Ethics Mash-Up! Cross Today’s Post On Unethical Laws With The Post On Tolerated Cheating And You Get…

…the Minnesota District Court ruling that biological males must be allowed to compete in women’s powerlifting competitions if they “identify” as female. (The posts referenced above are here and here).

The decision, which declared USA Powerlifting’s 2019 policy barring biological men from competing against women illegal in the state a violation of the Minnesota Human Rights Act. That it is, because the Minnesota Human Rights Act is unethical in its treatment of the transgender issue, not to mention bats. The ruling requires USA Powerlifting to amend its policy to allow transgender people to compete along with other members of their self-identities sex. As a result, female power-lifters who didn’t have the advantage of going through puberty as males are going to be squashed in competition with newly minted ex-men. If ever there was a sport where allowing transexual competitors was unconscionable, this is it.

But Minnesota is right up there (down there?) with California, Washington, Oregon, New York and Vermont when it comes to placing woke ideology over reality.

The legally cheating powerlifter is JayCee Cooper, above on the left. The trans powerlifter on the right is Mary Gregory, who broke four women’s records in her new gender suit, leading to the USA Powerlifting bar.

The judge’s ruling followed the law. The law follows mad wokeness. Such anti-women’s sports trends will reverse when the athletes themselves take a stand against officially sanctioned cheating—Cooper and Gregory are cheats—and refuse to compete against biological males in powerlifting or any other sport.

8 thoughts on “Ethics Mash-Up! Cross Today’s Post On Unethical Laws With The Post On Tolerated Cheating And You Get…

  1. Wow!

    I had a 2-hour hearing with this Judge yesterday on civil motions yesterday. I don’t recall dealing with him ever before, but this is perplexing.

    He is an older judge.

    I wonder if that could lead to a reverse cognitive bias where you are automatically skeptical of you initial instincts

    I could relate to that.

    Without reading his 40-page decision, and perhaps because of that, I have no idea how he could have ruled that way.


  2. I think it’s just a matter of time before we have the first professional major league baseball, football, hockey, basketball player who is a woman (or, at least is a biological man identifying as a woman)

  3. Presumably these two lifters have had their parts removed. If so, I somewhat empathize. Everytime I deadlift, I have to be especially careful when the bar lifts. My arms are just the right length that the bar hits my man parts in the way to the top(Is it my lifting form?). If they have had this trouble, then after having their parts removed, I could understand(but not agree) confusing one’s self with a woman.

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