When Officials And Institutions Unethically Engage In Ideological Bullying

The news  was that former college soccer player Kiersten Hening could proceed in her First Amendment lawsuit against Virginia Tech soccer coach Charles “Chugger” Adair. [Full disclosure: I have a reflexive bias against anyone who sports the nickname “Chugger.”] She alleges that he benched her after subjecting her to a vicious dressing down in front of the team, for her refusal to support the Black Lives Matter-dictated kneeling gesture supported by him and most of her teammates in 2020. Hening and two teammates declined to kneel during the Atlantic Coast Conference’s Unity Statement, which was read on stadium loudspeakers prior to the season opener against the University of Virginia in September 2020. 

The court ruled that the lawsuit’s claims are worthy of being decided by a jury, declining a motion for summary judgment filed by the coach.

Well, I haven’t read the briefs, and I can’t be sure what happened. I can be sure of this: the episode is one more example of how Black Lives Matter and the unreasoning freak-out over a career petty crook’s drug-assisted death at the hands of a bad cop in a non-racial incident of police brutality did incalculable harm that is still resonating. I know that the actions of the Atlantic Coast Conference in following other incompetent and irresponsible sports organizations by taking a political position on the matter were foolish, destructive and wrong. I also know that coaches, professors, teachers and school administrators who pressure their youthful charges into taking positions on political and public controversies should be fired.

Whether or not Hening was illegally ostracized and punished for refusing to submit to forced speech, her refusal to engage in the faddish obeisance to the Marxist, racist scam known as Black Lives Matter speaks well of her character and courage. She exemplifies the kind of citizen colleges should be graduating. Unfortunately, their objective appears to be the opposite.

6 thoughts on “When Officials And Institutions Unethically Engage In Ideological Bullying

  1. The almost exclusively white coaches and athletic directors in college athletics will do anything and everything to pander to the poor black kids they need to lure onto their teams to be competitive and keep their ridiculously inflated salaries before they have no more use for the poor black kids who then wander back to wherever they came from without any degree or meaningful educational boost. ADs are the plantation owners and coaches are the field bosses. And the sports business is good for the plantation owners and field bosses. “Hooray for our team! Our bereft black kids are better than your bereft black kids!”

  2. The coach was already berated for lying once (saying he did not know she wasn’t kneeling). My guess is even if she had a poor game and deserved it, that’s not going to go well for him.

      • I just read the brief(?). I was wondering if the two teammates had also been discrimated against, and the coach uses the fact that they weren’t get summary judgment (I think that’s right or at least attempts to, Idk what that is, so little confusing).

        There were apparently meetings about the whole thing prior to the season where the coach and other staff seemed to force them to come to a consenus on the issue with strong hints in favor of BLM. Furthermore, it seems that they were watching the girls social media and knew she was vocally against it.

        I already thought this case was interesting and now even more so given details that were left out of the article.

  3. I saw an update on this case. It looks like they settled for 6 figures. Seems like a good deal for both parties, but Idk what it means for free speech.

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