This Tears It: Biden Supporters Are Forever Ethically Estopped From Complaining About Trump’s “Lies”

The point at which Trump-Deranged, pro-Biden warriors could credibly claim that the current President is any less prone to uttering counter-factual fantasy than the previous one passed long before Joe Biden was elected, but it officially reached the absurdity level during Biden’s soft-ball  interview with actor Kal Penn, who was guest hosting “The Daily Show” on Comedy Central.

When Penn asked Biden about his “evolution” on same-sex marriage, the perpetually addled POTUS exploded informed and objective heads all over America with this self-evident fiction, saying that in 1960, when he was in high school, Biden was momentarily shocked to see two men kissing. He said that his dad turned to him and said, “Joey, it’s simple, they love each other,” and that Joe adopted that approach ever since. “Doesn’t matter whether it’s same-sex or a heterosexual couple, they should be able to be married,” Biden told Penn. “What is the problem? So, listen to your auntie and uncle, get married. Do it now.”

That was an utter and complete fabrication, though Penn didn’t challenge it, either because he doesn’t know enough about Biden to conduct a competent interview, or because he doesn’t have the guts to call out an obvious lie.

To begin with, in 1960 gays were completely closeted: I don’t believe Biden saw two men kissing, and I don’t believe that, if he did, his father would have said, “Hey, it’s no big deal! This is 1960!” Furthermore, the idea of same sex marriage was barely a twinkle in the eye of the most creative gay activist alive then. Homosexual relations were illegal in most states. The term “gay” wasn’t even in common use.

More specific to Joe, however, is that if he believed in gay love’s legitimacy since he was in high school, why did he have such a long and unequivocal record of opposing gay rights and the legal recognition of same-sex couples? In 1973, long after he graduated high school, Senator Biden told his Delaware constituents that his “gut reaction” to a question about gays working for the federal government was that they would be “security risks.” In 1996,  Senator Biden voted for  the Defense of Marriage Act, which declared that states were not required to recognize same-sex marriages performed in another state and defined marriage as being between a man and a woman.  ​ Two years earlier, Biden was supported a measure proposed by Republican Senators. Robert Smith of New Hampshire and Jesse Helms of North Carolina that cut federal funds to schools that taught acceptance of homosexuality. During an appearance on “Meet the Press” in 2006, Biden said in part, “Look, marriage is between a man and a woman and states must respect that.”

Conclusion: Biden made up his story about his pro-love father and his “Love is Love” epiphany.

Pointing out that Donald Trump can’t be accused of a false assertion any more obviously made up isn’t “whataboutism.” It’s “haveyounosenseofdecencyism.” Biden supporters reveal themselves as absolute hypocrites on an Olympian scale by harping on Trump’s undeniable (but still exaggerated) problems with facts while holding on to the always ridiculous claim that Biden would restore honor to the Presidency.

This calls for the application of ethics estoppel. You can’t complain about Trump and let Biden get away with claiming to be a high school gay marriage advocate in 1960. Yes, he’s senile, but dementia victims forget things; they don’t usually remember, as Biden told Penn “exactly where my epiphany was” when there was no such epiphany.

So shut up. Your guy is at least a compulsive a liar as Trump. Find some other rationalization for pretending he isn’t a disaster.






16 thoughts on “This Tears It: Biden Supporters Are Forever Ethically Estopped From Complaining About Trump’s “Lies”

      • Thank you Jack. I read you every day, all day. Sorry, I was careless and neglected to place an apostrophe after the l in liberal. But I was so high and worked up from that post…

  1. Oceania has always been at war with Eastasia.

    They have no sense of decency because they know they will get away with it. Their supporters will rationalize on their behalf and their allies in the media and the entertainment industry will ignore it.

  2. Slo-jo spends most his time streaming Netflix serious that portray physical intimacy between gay/lesbian couples every fifth scene.
    Those images may have further interrupted the smooth functioning of his already plaque infested neurons and so he may actually believe what he said.
    Let’s be fair and give the big guy the benefit of the doubt.

  3. Is it now fair to say Joe has clearly crossed well into George Santos compulsive fabulist territory? Of course, he’s been making up stuff his entire career. Complete malarky from an Irish drunk.

  4. Where did Biden grow up? All I know is that now, in 2023, I have never in my life seen two men kiss. And I spent most of my growing up in the liberal bastions of Washington, DC.

  5. The best part of the story is the way he roped in his father. We’re to believe that a straight dude born during WWI was totally on board with two men kissing in public in 1960? Biden might as well have said that little green men from Alpha Centaur came down in a flying saucer and gave him a golden tablet explaining gay marriage. Just as believable.

    He’s offered versions of this cockamamie story before. I wonder if he truly believes this delusion actually happened. The brain is a complicated thing, and his has had more than his share of damage over the years (two aneurysms and the associated surgeries, with senility on top of all that, it’s a wonder he can even speak at all). It’s entirely possible that this fake memory feels as real to him as the memories of things that actually happened. That’s the scary part – not a liar as president, but a man so addled that he thinks his lies are true.

  6. Pathological liars can’t help it. They have to have a “better” story than anyone else, and don’t feel the shame a normal person does in being caught in a lie. They’ll even trot out their nonsense in front of people whom they know will know the truth. Think of John Lovitz’s character on SNL, or the “Topper” in Dibert.

    I’ve known two such fabulists somewhat closely; one was worse than the other. The (lesser) one in high school helped me almost instantly recognize the later one. It was surprising how long it took others to catch on to him. It must be even harder for those who have invested in a liar’s political fantasies.

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