How Jolly! The White House Has Figured Out That Virtue-Signaling Policies With No Tangible Benefits But Substantial Negative Consequences Are Not In The Nation’s Best Interests…

What an infuriating news item!

RealClear Energy informs us…

…the Department of Energy quietly released a report highlighting the positive economic benefits of developing the Keystone XL pipeline from Canada, an energy project canceled by President Biden in the hours following his inauguration….Released without a formal announcement, the DOE’s report points out that the pipeline would have created between 16,149 and 59,000 jobs and would have had an economic benefit of between $3.4 and 9.6 billion….Yet with one stroke of his pen, Biden slashed the project and instead focused his efforts on costly “green energy” goals. As a result of his executive action, 11,000 pipeline workers were promptly laid off…

Now, everyone except hard-core climate change fanatics—and maybe poor Joe— knew that closing down the pipeline would have no salutary effects on global warming or conservation. The Obama administration had essentially admitted that shutting it down would be largely symbolic but otherwise pointless (like all climate change grandstanding). Never mind: the pipeline was killed anyway just as Biden had promised to do on “Day One” during the 2020 campaign.  If they could have voted, the 16-year-olds would have gone for Biden. The rest of the RealClear Energy item notes that “oil, natural gas and electricity prices have more than doubled in just a single year. Meanwhile, more than 28 percent of Americans abstained from purchasing food or medicine to pay an energy bill in 2021.” Might the climate change worshipers that Biden is obviously in thrall to acknowledge that such measures as the pipeline’s cancellation are irresponsible and wrong?

Nah. This is a revoltingly flat learning curve. The progressive narrative demands that measures that cannot be shown to have any beneficial effect while harming Americans are “good policy.” It isn’t. It’s stupid policy. It’s also European-style policy, and once again, there is a reason why the United States went its own way in 1776. We are supposed to be wary of the way they do things, indeed the way they view government and individual liberty, priorities—indeed the way they think across the Atlantic. Such contrarianism has served us well. But Joe and the Gang, and it is increasingly acting like a gang, are like lemmings following conventional European wisdom off a cliff….

In Germany, the situation has gotten so desperate that candle sales are skyrocketing as families anticipate power outages in the dead of winter. Some German villages are being ploughed over to make way for digging brown coal, a step necessitated by Germany’s misguided overcommitment to wind and solar power….Europe’s obsession with green energy and overreliance on Russian gas have resulted in energy cost increases so severe that 147,000 more people are projected to die this winter from cold-related illness than if electricity prices had remained at the 2015-2019 average….In Finland, electric car owners are being told not to warm up their vehicles on cold mornings to avoid putting unnecessary strain on the nation’s failing electricity grid. [In] the United Kingdom… families are being bribed to sit in the dark in exchange for electric bill savings and other prizes.

There’s hope, I suppose, looking at this from a “glass half-full” perspective. It only took two years for this regime to admit that a foolish measure that most knew before it was instituted would only be  destructive and useless except for making Greta Thunberg, AOC and others of similar delusions happy was, in fact, exactly as it appeared to be.

That’s something. Isn’t it?


14 thoughts on “How Jolly! The White House Has Figured Out That Virtue-Signaling Policies With No Tangible Benefits But Substantial Negative Consequences Are Not In The Nation’s Best Interests…

  1. You know, Jack, I’m so sick of all this. I have been sick of it since Biden was handed the presidency without earning it!! Further, he’s in no mental state to legitimately lay all the blame on for how wretchedly bad everything has become. He never has been. Biden is nothing more than an empty suit; an empty shell, a puppet.
    So let me just say it….
    If you voted for Biden/Harris, then YOU did this !!!

  2. Not only that, I contend that killing Keystone helped make Russia’s invasion of Ukraine a reality. Before January 2021, the US was energy independent and (I believe) an exporter of oil. When Russia began sniffing around Ukrainian borders, the President could have taken that asset, called Vladimir Putin, and simply said, “If you invade Ukraine, we will flood the market with every drop of oil we can…at $10 a barrel. And we’ll be sure to offer it to everyone that currently buys from you. We will undercut your prices, we will steal your customers, and we will make it our life’s mission to bankrupt you.”

    I don’t know if the US could actually do that, but without Keystone, we definitely could NOT.

    Killing Keystone has been a disaster.

    • Was doing so even legal? Didn’t the pipeline people have all the permits and then they were simply yanked by executive order? Didn’t they sue the government?

      • I think he withdrew the border agreement with the US and Canada, not the easements themselves or construction or any of that. I could be wrong.
        I also wonder if it was legal since construction was already started.

        • I remain amazed the project was stopped so effortlessly. I’m not an oil and gas person, more real estate. So, it seems if it were a real estate project, the zoning would have vested once the project was started, and I assumed the situation would be analogous in the case of a pipeline and its permitting. How can people do pipelines if the permits can be pulled willy nilly? All that investment just up in smoke.

          • They’re done with landowner easements. Each county has a process for the entirety of the line through the county and for pipelines the crossing of county roads sometimes requires its own documentation, but mostly they pay for easements with the landowners, go around public lands because it’s a bigger hassle and some states you can do eminent domain to get the easement you need. This is the same process for power lines, gas, oil, wind, solar, rail, etc. Unless the landowner told Keystone to have an expiration date for the construction process (most didn’t) the easement is permanent. It’ll never ever go away even if it’s built 30 or 300 years from now they’ll still have that easement unless the landowner stated otherwise.

  3. What’s going on? Documents that Biden had here and there for over six years were suddenly found? And the media learned of it and eventually published the info? And now Ron Klain is being pushed out, er looking to spend time with his family. If Ron Klain is leaving, who’s going to be running the country? Dr. Jill? Susan Rice? And now the DOE is all of a sudden stating the obvious? About a decision Ron Klain and all the super lefties forced down the electorate’s throat like a goose being force fed to make foie gras? I thought Joe Biden was the solution to the Trump! problem. Are the Dems afraid Trump will be indicted by Merrick Garland and won’t be around for Joe to limp, er, run against? So they need someone else, pronto? But I saw the Washington Post ran an article today saying Trump would trounce DeSantis, which made me assume the only things the Dems are planning on running on is “We’re going to save you from TRUMP!” Isn’t the FBI running everything anymore? This is concerning.

    • And now the DOJ has found more documents at one of Joe’s homes. Am I correct in assuming when the media says the DOJ has been conducting a search, they mean the FBI on the DOJ’s behalf? Or are attorneys no doing their own sleuthing, a la Perry Mason?

      Is someone trying to make Bide and his handlers look ridiculous?

        • Expect lots more stories like this, especially now that the midterms are over. Obama once said something to the effect of, “never underestimate Joe’s ability to fuck things up.” Apparently that got forgotten though, because the alternatives were an academic who lied about her ethnic background or a Communist in the era when even the Russians are not Communists anymore. The mistake was the Democratic Party, the establishment GOP, and what Tucker Carlson refers to as permanent Washington thinking that we could all handle four years of a Joe Biden presidency and that it would be a relatively small price to pay for getting rid of Trump. Two years later the price of gas and milk are way up (okay, the price of gas is a little lower for now, but, just like a year ago, $4 a gallon is probably just the other side of Memorial Day), we still look feckless after the mess that was Afghanistan, and Ukraine is becoming a black hole into which all our money and weapons disappear with no realistic end in sight. NOW Zelensky wants us not just to give him weapons to help him defend his territory, but weapons to go on the offensive against Russia. For the moment we’re saying no, but I doubt we’ll say no forever, because encouraging a stalemate helps no one, least of all ourselves.

          Suddenly Ron Klain is being pushed out and classified documents are popping up everywhere in Biden’s possession. I do not think this is a coincidence.

  4. Another really frightening reason to not put more of our eggs into one “electric powered everything on the grid” basket. We’re due in a couple of years for a technology/grid wrecking solar storm maybe worse than earlier events that caused havoc when telegraph was hi-tec. Deep space satellites might give an hour warning for airliners to find landing sites.

  5. My guess is that, now that the midterms are over, the media will begin a slow process of denigrating Joe to damage his chances of reelection so that a younger, healthier and more radical candidate can take the White House. At which time, they will quickly turn on the Republicans they pretended to balance their coverage with for two years.

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