Be Proud, Mainstream Media And Health “Experts”! This Is Your Doing…

That is poor Vanessa Sun above, an obviously intelligent young woman (even though she does include her pronouns in her social media profiles) who has been turned into a mad phobic by years of pandemic hysteria, political manipulation and fearmongering. She writes on Twitter, “The universities said we are doing the personal responsibility approach so now I will be lugging this large air purifier to my classes 2x a week.”

Vanessa is an MIT geochemistry PhD student, and has been reduced to this.

Where is the accountability for turning millions of U.S. citizens into whatever this is?

13 thoughts on “Be Proud, Mainstream Media And Health “Experts”! This Is Your Doing…

  1. “Where is the accountability for turning millions of U.S. citizens into whatever this is?”

    Welp, certainly not with Dr. Fauci, who observes that no one’s been, and I quote, “irreparably damaged.”

    • Go do some digging on what has happened to children.

      Really???? Are you not paying attention???

      I don’t have energy to share how children I know have been damaged.

      My family works closely with children in many capacities.

      The damage is horrifying.

      • I was only addressing what he meant. I had no intention of implying that children were not impacted negatively or irreparably.

  2. It comes straight from the top. Here’s Herr Biden on a windswept ocean beach recently:

    To his credit, it looks like he managed to throw a small ball five, maybe six feet, and he didn’t trip over the dog (that we know of).

    • Oops, that vid isn’t as recent as I thought, so Der Leader’s throwing arm may not be as strong these days. Saw it in responses where he (his intern) tweeted yesterday about celebrating the dog’s first birthday (for a “few days” ???).

  3. This post still was niggling at me tonight. Tried to find more information. Nothing. Could be someone a bit wacko, could be a prank. Who knows. Without evidence, confirmation bias may step forward.

  4. It’s sad to see a post-graduate student in gender studies behave like this but it brings on a sense of pending doom when an MIT post-graduate doctoral candidate attending the once prestigious institute of scientific research apparently missed the fundamentals of scientific inquiry.

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