Twitter Files VII: Here’s More News That’s Fit To Print That The NYT Won’t, And Sunlight That The WaPo Will Block To Keep Us In Darkness…

The latest document drop from Twitter is reported by Michael Shellenberger. I shouldn’t have to do this: real journalists, if there were any, should do it. Yes, I know there’s a Twitter app that will collect tweet-burts like this, but I’m not on Twitter yet and won’t be until I’m certain where this wheel-of-chaos will stop.

As ought to be apparent by now, there are three separate but interlocking ethics matters here. One is, of course, the dastardly and fair election-staining conspiracy by the mainstream news media, social media and the “deep state” intelligence and law enforcement agencies to ensure that Joe Biden won the Presidency in 2020. (No, it is irrelevant that he probably would have won anyway. That is like saying that Barry Bonds deserves to be in the Hall of Fame because he was good enough that he didn’t have to cheat.) The second ethics issue is the implications of the convincing evidence of government agencies using their power and influence to work around the First Amendment and censor speech (and specific individuals) they found inconvenient to their political agendas.

The third is the ongoing refusal of the mainstream media to report this. I regard this the most serious of the three, and the other two are very serious indeed.

Here is “Twitter Files,” part 7. As before, you’ll need to go to the link to see the attachments, which are helpful. A lot is repetitive, but this quote alone is worth reviewing the material: “As of 2020, there were so many former FBI employees — “Bu alumni” — working at Twitter that they had created their own private Slack channel and a crib sheet to onboard new FBI arrivals.”

In Twitter Files #6, we saw the FBI relentlessly seek to exercise influence over Twitter, including over its content, its users, and its data. In Twitter Files #7, we present evidence pointing to an organized effort by representatives of the intelligence community (IC), aimed at senior executives at news and social media companies, to discredit leaked information about Hunter Biden before and after it was published.

The story begins in December 2019 when a Delaware computer store owner named John Paul (J.P.) Mac Isaac contacts the FBI about a laptop that Hunter Biden had left with him On Dec 9, 2019, the FBI issues a subpoena for, and takes, Hunter Biden’s laptop. By Aug 2020, Mac Isaac still had not heard back from the FBI, even though he had discovered evidence of criminal activity. And so he emails Rudy Giuliani, who was under FBI surveillance at the time. In early Oct, Giuliani gives it to@nypost.

Shortly before 7 pm ET on October 13, Hunter Biden’s lawyer, George Mesires, emails JP Mac Isaac. Hunter and Mesires had just learned from the New York Post that its story about the laptop would be published the next day. At 9:22 pm ET (6:22 PT), FBI Special Agent Elvis Chan sends 10 documents to Twitter’s then-Head of Site Integrity, Yoel Roth, through Teleporter, a one-way communications channel from the FBI to Twitter.The next day, October 14, 2020, The New York Post runs its explosive story revealing the business dealings of President Joe Biden’s son, Hunter. Every single fact in it was accurate. And yet, within hours, Twitter and other social media companies censor the NY Post article, preventing it from spreading and, more importantly, undermining its credibility in the minds of many Americans. Why is that? What, exactly, happened?

On Dec 2, Matt Taibbi  described the debate inside Twitter over its decision to censor a wholly accurate article. Since then, we have discovered new info that points to an organized effort by the intel community to influence Twitter & other platforms. First, it’s important to understand that Hunter Biden earned *tens of millions* of dollars in contracts with foreign businesses, including ones linked to China’s government, for which Hunter offered no real work. Here’s an overview by investigative journalist  @peterschweizer

And yet, during all of 2020, the FBI and other law enforcement agencies repeatedly primed Yoel Roth to dismiss reports of Hunter Biden’s laptop as a Russian “hack and leak” operation. This is from a sworn declaration by Roth given in December 2020:

They did the same to Facebook, according to CEO Mark Zuckerberg. “The FBI basically came to us [and] was like, ‘Hey… you should be on high alert. We thought that there was a lot of Russian propaganda in 2016 election. There’s about to be some kind of dump similar to that.'” Were the FBI warnings of a Russian hack-and-leak operation relating to Hunter Biden based on *any* new intel? No, they weren’t “Through our investigations, we did not see any similar competing intrusions to what had happened in 2016,” admitted FBI agent Elvis Chan in Nov. Indeed, Twitter executives *repeatedly* reported very little Russian activity. E.g., on Sept 24, 2020, Twitter told FBI it had removed 345 “largely inactive” accounts “linked to previous coordinated Russian hacking attempts.” They “had little reach & low follower accounts.” n fact, Twitter debunked false claims by journalists of foreign influence on its platform “We haven’t seen any evidence to support that claim” by  @oneunderscore and NBC News of foreign-controlled bots. “Our review thus far shows a small-scale domestic troll effort…”

After FBI asks about a WaPo story on alleged foreign influence in a pro-Trump tweet, Twitter’s Roth says, “The article makes a lot of insinuations… but we saw no evidence that that was the case here (and in fact, a lot of strong evidence pointing in the other direction).” Tt’s not the first time that Twitter’s Roth has pushed back against the FBI. In January 2020, Roth resisted FBI efforts to get Twitter to share data outside of the normal search warrant process.

Pressure had been growing: “We have seen a sustained (If uncoordinated) effort by the IC [intelligence community] to push us to share more info & change our API policies. They are probing & pushing everywhere they can (including by whispering to congressional staff).” Time and again, FBI asks Twitter for evidence of foreign influence & Twitter responds that they aren’t finding anything worth reporting. “[W]e haven’t yet identified activity that we’d typically refer to you (or even flag as interesting in the foreign influence context).”Despite Twitter’s pushback, the FBI repeatedly requests information from Twitter that Twitter has already made clear it will not share outside of normal legal channels. Then, in July 2020, the FBI’s Elvis Chan arranges for temporary Top Secret security clearances for Twitter executives so that the FBI can share information about threats to the upcoming elections. On August 11, 2020, the FBI’s Chan shares information with Twitter’s Roth relating to the Russian hacking organization, APT28, through the FBI’s secure, one-way communications channel, Teleporter. 

Recently, Yoel Roth told @karaswisher that he had been primed to think about the Russian hacking group APT28 before news of the Hunter Biden laptop came out. When it did, Roth said, “It set off every single one of my finely tuned APT28 hack-and-leap campaign alarm bells.” In Aug, 2020, FBI’s Chan asks Twitter: does anyone there have top secret clearance? When someone mentions Jim Baker, Chan responds, “I don’t know how I forgot him” — an odd claim, given Chan’s job is to monitor Twitter, not to mention that they worked together at the FBI. Who is Jim Baker? He’s former general counsel of the FBI (2014-18) & one of the most powerful men in the U.S. intel community. Baker has moved in and out of government for 30 years, serving stints at CNN, Bridgewater (a $140 billion asset management firm) and Brookings.A s general counsel of the FBI, Baker played a central role in making the case internally for an investigation of Donald Trump. Baker wasn’t the only senior FBI exec. involved in the Trump investigation to go to Twitter. Dawn Burton, the former dep. chief of staff to FBI head James Comey, who initiated the investigation of Trump, joined Twitter in 2019 as director of strategy. As of 2020, there were so many former FBI employees — “Bu alumni” — working at Twitter that they had created their own private Slack channel and a crib sheet to onboard new FBI arrivals. Efforts continued to influence Twitter’s Yoel Roth. In Sept 2020, Roth participated in an Aspen Institute “tabletop exercise” on a potential “Hack-and-Dump” operation relating to Hunter Biden The goal was to shape how the media covered it — and how social media carried it. The organizer was Vivian Schiller, the fmr CEO of NPR, fmr head of news at Twitter; fmr Gen. mgr of NY Times; fmr Chief Digital Officer of NBC News Attendees included Meta/FB’s head of security policy and the top nat. security reporters for the New York Times and the Washington Post, and others. By mid-Sept, 2020, Chan & Roth had set up an encrypted messaging network so employees from FBI & Twitter could communicate. They also agree to create a “virtual war room” for “all the [Internet] industry plus FBI and ODNI” [Office of the Director of National Intelligence].  hen, on Sept 15, 2020 the FBI’s Laura Dehmlow, who heads up the Foreign Influence Task Force, and Elvis Chan, request to give a classified briefing for Jim Baker, without any other Twitter staff, such as Yoel Roth, present.

On Oct 14, shortly after the NY Post publishes its Hunter Biden laptop story, Roth says, “it isn’t clearly violative of our Hacked Materials Policy, nor is it clearly in violation of anything else,” but adds, “this feels a lot like a somewhat subtle leak operation.” In response to Roth, Baker repeatedly insists that the Hunter Biden materials were either faked, hacked, or both, and a violation of Twitter policy. Baker does so over email, and in a Google doc, on October 14 and 15.

And yet it’s inconceivable Baker believed the Hunter Biden emails were either fake or hacked. The  Posthad included a picture of the receipt signed by Hunter Biden, and an FBI subpoena showed that the agency had taken possession of the laptop in December 2019. As for the FBI, it likely would have taken a few *hours* for it to confirm that the laptop had belonged to Hunter Biden. Indeed, it only took a few days for journalist  @peterschweizer to prove it. By 10 am, Twitter execs had bought into a wild hack-and-dump story “The suggestion from experts – which rings true – is there was a hack that happened separately, and they loaded the hacked materials on the laptop that magically appeared at a repair shop in Delaware.” At 3:38 pm that same day, October 14, Baker arranges a phone conversation with Matthew J. Perry in the Office of the General Counsel of the FBI.

Today, Shellenberger refers readers to his piece at substack, and writes,

The mainstream media’s blackout of the Twitter Files is appalling, but word is getting out anyway. A new Harvard-Harris poll finds that 76% of voters think former FBI official James Baker acted out of politics in censoring the Hunter Biden laptop story while at Twitter. Anyone who reads the Twitter Files, regardless of their political orientation, should share those concerns.

Indeed. But the comments on Twitter Files #7 show just how committed thoroughly indoctrinated partisans in the public are, with many tweets on Shelleberger’s posts still maintaining that the story isn’t “newsworthy” or braying “What about Trump?” It’s profoundly depressing, for these are the totalitarians in our midst. They do not acre about free speech, fair elections, due process or unbiased law enforcement as long as they are ignored and violated for “the greater good”—in their view, of course.

4 thoughts on “Twitter Files VII: Here’s More News That’s Fit To Print That The NYT Won’t, And Sunlight That The WaPo Will Block To Keep Us In Darkness…

  1. And their enablers are still at work. Naysayer members of Twitter and other alternate social media sites to which the deranged are fleeing will not look at any of this with an uncritical eye. They will blame the messenger, they will find ways to rationalize, they will minimize the activity.

    The Ends Justify the Means, remember? As Harry Reid noted, “It worked, didn’t it?”

  2. I’m left wondering why the Twitter files have been released in the order and method we have seen so far.

    Okay, the method is easy enough–Musk wants it to drive twitter traffic, even though twitter is a horrendous medium for releasing large amounts of data.

    But the order… release this first! Don’t let the mainstream media obliquely acknowledge the Twitter files with the caveat that it’s a big “nothingburger” (i hate that term) because there wasn’t any evidence of the government pressuring Twitter to censor! Now, anyone who was truly honestly curious about it has probably lost interest after release #3 and the truly shocking (and probably illegal!) revelations are buried under the less salacious dumps that have already occurred.

    This is a huge scandal that is absolutely being met with silence by the media.

  3. I agree, Jack, your third point is the most insidious. MSM is still the MSM. They used Social Media as a conduit to amplify their positions. The censorship techniques employed by Social Media are the same techniques the MSM has used for decades. The “Crossing the Rubicon” moment occurred shortly after the 2016 presidential election when the New York Times essentially declared: We were not proactive enough in our efforts to defeat Donald Trump. Going forward, journalistic ETHICS be damned; we will use all available resources to ensure that failure does not happen again.

    It was a clarion call, and the majority of the MSM, along with their new allies, Social Media, took that call to heart. American media declared a “civil war” against non-progressive ideology and all those who oppose or question progressive policies.

    Four for years, despite being woefully outnumbered, Trump fought back using of all things, Twitter. His policies and successes proved effective and, in many cases, winning the “hearts and minds” of the American people. Then COVID hit and it opened a new front in the war. It allowed governmental agencies to double-down their “behind-the-lines” efforts to destroy Trump and his supporters. They succeeded.

    Caesar is now upon us.

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