Ha! And You Thought The Left In New York, Chicago And Portland Had Gone Completely Bonkers…The City Across The Bay Says “Hold My Beer”

The official proposal from San Francisco’s African American Reparations Advisory Committee, the existence of which itself is evidence of psychosis, is finally out, and The Great Stupid has reached a new benchmark.

In December, Ethics Alarms reported that California’s Task Force to Study and Recommend Reparations Proposals for African Americans was about to submit a recommendation that the state hand over $223,200 each to all descendants of slaves in California as a just remedy for housing discrimination against blacks between 1933 and 1977. The cost to California taxpayers will be about $559 billion, more than California’s entire annual budget. I concluded that “it was just one more indicator of how the entire state had lost its collective mind, that The Great Stupid knows no bounds.” Well, I was right about that, and San Francisco’s panel apparently decided to show the USA that its home state was relatively reasonable.

The committee, after much thought, study and debate, has proposed a one-time payment of $5 million to each black resident of the city deemed eligible as recompense for the “decades of harm they have experienced.” And that’s not all! The committee also proposes cancelling all debts associated with educational, personal, credit card and payday loans for black households, and supplementing lower-income recipients’ income for the next 250 years. After all, the report points out, “Reparation​ ​must be adequate, effective, prompt, and should be proportional to the gravity of the violations and the harm suffered.​”​

They do not, apparently, have to be feasible, responsible, reasonable or constitutional, but then, the city has been working up to clinical insanity for quite some time. We shouldn’t be too surprised.

Remember, California never permitted slavery, so this is literally a proposed mass transfer of wealth based entirely on race. Meanwhile, Asian Americans, whose treatment in the Golden State is a historic horror story, may have some criticism to offer.

Board of Supervisors President Aaron Peskin told the San Francisco Chronicle that he hopes they will be approved. “There are so many efforts that result in incredible reports that just end up gathering dust on a shelf,” Peskin said. “We cannot let this be one of them.” No, Peskin isn’t black, remarkably enough. He’s just another virtue-signaling, irresponsible, deluded white Democrat.

Meanwhile, Mayor London Breed’s office is predicting a budget shortfall of roughly $728 million over the next two years, and local businesses are signing a petition demanding that the city refund all sales and property taxes because the city has abdicated its duties regarding crime and the homeless.

Boy, just wait until they find out everyone has to learn Swedish and wear their underwear on the outside….


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14 thoughts on “Ha! And You Thought The Left In New York, Chicago And Portland Had Gone Completely Bonkers…The City Across The Bay Says “Hold My Beer”

  1. My conspiracy theory is that Louis Farrakhan is behind this some how.

    Quickly most black people rush to Cali, get resident status and start collecting. Most everybody else vacates the premises.

    Viola, a separate black state. And they have the best weather too!

    • SomewhereElse wrote, “Quickly most black people rush to Cali, get resident status and start collecting. Most everybody else vacates the premises.”

      But then it would be black people being overtaxed to pay reparations to black people.

  2. ” proportional to the gravity of the violations and the harm suffered”

    I would like to see the analysis on this.

    Proportionality suggests that different people would be treated differently.

    But, they are being paid exactly the same amounts.


    • You’re right, and the Land of Fruit Cakes and Nut Cases simply has to know that.

      IMO, their angle is like that of the JoKe administration’s lame attempt to issue student loan debt forgiveness: They know it’ll fail, but they’ve positioned themselves say: Hey, we tried, but those RAYcists got in the way.

      • Paul W. Schlecht wrote, “They know it’ll fail, but they’ve positioned themselves say: Hey, we tried, but those RAYcists got in the way.”

        I see it a little bit differently.

        Yes they certainly know it will fail and they can and will certainly tar anyone that opposes the proposal as racists, but the real blame is going to be the Constitution that won’t allow them to do what they want. The Constitution will be tarred as racist and dysfunctional preventing progressive purity from doing the right thing. Any way they can demonize the Constitution will help the public slide towards totalitarianism.

  3. And none of it will help African Americans thrive at all. That money will be gone from most households faster than my husband can flip pancakes on the nights when I don’t want to cook.

  4. If this would be funded by the “oppressors”, would people like Obama be on the hook to pay double… once for his white parent and once for the one actually from Africa, where they captured and sold off their fellows?

  5. Here’s how I see it playing out. The City by the Bay will issue scrip to all the reparees. In no time at all, the scrip will be effectively useless. People will be using wheelbarrows to transfer money. Speculators will scoop up all the scrip for pennies, or more likely, mills on the dollar. The speculators will then press the City, then known as Weimar on the Bay, in court for full payment of the scrip in dollars. San Franisco will declare bankruptcy. The Golden State will not allow its historical, cultural center to go bankrupt, so the state will assume the city’s obligations. And go bankrupt. At which point, the federal government will bail out California. Then president Sandy Cortez will then go on television and say, “We’ll just print more money. It’s what we always do.” The Chinese will stop buying U.S. debt and take over the continental U.S. Thomas Friedman will be installed as governor or East China.

  6. Ignore for a moment that it isn’t feasible to try to identify the descendants of slaves, ignore that the payout would be illegal, ignore that it would completely crater the budget, ignore that it would drastically increase inflation rates, ignore that there are more than two races in America… Ignore all that for a moment. The math on this is bizarre.

    First off… Who gets paid? San Francisco has a population of 815,000 or which 45,000 are African American. The math on 50 billion dollars divided into 5 million dollar lumps is 10,000 recipients… Which quarter of the black population gets paid?

    Second… Assume they’ve figured that out. How did they arrive at five million? What they’ll probably say, if they haven’t just pulled the number entirely out of their ass, is some voodoo accounting that involves the difference between black and white wealth at the time of the founding, interest and inflation rates over time, and 400 years of compounding. The problem with that is that that doesn’t reflect reality. White people didn’t earn a dollar in 1600 and watch it compound for 422 years, median white wealth for an American family is about $180,000.

    This hits me as Lucille Bluth math (“What could a banana cost, Michael? $10?). Someone thought $5 million was reasonable. That, I think, says something about them.

    Regardless, the difference between median white family wealth and median black family wealth is about $150,000. So lump-summing five million dollars to every black man, woman and child wouldn’t do anything but flip the narrative from an admittedly bad $150,000 wealth gap to a problem that is three orders of magnitude worse.

    “We think a racial wealth disparity of $150,000 is intolerable. We propose to correct it by creating a reversed disparity of $19,850,000 for your average family of four.”

    Even paying a quarter of the black population that sum would flip the disparity from $150,000 to $4,850,000.

    They’re just saying shit. Who pays for these studies?

      • I can’t help but think that’s the purpose of all this. I’m not an expert on American history by a long shot but even my low level of expertise tells me that California of all states is an odd place to start with reparations to descendants of slaves. Not only because it didn’t have slavery (something I learned today) but also because of its history with other ethnic groups.

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