The President Scores A Jumbo!

And it’s a really funny Jumbo, almost as funny as Jimmy’s (“Elephant? What elephant?”), if you ignore how sad, scary and pathetic Biden saying that now is.

Biden last night: “Donald Trump and the MAGA Republicans represent an extremism that threatens the very foundations of our Republic.”

Biden today: “I don’t consider any Trump supporter a threat to the country.”

Divisive rhetoric? What divisive rhetoric?”

Ah, so many things jump into my fevered brain…

  • Want a perfect example of Rationalization #64. Yoo’s Rationalization or “It isn’t what it is”? There you have it.
  • Is that a lie by Biden? Is he denying he said what he said? Is he saying he didn’t mean what he said? Has an President ever come back immediately after a prime time address and said, Emily Litella-like, “Never mind!”? In short, “What’s going on here?”
  • How can anyone trust a President who so vociferously states something in a prepared speech and claims he didn’t say it less than a day later?
  • My guess: the overnight polling on the speech and internal reactions were brutal, as they should have been. Still, “I didn’t say what I said” is not an effective palliative.
  • How can anyone in good conscience support this guy?
  • Ed Driscoll writes, “Assuming he hasn’t simply forgotten what he said last night, that’s a curious retraction. The president had a career defining visual last night, on par with Gerald Ford stumbling, Clinton posing next to Monica Lewinsky, Obama in Muslim togs, or an out of touch Richard Nixon walking on the beach in bluchers. Why is he backpedaling now? Why did he give the speech in the first place?” Exactly. If you are going to go where Biden went (where no President has ever gone before, as Captain Kirk would say), at least have the courage to own it and ride out the storm.

Nobody likes a vacillating fascist!


7 thoughts on “The President Scores A Jumbo!

  1. “Assuming he hasn’t simply forgotten what he said last night….”

    That is a JUMBO of an assumption.

    Last night, he said what the teleprompter told him to; today, he said what he thought.


    • Or said what they told him to say once they realized that he shouldn’t have said what they told him to say last night.

      See? Isn’t this fun?

  2. It isn’t what it is.

    Doubling down on denying what they’ve done or said is a staple of the new Democratic Party. Watch the quote of him denying that Trump supporters are dangerous be repeated and replayed ad nauseum in the weeks ahead in the hopes that citizens will forget the speech they never bothered to watch or read in the first place. It’s followers will throw out the new quote like a Talking Point whenever they are asked about his speech. They have their marching orders and know what’s expected of them.

    • Exactly, He knows what he is doing and I believe he is acting to serve CCP interests. He sees himself as one of the elite that will rule the world. He has always had an oversized opinion of his physical and mental abilities.

  3. I have a question. When the President says he is not my president because I am a threat to democracy then is it unethical to agree with him?

  4. C’mon, man. You know how to parse politi-talk better than that. On the one hand, the right hand, way out there arm stretched to the max, we have Trump and the MAGA gaggle; combined, they are an obvious existential (god, I love that word) threat. On the other hand, no, make that the same right arm but very close to the shoulder, we have an individual who very weakly supports Trump. By himself, no real threat at all.
    See, no jumbo. Weasel, yes, but no jumbo.

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