10 thoughts on “Open Forum, December Dawns Opinion Party Edition

  1. Here’s politicians who think citizens shouldn’t have centuries old weapon technology discussing why they need advanced guided bomb technology first utilized by our military mere decades ago.

    • I listened to the exchange on this topic and it does not rise to the level of Robocop. At issue is whether or not police can use existing bomb disposal technologies to neutralize an active shooter after all other efforts have simply cornered the subject and the shooter remains a threat to the police.

      This is not the wholesale use of robotic cops capable of deadly force as some believe. This is an outgrowth of the concern that civilian police using military technology is not appropriate ever.

      • An armed robot was used to take down the mass murdering sniper who killed five police officers in Dallas a few years back. Some libs had the gall to accuse the police of being cowards for doing that. This just sank my opinion of liberals a bit more.

        That situation was no murder of Eric Shaver by a SWAT officer too eager to open fire and a commander more interested in bullying and abusing than due process. That situation was police who had just lost five of their own to a cop-hating black supremacist sniper who were determined that this menace be stopped and they lose no more officers doing it. Sometimes it’s not about schoolyard notions of bravery, sometimes it’s about getting the job done, and screw the liberal hecklers on the sidelines.

        • Steve
          The knee jerk reaction by some that the police have a duty to die in order to preserve the life of a killer is as nutty as the shooter itself.

          If you watch the exchange between the supervisor and the police chief she offers language that she herself admits she would not vote for yet she is demanding answers to hypotheticals and then rejects the responses offered. It became obvious she was grandstanding.

    • If it weren’t humans doing it, I wouldn’t be so concerned. The only reason to use lethal force is if someone’s life is in danger, and remote-control robots aren’t alive, so the only point in arming a remote-control robot with lethal weapons is to protect other people from a violent individual without risking the life of a police officer.

      I’m not sure a person operating a remote-control unit would be able to make effective judgment calls, and they would have a disadvantage in deescalating any situation. It’s also been pointed out there’s a transmission delay, so I’d expect someone physically present to make the call to authorize force. Maybe the robot can help with targeting weapons, but it seems like it would be approximately as effective to arm the robots with less lethal measures like sound cannons, nets, foam, et cetera.

      There are many opportunities and liabilities presented by remote-control robots, and it seems like equipping them with lethal weapons ignores many opportunities and heads straight for the liabilities.

    • You have to start wondering why the body cam video is being suppressed. Maybe he and his assailant were engaging in puppy play and the puppy might be considered a dangerous breed like a pit bull. My story has s just as plausible as what we have been fed.

      • If the body cam video was supportive of the “company position”, it would have been released weeks ago. It has not been released, to this day. The obvious conclusion is that the “company” version is a cover-up.

        But of what?

        • Of What? Who the hell knows? But was it a Republican looking to brain Aunt Nan with a hammer a la Steven King because of … Trump? It’s gotten awfully quiet after the first forty-eight hours or so. That whole talking point disappeared and Aunt Nan has quietly exited, stage left. I’m guessing something bizarre, and compromising was going down at Chez Palosi. Call me vicious or mean, but it’s just too fishy for words.

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