When Ethics Alarms Don’t Ring: Ew!

Yes, that’s actor Harry Hamlin. 70, posing with his oldest daughter, model Delilah Hamlin, who is 24…and, just to be clear his daughter. Hamlin posted the photo to Instagram, which indicates that he sees nothing oogy about it. Celebrity columnists, trying to put a positive spin on the photo of a woman in a sheer blouse posing seductively as her father buries his head into her face and pulls her close by the waist, are noting that it was shot snapped last month at New York Fashion Week (see, posing provocatively is a thing at such venues). I don’t care if the photo was taken at the International Incest Festival: what father in his right mind would proudly exhibit a photo like that, or be in a position to have one taken at all?

Maybe Hamlin is trying to claw his way back to genuine celebrity status. The former star of “LA Law” and the original “Clash of the Titans” is now reduced to being described as “’Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’” ‘star Lisa Rinna’s husband.” Ouch. Does the Hollywood maxim “any publicity is good publicity if they spell your name right” really stretch this far?

There is hope: a large percentage of social media users are creeped out by the photo. But returning to me question: What kind of father would do this? The photo brought back unpleasant memories of attending a party at the home of a former law professors and seeing prominently displayed a framed photo of his comely 20-something daughter (whom I had known since she was a little girl) seducing the camera while wearing what appeared to be a man’s white dress shirt and nothing else.

I have long believed that activist group statistics (as in “estimates”) regarding how many women are sexually molested by family member are wildly exaggerated. When I see photos like these, however, I wonder.

10 thoughts on “When Ethics Alarms Don’t Ring: Ew!

  1. I hadn’t thought of Harry Hamlin since 1994 and the one-off Tom Clancy TVM “Op-Center.” That picture is the act of a pig. There’s a right and a wrong way to do loving family pictures, and that’s not it. There’s also a right and a wrong way for people with a significant age gap who are not lovers to pose together in pictures, and that’s not it.

    • That’s how Hollywood does things. That’s why Miley Cyrus posed in a sheet with a come-hither look when she was a teen and it was called a “simple, classic” pose. That’s why marriages only rarely last out there. That’s why unhealthy sexual relationships are constantly pitched to audiences.

      They don’t know what normal is so they can’t model it.

      Full disclosure: I did watch Hamlin in the short-lived popular series “Veronica Mars” as a sleazy abusive former movie star in the early 2000s. He did an incredible job.

  2. Yeah, that photo puts the “creep” in creepy. But I think AM Golden kind of nailed it: far too many people in Hollywood spend so much time living in a world of make-believe that they have little or no idea of reality.

    Of course, maybe Harry was channeling President Biden and simply couldn’t believe how good his daughter smelled.

    I think I need a shower to wash the gross off me…

  3. News Flash Harry: there are better ways to remind people you still exist and could use some work, but more importantly, you betray your daughter because that is a shitty way for her to be perceived.
    Nice job dad.

  4. Forget it Jack, it’s Chinatown Hollywood.

    I mean seriously, have we already forgotten how Harvey Weinstein was allowed to strut around like a champion of moral virtue while everybody in the industry knew he was a serial harasser and rapist. This is the subculture that made drug rehab fashionable. We measure their marriages in months. We know what Hollywood is, why do we act surprised?

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