This Is Comforting: “The Great Stupid” Is Greater And Stupider In Canada, As You Can See…

But for how long?

That’s a male, Oakville High School (about 20 miles from Toronto) “transitioning” shop teacher, parading with his, or her—it really doesn’t matter— gigantic prosthetic boobs. The Halton District School Board defends “her” completely voluntary appearance and attire in the name of “gender rights.” Meanwhile some students have skipped class, some are protesting, and parents are objecting.

My heavens, what could they be upset about?

“This teacher is an extremely effective teacher,” the board’s chair told the media. (Other than creating a completely unnecessary distraction by choosing to wear fake breasts twice the size of his head, of course—picky, picky...)The school board is creating a “safety plan” to ensure this serious professional can continue teaching without incident.

Yes, this Canadian variant of The Great Stupid virus could spread over the border.

Not everyone in Canada has lost their minds, apparently.

Employment lawyer Sunira Chaudhry told a Toronto paper that allowing such unprofessional attire was “creating a wedge” in gender rights. “It seems sexist to me, because of the exaggerated nature of these breasts with nipples protruding. I think a lot of young women at the school wouldn’t just feel uncomfortable, they’d feel mocked.” A school would  be expected to step, she said, in “if a teacher came in with natural breasts, nipples protruding, a low-cut top and no bra” to send the message, “We need you as a teacher to come to school and dress professionally.”

Do we really need an employment lawyer to explain that? Should I list the professions in which someone showing up for work costumed in that fashion would be told to go home, warned, suspended, and required to show respect for their colleagues while engendering trust from their stakeholders? Well, let’s just say “all of them,” except, apparently, education professionals in Canada.

The teacher is  evidently a narcissist, has terrible judgment, cares not at all about the students, and is quite possibly mentally ill. There are a lot of sharp objects in shop classes: talk about not feeling “safe.”  As for the school board, it is demonstrating that not only will bias make you stupid, it will make you blind, irresponsible, and incompetent, not to mention ridiculous.

I want a moderator in every candidates’ debate in this country to hold up that photo above and ask each debater whether they would support the decision to allow such an individual to continue teaching, and why.

15 thoughts on “This Is Comforting: “The Great Stupid” Is Greater And Stupider In Canada, As You Can See…

  1. They showed a vid of xer/xim operating a chopsaw, in what appears to be a school “wood shop” facility. Haven’t yet seen anyone note the fact that the costume is also a serious safety hazard in such a setting, where even a necktie or long sleeves are forbidden. Shop safety is usually the first thing taught, and is constantly stressed. So frog/newt is apparently a BAD teacher, encouraging dangerous, even life-threatening behavior. Ironically, peach/cucumber is wearing a face shield in the vid.

  2. I write this in spite of the fact that the short answers are “He’s nuts! and “They’re nuts!”

    This man — no teacher — clearly makes his ‘personal’ wants/needs more important than his presumed job. He must be mentally ill, much more than a narcissist, no doubt about it. And even if it is stated by some that he really is a “good teacher”, how can he possibly be so? Unless he is teaching about prosthetic breasts and the limits to which one can go when attaching them and then (using the term loosely) dressing them? Who can learn anything when gigantic breasts and nipples are in students’ faces and vision all the time? Neither boys nor girls could possibly take their eyes off of them, much less focusing on wood working or whatever the shop class is teaching that day.

    What exactly does Canada think he’s teaching? That outrageous demonstrations of some transgender plans are A-okay regardless of the situation, the audience, or the stated objectives of his job? Does anyone outside of Canada think this extraordinary treatment of a transgender male is all right in a professional setting? He belongs in New Orleans for Mardi Gras. When will transgender women attach 3 foot long penises to their clothing to advertise their transgender plans? Just wait for it in Canada.

    Think I’ll stay out of Canada for awhile, until they get some help. And Canada used to be such a safe, lovely, rational country. No longer. Some mental virus has taken over and I just hope it’s not airborne.

  3. I heard someone comment/defend/deflect by saying that he’s an ultraconservative seeing how far he can mock the stupidity in schools regarding transgenderism. Is this better or worse than if it’s sincere is a tough question. But it’s a clear instance of Ken White’s goat rule.

    • I lean towards worse. Then he’s using his students and the school itself to grandstand. He’s involving unwilling participants in a protest. However, if it can be definitely proven that this teacher not doing this stunt would make those children’s lives, and the school’s effectiveness worse, then utilitarianism would say that his protest is better.

  4. “Some mental virus has taken over and I just hope it’s not airborne.” Recent epidemiological studies done by the CDC prove it is not only airborne, but it is the water, the food, and the media we consume.
    The old song “suicide is painless it brings on many changes” needs to be rewritten to specifically mention this form of mental health. Question-Can the parents disenroll their children from this clown’s class.

  5. It seems certain elements of society (and we all know which elements they are) are now celebrating the grotesque. Anything that deviates from traditional societal mores is celebrated, and the more outrageous and hideous, the better.

    • It’s been decades since those societal norms have slowly been eviscerated. I can provide examples: From my Army life: As a commander, I was there when the Army instituted not only coeducational barracks but coeducational floors in the barracks. As a predictable result, I had to deal with 16 of my female troops out of 34 being pregnant within a year. In my health care provider life: 1. We gave absolutely psychotic patients the right to remain psychotic when we close down long-term facilities. 2. We changed the provider/patient dynamic to the provider/client dynamic which was not beneficial to the economics of health care. In entertainment: we let the British invasion happen. In sports: We let the Dodgers leave Brooklyn and instituted the designated batter. In dining: we permitted Vegans to survive. (Some of these are of course tongue in cheek)

  6. I’ve seen theories that the teacher is acting out. That he’s a conservative proving how absurd the system is by highlighting that absurdity. Like a commenter above said, the rule of goats applies. But the inverse is also true here: If the teacher is not acting out a satirical performance art, then he actually paid good money because he wants to look like that…. And the school is enabling it. Regardless of whether he meant to highlight the absurdity of the system, consider it highlighted.

    This isn’t about gender anymore. This is about kink. It seems like for whatever reason, gender ideologues never find themselves able to arrest themselves at a reasonable point down the slope, preferring to slide as far as they can before crashing into the rocky escarpment of reality. Even if he genuinely had dysphoria, which I’m not convinced of, and wanted breasts to combat that, that could have been done without affixing two watermelons to his chest. And even if you want to make the argument that nothing short of watermelons would combat his dysphoria, the nipples are really the piece du resistance. That prosthetic isn’t about wanting to appear female, it about wanting to appear sexual. In a school.

    Really… guys… If you don’t want to be called groomers, then maybe you shouldn’t go balls to the wall defending Cannons McDicknipples here. This is at a school where the dress code would preclude students from earing that, at the very least they could have forced him to adhere to the rules and do away with the teats. If this is a stunt, it should never have been allowed to go this far. If it’s not a stunt, it’s an order of magnitude sadder, but it still shouldn’t have been allowed to get this far.

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