to say here that an email from the Trump camp left me with two questions:

    1. How the heck did they get my email address?

    2. How cheap and lousy for this issue to devolve so quickly and completely into a fund raising message? Tasteless, stupid and counter-productive.

    • To be fair, Trump fundraising off of the raid was part of Larry Tribe’s complaint (as discussed in the last EA post.) But Trump supporters are angry and emotional—as a fundraiser, I have to agree that you strike while the iron is hot.

  2. Joe Scarborough was never an intellectual, but he’s gone completely off the rails:

    “You should be like me,” he said completely unironically. “I’ve got to say if you’re out there and you believe those lies, even after they had been disproven, you’re stupid and you may want to call somebody — try to get in touch with a professional and see if you can be deprogrammed from the cult you’re now in.”

    “It’s okay to be conservative again. The water is warm. You don’t have to be in a cult. You don’t have to follow a fascist,” he said. https://www.realclearpolitics.com/video/2022/08/15/scarborough_if_you_still_believe_trumps_lies_you_may_want_to_seek_professional_help_to_be_deprogrammed.html

    The contempt just oozes out of these people.

  3. Tribe is obviously confused. Prosecuting key opposition figures is not exactly great for democracy. He’s supposed to be mashing the “rule of law” button for this one. The “democracy” button is for when he wants to bypass the Supreme Court, or the Senate. Get with the program, Larry.

    • Furthermore; Larry Tribe has become a pure-bred propagandist and absolutely nothing he says or writes has any real connection to actual reality. The standard response to Larry Tribe’s propaganda narratives is to say that “he’s nucking futs”.

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