Oh! Now After Eight Years Of Accusing A Renowned Law Professor And Lawyer Of Sexual Assault, You Now Think You “May Have Been Mistaken!” Sure, OK!

Wait, what?

Someone here has been very unethical, and probably criminal. I wonder who?

From the New York Times:

Virginia Giuffre, a victim of Jeffrey E. Epstein who for years maintained that the law professor Alan Dershowitz had sexually assaulted her when she was a teenager, settled a defamation lawsuit against Mr. Dershowitz on Tuesday and said that she might have “made a mistake” in accusing him.

In a joint statement announcing the settlement, Ms. Giuffre said, “I have long believed that I was trafficked by Jeffrey Epstein to Alan Dershowitz. However, I was very young at the time, it was a very stressful and traumatic environment, and Mr. Dershowitz has from the beginning consistently denied these allegations.

“I now recognize I may have made a mistake in identifying Mr. Dershowitz,” her statement said.

The joint statement announced the end of litigation between Ms. Giuffre and Mr. Dershowitz — who had also sued her — as well as of two other lawsuits between Mr. Dershowitz and the lawyer David Boies that stemmed from Ms. Giuffre’s accusation….

The terms of Ms. Giuffre’s deal with Mr. Dershowitz were not immediately clear on Tuesday, though the statement and the court filing said that no payments were made by any of the parties.

I don’t understand this at all. Is there any doubt that there is a lot, including a secret, back room agreement, that we are not being told about? My mind is still a bit foggy, so I can’t recall all of the movies I have seen where crucial witnesses in mysteries, crimes and conspiracies making almost the exact same statement Virginia Giuffre is quoted as making, recanting previous accusations and assertions they appeared to be absolutely certain of but suddenly had second thoughts after finding their dog hanging from a tree, or a horse head in their bed, or receiving a third party check for a lot of money. But boy, there are a lot of them.That rote “Never mind!” by a sex trafficking victim is supposed to resuscitate Dershowitz’s reputation? I just remembered one of the movies with such a compelled recantation: “Godfather II.” Did Corleone lieutenant Frankie Pentangeli convince anyone that Godfather Michael Corleone was as pure as the driven snow after he denied that he meant what he said under oath because he saw that Michael had tracked down his brother from Sicily, and was subtly threatening to have him sleep with the fishes?

Here’s the scene, which you probably recall:

Maybe it’s the longstanding accusation that the professor took part in his pal Jeffrey Epstein’s sex-trafficking hobby that was the real reason Dershowitz has become a pariah on Martha’s Vineyard, and not his willingness to point out the legal and ethical flaws in the Left’s pursuit of Donald Trump, as “The Dersh” has whined about ad nauseam.

Nah, it can’t be that.


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6 thoughts on “Oh! Now After Eight Years Of Accusing A Renowned Law Professor And Lawyer Of Sexual Assault, You Now Think You “May Have Been Mistaken!” Sure, OK!

  1. Mayhaps the professor was prepared to testify about the conduct of some of Boies’s other clients onboard the Lolita Express.

  2. I don’t understand this case being “settled.” Shouldn’t it have been dismissed with prejudice? The plaintiff changed her testimony. There was no res. Never was. Fishy. Wouldn’t Dershowitz have pushed for that? Jut? JVB?

  3. In my town of Athens, Alabama, our longstanding sheriff was indicted and convicted of embezzlement of public funds and other felonies. That was two years ago, he still walks free and is now touting his newly written autobiography, “The Cowboy Sheriff.”. Just saying, back courtroom shenanigans exist at every level.

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