And There It Is, The Smoking Gun! A Pulitzer-Winning Journalist Declares That His Biased Partisan Opinion Is “Fact”

This is a fact: most of today’s journalists really think like this, being arrogant, self-inflated, ignorant and incompetent hacks who believe “journalism” means advancing the “greater good” through their craft, the “greater good as defined, of course, by them..

During a National Press Club panel last month supposedly on the journalistic challenges of covering extremism—meaning “How do we make sure as many Democrats are elected as possible, since that is the party 98% of us support?”, Wesley Lowery, the former Washington Post reporter who won the Pulitzer Prize for journalism for his coverage of the Ferguson race riots, told his fawning audience,

“We have one political party that traffics in the same talking points as white supremacists, be it on immigration, be it on Muslims, be it on any number of issues, where the mainstream political rhetoric could be written by avowed racists…I’ll be honest, I don’t think very much about the mantle of neutrality. It’s either raining outside or it’s not raining outside. I’m not particularly interested in sounding neutral about which it is….[The Republican Party] is a mix of nativism, of anti-urbanism, of anti-cosmopolitanism, a fear of immigrants. It’s the exact same things that drove the Klan movement of the 1920s. But to say that in public—the way that Newsbusters is going to headline the write-up of this panel is going to be that I compared Donald Trump to the Klan. Right? Now this is a literal true factual description. How can we understand our moment if we are not allowed to make any comparison or add any context?”

This is supposed to be one of the really outstanding journalists, and he “literally” can’t tell the difference between his opinion and fact. This means that Lowry cannot be trusted. It means that he shouldn’t be a journalist.

The National Press Club should have a non-partisan professional ethicist on any panel like that.

But I don’t think it would like what I had to say….

[Note: To be fair, Lowry’s not really missing the top part of his head as that screenshot above suggests. However, if he were, it would at least be an excuse for his ridiculous comments.]

6 thoughts on “And There It Is, The Smoking Gun! A Pulitzer-Winning Journalist Declares That His Biased Partisan Opinion Is “Fact”

  1. Dems and their propagandists (i.e. most MSM and journalists) have been bragging more openly and dismissively about all the shenanigans they have been committing for the last 6+ yrs, and they are become more and more unapologetic about their partisanship, and more and more blatant in their vilification of those who disagree with them. It scares me because it suggests that they think/know that they have made sure they’ll be in power for long time to come and won’t be held accountable.

  2. This really is disheartening for two reasons:

    First, you are right, he does not seem to understand the difference between fact and opinion. Sadly, 4 years of Trump and the tabulation of his “lies” revealed how poorly most people understand the concept (all while emboldening them in their ignorance).

    Second, he seems completely oblivious to his ignorance about things that he does not believe. I do not believe he understands the people whose views he criticizes. Perhaps, by background, perhaps by education, and perhaps by having friends who disagree with me, I think I have a fairly sympathetic idea about the views held by people with whom I disagree. if I had to argue their positions, I think I could do a decent job (perhaps even better than some of them could do themselves).

    I don’t think this idiot really understands the people he is criticizing. Were he forced to (UPON PAIN OF DEATH), he would be unable to provide a competent or sincere defense of those he likens to the Klan.

    And, he seems proud of that, finding little value in “neutrality.” He seems comfortable in his biases.

    Yes, that makes him untrustworthy.


  3. “The time has come for all good men to rise above principle” – attributed to Huey Long.

    “Well, gentlemen, those are my principles, and if you don’t like them, I have others” – attributed to many, e.g. Barny Barnato.

    “My opinions may have changed, but not the fact that I am right” – Ashleigh Brilliant.

  4. Hes uncomfortable trying to assume the mantle of neutrality. Well, at least he’s honest about that. I can imagine it being extremely difficut to feign neutrality while applying so much slant.

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