Incompetent Elected Official Of The Month AND Unethical Tweet Of The Month: Senator Dick Durbin (D-Ill)

This hyper-partisan boob has been in the US Senate for 39 years and is Chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee. Yet he still doesn’t comprehend the First Amendment. (To be fair, his party has been trying to marginalize the First Amendment for years now).

To be fair again, he could be a victim of the “Twitter makes you stupid” problem that I warn my legal ethics classes about.

Twitchy has an amusing compilation of some of the Twitter users from both side of the political spectrum who quickly pointed out to Durbin that his own tweet was misinformation.

I thought it was horrifying when CNN’s then-rock star Chris Cuomo, allegedly a lawyer, made a similar statement on Twitter, but Chris is, as we know, a dolt, and he also was just a broadcast journalist, or pretending to be one. Durbin, also a lawyer, is a U.S. Senator.


9 thoughts on “Incompetent Elected Official Of The Month AND Unethical Tweet Of The Month: Senator Dick Durbin (D-Ill)

  1. I think you’re being charitable. He understands the first amendment, he just doesn’t like it, same as a big chunk of his party now. They know what the Bill of Rights says, and a lot of them know the case law that flows from it. They just don’t like it, and think they can make it go away. And make no mistake, going away is just what they’d like the Bill of Rights to do. They want a country where there are only two freedoms: the freedom to abort a child, and the freedom to ask permission to do anything else, which is only sparingly granted.

    I think it’s also charitable to say that the Democratic Party and the left generally don’t understand conservatives. They understand us all too well, and that’s why they hate us. They hate us because we stand for limited government whose role it is to protect people, not run their lives for them, because running people’s lives for them is just what they want to do. They hate us because we stand for the idea that the government should not take more in taxes than is absolutely necessary, because they believe that they know better than us what to do with our money. They hate us because we believe people have a right to defend themselves and arm themselves to do so, because a disarmed and cowed populace is much easier to control. They can’t stand the fact that in Virginia there are still people who think Washington and Lee are heroes, and they can’t stand that in the Midwest cowboys and oilmen are heroes. To some of them, people should only be allowed to pick their heroes from the left’s approved list, and to many others, there is no such thing as a hero, there are only villains and victims. This is because as long as people look up to someone other than them, there’s the chance that they will make unfavorable comparisons.

    Let’s not mince words here, the left doesn’t want diversity, or equity, or inclusion, or transparency, or any of those other cliches it’s been throwing around now since 2016 if not before. The left wants this country, and a big pile of dead conservatives to go with it. Some want a country where the people of the food and energy producing areas of the country have been put in their place, know their place, and simply do their jobs, pay their taxes and keep supplying the cities, while the cities have government covered. That would be bad enough. However, the left has fallen under the influence of its real crazies, the ones who really mean defund the police, as in zero out the police budget, the ones who demonize white males and want them reduced to a permanent “ally” class where all they do is whatever their racial betters tell them to do, and those who, if they really said the quiet part out loud, would say they can’t wait for the day when the last conservative is hung by the entrails of the last Christian.

    This is the kind of thing you are voting for next Tuesday if you don’t vote to check the Democratic Party and its abuses.

    • Agreed. They understand perfectly well what the First Amendment means. That’s why indoctrination in the schools is so important to them. A couple of generations of kids taught that the Constitution doesn’t mean what it means is essential for turning this country into their dystopian image.

    • How does it benefit any public official to present himself as that ignorant, though? Particularly one who chairs the Judiciary Committee…I know Durbin has always been a dim bulb, but when Chris Hayes tells you you’re full of it, you’re no even appealing to your base.

    • Durban understands that he is spouting lies. But how many of his followers don’t understand the First amendment and swallow his lies, and then repeat them to their friends.

      Durban understands the Big Lie concept and is practicing it here.

  2. I think lefties like Durbin are being lazy when they speak on such matters. What he’s really saying is “I don’t think the First Amendment should be construed to allow protected free speech to include lying to downplay political violence.” To the Dick Durbins of the world, the Constitution is simply a Jackson Pollack or a Mondrian to be interpreted however lefties think it should be. Interpreting the Constitution is a game to be played.

    And: “This hyper-partisan boob has been in the US Senate for 39 years” is awesome. It’s funny how long tenure in the Senate bestows a certain regality to hyper-partisan boobs, for no reason whatsoever. Ted Kennedy and Joe Biden certainly come to mind.

  3. Is Durbin condemning CNN’s “Mostly peaceful protests?”

    And he’s perfectly fine with his party’s position that five or six officers died on January 6th, since it’s misinformation overplaying political violence?

    What a boob.

  4. I would say, as Illinoisan, that I am embarrassed to have someone like him representing me, but 1) he doesn’t really (I never did and never will vote for him), and 2) he’s not even top 5 worst people representing my sad state and city, with Lightfoot, Pritzker, Duckworth, and Kim Foxx, not to mentions the Obamas, Madigan, Blagojevich, etc. YIKES!!

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