What A Surprise: A Biological Male Crushed The Face Of A Female Player In A High School Girl’s Volleyball Game!

Who could have seen this coming? What a completely unexpected development! A complete freak accident! Of course, nobody’s at fault.

Yes, I am indulging in rueful sarcasm.

During a high school girl’s volleyball game in Cherokee County, North Carolina, a transgender player spiked a ball so forcefully that it caused “severe injuries” to a young girl’s head and neck. The girl is experiencing long-term concussion symptoms including vision problems, and has not been cleared to return to play either by a physician or a neurologist. And now, suddenly, because someone was seriously hurt as a result of the adults in charge ignoring an obvious, unnecessary and dangerous risk in order that they not be chastised as “transphobic,” the Cherokee County Board of Education voted to cancel all future games against the opposing school, Highlands High School, which allows a transfemale who has the advantage of the size and muscle mass conferred by going through puberty as a male to play on its girls volleyball team.

This is, of course, another nauseating example of the Barn Door Fallacy, as well as many other ethics-related phenomena, including epic incompetence and moral luck. For the fact that girl got her face smashed in because she was playing against a biological males who never should have been allowed to be across a net from her didn’t change anything, it just made what should have been apparent anyway undeniable. Putting biological males who “identify” as females into competition with girls and women is unfair, crazy, bonkers, dangerous—a perfect example of placing ideology over reality, and not thinking about the inevitable negative consequences to follow.

I keep seeing stories that I think will stand as the perfect symbol of The Great Stupid when future generations look back, examine the history, and think, “What the hell was wrong with everybody?” First I think it will be Disney going stark raving mad and slapping woke apologies at the beginnings of is classic animated films. Then I think the “inclusive” casting of “1776” will be the fiasco everyone remembers. But then I remember Lia Thomas, balls and all, slaughtering female Ivy League swimmers in the pool and being celebrated for it. Or libraries staging drag shows for children.

Maybe a young woman being killed when being forced to compete with a biological male will constitute the slap in the face these weak and ethically-handicapped fools need to face facts. Ian Miller, writing at Outkick, is spot on:

By focusing more on appeasing the gender activists who push for unrestricted competition at the expense of girls and women, these institutions have enabled this kind of behavior. Their ideology and political agenda requires them to ignore the fundamental biological differences between men and women. So young girls, through no fault of their own, are placed at increased risk to placate radical gender activists.

The media is so supportive of these measures that the local news story from the North Carolina ABC affiliate entirely omitted the fact that the girl was injured by a transgender athlete. Telling the truth is less important than protecting an ideology.

Until intellectual honesty and basic fairness returns to these conversations, there will undoubtedly be many more instances like this, where young girls are put in harm’s way by adults too cowardly to protect them.

Yup, that’s about the size of it. But on the positive side, to be fair, when a girl is seriously injured, then those responsible start thinking more clearly.

11 thoughts on “What A Surprise: A Biological Male Crushed The Face Of A Female Player In A High School Girl’s Volleyball Game!

  1. “But on the positive side, to be fair, when a girl is seriously injured, then those responsible start thinking more clearly.”

    I think you give woke assholes too much credit. They are too dishonest to acknowledge truth.

  2. Here’s an “interesting” perspective:

    In Cherokee County, residents have strong opinions about the cancellation.

    “All the events for one incident… it’s not right. There’s risk getting out of bed in the morning, crossing the street, and going to the store,” says resident Tony Graham. “I’m sure the teammate that did get hurt, wants them to go out there and fight for it, right? That’s what we do.”


  3. I think they should set up a special sports league for transgenders. At least the playing field would be more even. And it would be so fun to watch! All this is just pure Woke bullshit.

  4. In the new “Woke” world, anyone can literally change genders by a simple declaration. Today i feel like a female so you have to treat me as a female in all things. If tomorrow i decide I’m a male, you have to adjust accordingly or I’ll report you to the woke/queer police and your life will be over. The irrefutable biological fact that there is no such creature as a transgender is irrelevant to them.

  5. To be honest, while that is a horrifying video, my thoughts ran in a different direction.

    I’d want someone to research how often this sort of this has happened historically — is this really the first time this has ever happened? If not, where does it happen — only in boys volleyball? In both boys and girls volleyball? If the latter, then it may simply be a hazard of playing volleyball. If the former or if this is a first, then I think it could be ascribed to the transgender factor.

    It may be a supremely unlucky confluence of speed, angle, and lack of defensive posturing. Or it could be the inherent added strength and perhaps reflexes from a biological male. I wonder if this is somewhat akin to a pitcher being hit in the face by a line drive. Also horrifying when it happens and potentially career ending, but we don’t just stop playing baseball when it happens.

    • I had a similar thought. Would a boy playing against this boy not have had his face broken? Do boys have better reaction times or stronger bones that would have prevented this from happening if he were playing against a boys team?

      • I had the same thought as well. But, here’s another factor. The net is higher for men’s volleyball vs women’s volleyball by a good 6-7 inches, making aggressive spiking harder. So it’s possible if this player were on a men’s team, the ball wouldn’t have cleared the net.

        Still, it would be good to have data about how often this kind of injury occurs.

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