Ethics Hero: Philadelphia Flyers’ Ivan Provorov…And Introducing “The Bite Me”

NHL player Ivan Provorov, a Philadelphia Flyers defenseman, has declined to wear a “Pride”-themed warmup jersey as mandated by the team and the league, which has been pandering hard to the LGBTQ mob.

 “I respect everybody’s choices. My choice is to stay to true to myself and my religion.” Provorov says. He is a member of the Russian Orthodox Church, which holds a traditional position on gender and sexuality. Flyers coach John Tortorella has defended Provorov’s position.

He should. The “Pride” jersey is a political statement, and no American—or Russian!—should be required to make any political statement against his or her will. The NHL is out of line, unethical, and wildly so.

Naturally, wokism being what it is (totalitarian), Provorov is being attacked by activists and members of the media, because so many people are weenies and will fold like an origami swan if anyone criticizes them. NHL Network’s E.J. Hradek said that if the player will not “assimilate” —that is, knuckle under to the mob– he should instead go fight for Russia in Ukraine. “If it bothers you that much, there’s always a chance to leave, go back to where you feel more comfortable,” said Hradek. “I understand there’s a conflict of sorts going on over there, maybe get involved.”

Proverov is a better American than Hradek.

The player is showing fans and citizens of this country, particularly academics, school administrators, timid comedians and anyone else who doesn’t quite grasp the concept underlying “the land of the free and the home of the brave,” how responsible citizens, cognizant of their individual duties to the society and culture, need to respond when enforced conformity beckons.

“Bite me.”

And thus, with this Ethics Hero designation for Ivan Provorov, Ethics Alarms hereby officially announces a new honor, the Bite Me, honoring those bold and essential people whose response to being bullied, pressured and threatened into submissiveness is to say, “Do your worst. I believe in what I am doing, and I don’t grovel to mobs.”

I must make one thing clear: the Bite Me will not always we awarded to someone who is in the right. However, the refusal to be intimidated, and the elimination of the impulse to emulate Winston Smith when unpleasant consequences loom for staying true to one’s own beliefs and principles—the insistence on individualism rather than seeking approval from the majority or a powerful crowd—are crucial to the survival of the American spirit.

The Bite Me also has an official song…


Pointer: Willem Reese

11 thoughts on “Ethics Hero: Philadelphia Flyers’ Ivan Provorov…And Introducing “The Bite Me”

  1. I almost sent you a pointer to this story when it broke last week. Yes, it caused some sturm and drang in hockey circles, with some of the ire being pointed at head coach John Tortorella, in that he took a seemingly opposite tack during the whole Kaepernick/kneel fiasco.

    Tortorella, by the way, is probably the most colorful head coach in the NHL. He has old-school bluntness that sometimes irritates players, but plays well to their fans. Example: “I’m not here to babysit millionaires.”

    Meantime, went to a game of Boston’s AHL affiliate in Providence Sunday. We had a blast. Audience of all ages, shapes, sizes and colors (though admittedly predominately white). Best part: between periods, they had five-minute scrimmages for kids’ hockey before cleaning the ice. The youngest scrimmage had both boys and girls on the teams. It was adorable – and hilarious. A 200′ long rink is a mighty run for five year olds….

    • Arthur…
      Have to ask (since you are both a hockey fan and a member of the commentariat here): Have you followed the situation around Bruce Boudreau’s firing? Should Jack name Jim Rutherford as an Ethics Dunce?
      I mean, when a magazine like Forbes mentions hockey, its a rare day…

      For those who may not know:

      Also… for Jack… John Tortorella is from Medford MA…

      Cheers… Mike

      • I doubt Jack follows hockey enough to weigh in… but *I* certainly consider Rutherford an ethics dunce. That entire team is a shitshow. Their brand new head coach, Rick Tocchet, pleaded guilty in 2007 for his involvement in a gambling ring in New Jersey. Got two years probation – he could have been jailed for five years. And Tocchet is something like their fifth head coach in the past five years!

        Not all is woe, however. Their best center is on his way out the door as an unrestricted free agent at the end of this season and is known to be on the trade market. So there’s a silver lining if somehow the Bruins can figure out a way to 1) trade for him, and 2) extend him.

        Boudreau handled the entire thing with class, and I suspect he’ll find a new gig fairly quickly – if he wants one. The whole Canucks thing reminds me of how the Bruins organization left Bruce Cassidy twisting in the wind last summer… but I’d have to say that what Vancouver did to Boudreau was even worse.

  2. I tried to find a clean cut of this Canadian losing his mind on TV over this refusal. Michael Knowles of Daily Wire preludes the meltdown by mistakenly stating that this is a reaction to a basketball player’s decision to not wear the special patch. The deranged individual appears at one minute in.

    • Harsh, but true. Not all causes are of equal merit, and the comparison of gay pride to veterans is an insult to veterans. Sports players’ jerseys and ordinary people’s lapels are not default places to show organizational association with the cause du jour or even whatever cause the ownership has decided to pander to.

      I myself have met some nonsense from coworkers about the fact that at least for a while, I chose to wear across United States and Ukrainian flag pin on my lapel this past year. I also refused to wear any kind of Black Lives Matter pin now going on 3 years ago. Sorry, but I just happen to believe that a nation fighting for its freedom and possibly its existence against invaders is much more heroic than a freak out due to the fact that a lifelong petty criminal died while resisting arrest and high as a kite. But forget trying to explain it to anyone. As far as any of those folks are concerned I’m just a racist who so far hasn’t said or done anything openly racist, but one day I’ll slip, and they’ll be ready to pounce.

      This is such a freaking double standard. Krappernick won’t stand for the national anthem and is increasingly blatantly anti-American, and he’s some kind of hero who was unfairly run out of the NFL. This guy decides he won’t endorse homosexual activity and say it’s such a great thing, and he’s a bigot who needs to be shipped back overseas to aid in the invasion of the Ukraine. The spreadsheet of the approved and unapproved causes for the general populace.

  3. What is really needed is the contrarian who refuses and says “I support LGBTQ causes, but I’m here to play hockey, not make political or social statements.” There needs to be a stronger pushback from both sides against the “silence is violence” and “if you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the problem” nonsense. Unfortunately, one side demands conformity and wrongthink is to be punished.

  4. Can anyone imagine what would happen to someone who told a black person they should either “assimilate” or “go back to where they came from?” WOW! Goose? Seen any ganders?

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