The Twitter Censorship Scandal Is Officially A Mainstream Media Bias Scandal [Bad Link Fixed!]

I know I used this clip from the Ethics Alarms movie clip archive yesterday, but I really can’t think of anything more appropriate. The exploding fireworks factory is the mass of evidence coming to light about how Twitter deliberately set out to silence conservatives and Republicans on the platform in the run-up to the 2020 election, how the FBI and Justice department was complicit, and how a prime objective of the scheme was to “get Trump,” with partisan staff and executives relentlessly pursuing that objective. Lieutenant Frank Drebbin (Leslie Nielson) is the mainstream media, except that there is nothing funny about the media’s astoundingly brazen conduct in this case. It is sinister, and yes, shocking, even to someone like me, who has documented the accelerating ethical deterioration of the journalism profession in America for years now and who thought the depth of its descent into pure propaganda and anti-democratic deception had no deeper to go.

I was, obviously, wrong. Either through coordination or individually, the main progressive?Democratic allies who substantially control what information the public receives has decided to do everything it can to bury the Twitter scandal, because it implicates them as well. It could be the last stand of the unethical legacy media, or it could be the end of democracy as we know it. These organizations—the New York Times, The Washington Post, NPR, CBS, CNN, NBC, ABC, MSNBC,  Google, Facebook, Vanity Fair, New York Magazine, The Atlantic, and many others, the majority of the sources of news and commentary available to citizens—really are “the enemy of the people” as Donald Trump said, earning their hatred forever. He has never been more right. Now they are proving it.Now what? All I can do here is publish the conclusions from the Twitter smoking gun material that Elon Musk is letting out in infuriating fashion, forcing his heralds so far, disillusioned liberals Bari Weiss (fugitive from the Times, Matt Taibbi (exile from Rolling Stone) and Matt Shellenberger (his latest contribution, Part 4 in the series, will appear in the next post) to issue their analyses in tweet streams. Then I can point out the totalitarianesque conduct of the mainstream media as it gaslights the nation, literally saying, “Censorship? What censorship? Bias? What bias? Problem? What problem? Twitter scandal? We don’t see any Twitter scandal!” That’s it. What else? Tell me: if I can do it, I will. If there is anything you can do, you need to do it too. I can’t think of another example of reporters and news organizations refusing to report such consequential news. The disgusting conspiracy to allow President Kennedy to pose as a model husband with his glamorous wife while having adulterous affairs in and out of the White House was trivial by comparison.


  • Neither The New York Times nor the Washington Post have any mention of the Twitter story at all, not in its news stories, not in its opinion columns. The Post deemed a feature about why some people chosse to sit in the middle seat on airplanes more urgent. The Times has a story headlined, “You Bought the Wrong Nipple Clamps.” It does have a tangentially related analysis of Elon Musk’s politics that weirdly avoids the current Twitter expose.
  • On the best and fairest of the web news aggregators, Memeorandum, the Twitter story does appear, but the highlighted stories all are misdirection exercises. Appearing among the main listed reports are, first,  Why liberal Washington can’t quit Twitter  at NBC. Next, way down the list,  is Elon Musk Steps Up Attacks on Twitter’s Former Safety Head at Bloomberg. Musk is attacking, you see. He’s the menace. At the site’s sister site Techmeme, the lead story regarding the scandal is New York Magazine’s With the “Twitter Files”, Elon Musk has become an egregious example of what he wanted to expose: managers leveraging their social platforms for partisan ends. (It’s an really bad hit job; Ann Althouse’s commenters do an excellent job shredding it here.)
  • Google’s news feed considers nothing about the story important enough to mention until deep, deep into its list of stories. The first Twitter story to appear anywhere is on page 5, and it involves Elton John quitting Twitter, saying, “All my life I’ve tried to use music to bring people together. Yet it saddens me to see how misinformation is now being used to divide our world. I’ve decided to no longer use Twitter, given their recent change in policy which will allow misinformation to flourish unchecked.” Is it really that important to let the public know that one more pop star is a political ignoramus and enthusiastic censor of “misinformation,” meaning whatever his fellow progressives disagree with? Do you think Elton has even read the recently released materials? I gave up looking for Twitter scandal coverage after nine pages and the appearance of a crucial report on the abortion pill black market in Honduras.
  • Over at AOL, I couldn’t scroll down far enough to find any hint of the story. I did learn that Brittany Griner is “in good spirits.” That’s nice.

So again: now what?


17 thoughts on “The Twitter Censorship Scandal Is Officially A Mainstream Media Bias Scandal [Bad Link Fixed!]

  1. I enjoy watching Steven Crowder. He is a good example of modern journalism. He isn’t afraid to ask hard questions. In my opinion anyway.

    • And the story will be “Evil Conservatives…” again.

      The white upper class liberals that watch NPR and PBS love to think that taxpayer-funded media is essential for the masses while overlooking the fact that, outside of PBS’ decades-long iconic children’s programming, said media is largely patronized by white upper-class liberals.

      That will not stop the narrative from being how the Republicans want to rob poor minorities of “Evening at the Met” and “All Things Considered”.

      • So be it. As long as we use the excuse that Republican conservatives will be cast as the villains the left will allow us to surrender to their will

  2. I know how you feel of boycotts, but a cordinated effort in front of NYT, WP, and any other news station should go into full effect. Just hit them where it hurts most: their wallet.

  3. Here is a comment on another blog.

    In addition to first amendment concerns we need to ask why law enforcement is involving itself in campaign matters at all. Have we now accepted the government agencies will openly perform campaign services for Democrats? Not only is this specifically illegal but it seems we’ve transitioned from the left media screaming that this should never happen to treating it as appropriate without ever mentioning the transition.

    – Marshal

    It is a law enforcement scandal as well

  4. And the masses will
    Sleep as the flame under the pot increases.

    The won’t notice until one of their loved ones is directly affected from the heat.

    Then, they will realize some of those they were told were crazy conspiracy theorists went as crazy as they believed.

    How genius to feed the masses that anyone who disagrees is an enemy or crazy.

    And trillions of dollars are being made on the mass hypnosis of the people.

    Tragic and exciting in a way. Exciting to watch what we’ve read about in other countries happening in real time.

    And David icke who I thought was Nita has been banned in 26 EU countries.

    That story is horrifying. And very few know.

    Oh and Ed Snowden….

    Yeah, no propaganda!

  5. “How genius to feed the masses that anyone who disagrees is an enemy or crazy.”

    It’s simply a normal outgrowth of Bill Clinton’s approach to characterize any woman who accused him of doing anything wrong as a slut or a nut.

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