It’s Asshole vs. Jerk vs. Troll, And May The…No, Let’s Hope They All Lose

It now appears that the controversial dinner former President Trump had with suddenly radioactive wacko Kanye West and racist, sexist, proto-fascist Nick Fuentes was a diabolical trap set by the “deliberately offensive former Breitbart editor, alt-right cheer-leader, misogynist and professional troll Milo Yiannopoulos, whom Ethics Alarms foolishly assumed was kicked to the curb for good (and I do mean good) when a tape surfaced of him making light of pederasty in an interview. Milo lost a book deal and his star status on the Conservative Creep Speaking circuit as a consequence. In declaring his professional demise, I wrote (in 2017), “Society and political discourse will be better off and more ethical without Milo’s hateful bile polluting them. That is a good thing.”

What do I know? Milo got himself hired as a staffer by Republican Georgia Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, herself an Ethics Alarms designated waste of space. Ethics Alarms, 2021: “This, my friends, is a crazy person, and no party can ignore or tolerate a House member who embodies the worst and most fevered stereotypes spread by that party’s opposition. Rep. Greene…needs to be marginalized and isolated in Congress so that not only can she do as little damage as possible, but so that when she says ridiculous and offensive things, nobody can say that this loose cannon speaks for the party.”

Milo, who is also apparently “Ye’s” Presidential campaign manager (of course he is!), takes full responsibility for setting up the dinner that has even former Trump lackeys calling the hopeful Presidential candidate a fool for hosting. Milo:

“I wanted to show Trump the kind of talent that he’s missing out on by allowing his terrible handlers to dictate who he can and can’t hang out with. I also wanted to send a message to Trump that he has systematically repeatedly neglected, ignored, abused the people who love him the most, the people who put him in office, and that kind of behavior comes back to bite you in the end.”

Now, MAGA activist and twice failed Congressional candidate Laura Loomer—yes, another loose cannon—is accusing Rep. Green of plotting with Milo to create the public relations maelstrom for Trump. Greene denies this, but really, it makes little difference. Hiring a noxious troll like Yiannopoulos is foolish, irresponsible, and typical of her.

The complete fiasco wasn’t a clash of three assholes, jerks and trolls—which is which? Let’s just call all three, Trump, Milo and Greene, ass-jerk trollholes just for convenience—but six, with Ye, Fuentes and Loomer. It would be nice to dismiss the whole pack by saying they deserve each other and their fate this early syzygy has wrought, but the mess has larger significance. The loathsome sextet represent the kind of ethics-free, narcissistic extremists that the  GOP currently attracts, and they threaten to hand the nation into the power-mad hands of a group equally unethical, but far less flamboyant in their ways.

And remember, none of this would have occurred without Donald Trump’s incurable recklessness, impulsiveness, and refusal to employ competent aides and advisors. In the end, this is his scandal.

8 thoughts on “It’s Asshole vs. Jerk vs. Troll, And May The…No, Let’s Hope They All Lose

  1. Jack wrote: The loathsome sextet represent the kind of ethics-free, narcissistic extremists that the GOP currently attracts

    I’m going to take issue with this argument. It’s not limited to the GOP. Swalwell…? Schiff…? AOC…? Jaypal…? Pelosi…? Pressley…? Omar…? And the Grand Wazoos: Clintons (both of them)…? Obama…? Narcissitic extremists all.

    I remember back in my earliest days doing talk radio: the PD advised me that “Nobody normal calls a talk radio show.” He was right; I enjoyed the job because it afforded me the opportunity to talk with really interesting people with serious cred (including you, Jack) and some really bonkers people – the listeners. Who were entertaining. And some really sad people, too, and that was some stuff I still think about.

    I digress. Ethics-free, narcissistic extremists are drawn to politics. Party affiliation is no barrier to entry. One might argue it’s actually an asset.

    • Yes, but the Democratic nut cases “only” are hostile to basic rights, liberty, truth, capitalism and democracy. The Right’s wackos are anti-Semitic, racists, misogynists or whatever it is that Trump is. They are more repulsive at a visceral level.

      • Plenty of the left’s whackos are racist and anti-semites. Take Ilhan Omar, for example. She regularly tweets and says anti-Semitic things. The BDS movement is mainstream on the left. Louis Farrakhan is idolized by many on the left. Anti-white racism is also mainstream on the left.

        It is easy to seem less repulsive when the media is covering for you 24/7 and explaining all your repulsiveness away as morally justified and even righteous.

        Repulsiveness is not limited to either side. One side just has much better PR.

  2. I read here regularly for the vocabulary which I have been missing my whole life… syzygy… I’m gonna win at Scrabble now for sure.

  3. MTG won 2/3 of the vote in her recent reelection. It’s unlikely her district will go democrat any time soon. Notwithstanding their mishandling of the special election that put Raphael Warnock in the senate, don’t expect the GA Republican party to mess with her apple cart.

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