Stay Classy, Michelle!

Former First Lady Michelle Obama’s voting promotion group “When We All Vote” has partnered with the BLK dating app and is doing “voter registration activations” with the company.” The BLK dating app is aimed at Black singles looking for hook-ups.

Last week, BLK released a video encouraging Black voters to go to the polls for reasons other than civic responsibility. It’s title: “No Voting No Vucking.” Vucking! See, that’s not vulgar, like, say “fucking.” Former First Ladies can approve of “vucking” for votes. Sample lyrics:

“No voting, no vucking, no voting, no touching,” rapper Saucy Santana sings in the video. “You wanna hit this booty, gotta do your civic duty!”

His partner Trina sings, “But you want to flirt, I’ll show you how to be a poll worker.” POLE worker, get it? “Don’t stop now, stuff my ballot box again, brought my homegirl through, we’ll put the bi in partisan,” the back-up singers singers warble.

Now Mrs. Obama’s group claims they never approved the video, since it has been the object of criticism. “When We All Vote did not participate in the creation, provide funding or support the making of this video,” a spokesperson said. The video links to Michelle’s group’s voting portal.

OK. So why is Michelle’s group partnering with an organization that endorses sex for votes as its motivation for blacks going to the polls? “When We All Vote” promoted the BLK dating app in a September tweet, linking an article announcing the partnership between the two organizations. “Have you heard? @meetBLK is launching a digital hub designed to shift the culture of voting and politics in the Black community, amplify voices of Black voters, and drive Black voter registration,” the tweet states.

If Michelle supports BLK, then it supports BLK’s election “activations.” What did she expect?

9 thoughts on “Stay Classy, Michelle!

  1. This sort of stuff must make old-time segregationists stand up in their graves and holler, “Now see that there? I told ya so! Yes-sir-ee Bob! Whoo doggie!”

  2. Making intimacy conditional on activities outside of expected mutual respect and consent is toxic.

    Additionally, if WWAV and BLK are recruiting people to engage in transactional sex, doesn’t that make those organizations the participants’ pimps?

  3. Hey, “Know your audience.” It seems clear that marriage and responsible parenthood aren’t the biggest selling points in much of the black community.

  4. It’s also indicative of just how sex-addled the worldviews of some groups are.

    1) Sex isn’t the only thing in life to which people attach value.

    2) The very people who you are targeting to “harm” by withholding sex are the kind of people who are balanced and aren’t going to use sex as a weapon…

    Way to look really stupid and really pre-civilized. This goes for every progressive group that has ever hoped to use sex as a weapon.

    Quit acting like pagans.

  5. Being the child of the es-POTUS doesn’t guarantee intelligence, discretion or good taste. She’s not the only one to embarrass her family, or even her country.

    • And other wives managed to shake up or scandalize the name of a sitting, never mind ex-prez’ time in office: Rachel Jackson died before her husband’s inauguration but the scandal of their (inadvertent) adultery and bigamy followed him through his time in office. Both Adams’ families were troubled with alcohol-related incidents but their fathers’ pressuring had a lot to answer for, even for the times. Like the Adams, the Roosevelt dynasties were plagued with press coverage and gossip on top of the real stories, but Jimmy, Franklin Jr. and even brother Elliot more than redeemed themselves with wartime service. Mary Todd Lincoln — one of her scandals was openly grieving by her husbands side at his death: nor only a stiff upper lip but a dry eye was approved of in her day. Then there was Edith Wilson, whose cover-up of her husband’s illness led her to be dubbed, accusingly but accurately, his “sit-in”; and Julia Tyler’s “vestal virgins” and self-advertising disgraced her marriage and status. Laura Bush came to the White House before the results of her accidental driving surfaced and changed how people saw her. Hillary Clinton’s open contempt for women who “stay home and bake” along with her tolerance of JFK’s bad behavior, not to forget her lying her way through her government position regarding the Benghazi attack and misuse of personal emails, were scandals that perhaps should have been enough to keep her head down permanently. But we can’t forget Nancy Reagan setting Ron’s daily appointment schedule … using astrology, nor the back of Melania Trump’s shirt as she boarded a: “I Don’t Really Care. Do U?” Melania doesn’t.

      By this time in our history, there are numerous devices and electronics used to investigate the PICs (people-in-charge) or for individuals to invent false narratives or “facts” online, anonymously, even subverting (exposing?) the bias of all-the-news-that’s-fit-to-print. Thus we are in a world that creates scandal every day, without accountability , a million times a minute: who knows?

      And I dared step into Jack’s area of expertise, even though wives are for the most part peripheral, no? Either way, it’s too late to erase; my finger’s on the button. BANG!

      • first sentence: “of a sitting POTUS.”

        about Mrs. Lincoln: Not only a stiff upper lip

        and Melania “as she boarded a plane after a visit to children detained in a Texas border town: “I really don’t care. Do U?” following a similar fashion statement made when her stiletto heels tread past the victims at a hurricane site. Some people care. “Melania doesn’t. “

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