Speaking Of Democracy Being Saved, Why The Hell Is Sarah Huckabee Sanders Now Governor Of Arkansas?

At least John Fetterman had been a mayor and served as Lieutenant Governor. True, he’s brain-damaged…but I’m still tempted to rule that the most outrageous abuse of the franchise by a majority of a state’s voting age citizens was in Arkansas, where Sarah Huckabee Sanders won the governorship by a landslide.

Why? What qualifications does she have to run a state government from the executive chair? I assumed that there were aspects of her curriculum vitae I didn’t know about that explained why she was even nominated. Nope. Since graduating from college, she has essentially been a serial campaign worker, first on her father’s campaigns, then others. She started a consulting firm that assists Republicans in running for office. She was the executive director of a PAC, which I suppose counts as some kind of executive experience.

But her most visible job, and the only one not related to campaigns of one sort or another, was as Donald Trump’s second paid liar. She was marginally better than the embarrassing Sean Spicer, as in more competent at lying, but far less effective than her successor, Kayleigh McEnany. Moreover, the single most basic requirement of the job is that you don’t admit to lying. Sanders couldn’t even manage this low bar,

In the first volume of Mueller Report, it was revealed that Sanders had admitted that she lied repeatedly regarding James Comey, the former FBI director, as well as the firing of former Attorney General Jeff Sessions, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein’s connection to the Comey firing, and when she claimed that “countless” FBI agents had lost faith in FBI leadership and had contacted her to complain. She told investigators that she had made “a slip of the tongue” that was “not founded on anything”in “the heat of the moment.”


She had many more unethical moments. True, the news media was out to get her as part of their vendetta against her boss, but outside of being unshakably loyal, at least in public, Sanders’ tenure only further sullied a position that was grimy already. She also committed some offenses I can’t let pass, like playing the God card in a politically exploitative context. I would never vote for anyone, even someone who, unlike Sanders, had impressive credentials, who said, as she did on the Christian Broadcasting Network, that “God calls all of us to fill different roles at different times, and I think that he wanted Donald Trump to become President.” (Ironically, the statement she was most assailed for was agreeing with Trump that the news media is “the enemy of the people”…which is true.)

And that’s it! That’s her whole case for being a governor, Oh! I forgot…she’s also the daughter of former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee, currently doing TV commercials for a sleep-aid. This means that the logic of voting for Sanders in Arkansas was the same as voting for Ted Kennedy in Massachusetts, and George W. Bush in Texas, and Hillary Clinton in New York, and Mary Bono (and Jerry Brown) in California, so many other disgraceful cases where American citizens have forgotten that this is a republic and not a hereditary aristocracy. Well, what it really shows is that a majority of voters are too lazy and apathetic to do any research before voting, so they just look for a familiar name, thus insulting the memories of the millions who died to preserve the right they care so little about.

Sure, Sarah might turn out to be a competent governor…and so might a random Arkansas citizen I hit with a brick after throwing one into a crowd with my eyes closed.

4 thoughts on “Speaking Of Democracy Being Saved, Why The Hell Is Sarah Huckabee Sanders Now Governor Of Arkansas?

  1. Speaking of sticks, when it comes to local electoral politics, you can’t beat name recognition with a stick. I’d say almost any elective office below governor is determined by how many signs a candidate’s campaign sticks into the ground along streets. Political consultants (the bane of our existence must have a straightforward formula for how many signs it takes to win a particular local election.

  2. “…a majority of voters are too lazy and apathetic to do any research before voting…”
    How convenient for us that the Democrats will soon be in a position to relieve us of that necessity. The unabated centralization of political power in DC will eliminate the need for most decision-making by voters; Big Brother will just tell us what to do. What could be easier?

  3. I can’t help but feel like this is justice for Sarah after the poor treatment she endured at the White House press corps dinner.

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