That’s “Imagine if President Trump did X that the news media is accepting from Biden.”

I hate quoting the GOP hit machine, but sometimes attention mus be paid.

All I ask is for the same standards of decorum, taste and civility to be applied equally, fairly and objectively. Is that so unreasonable?

I’m assuming that the “boy” Biden was addressing was not black. However, if Trump had dared to use a similarly condescending term, it would have been cited as further evidence of his autocratic instincts.

3 thoughts on “Today’s IIPTDXTTNMIAFB…

  1. Norms? What norm? Watch the spin and misdirection. “Republicans pounce. Joe loves his mother. Isn’t that wonderful? And he forgives his wayward son. Certainly, you conservatives have heard of the Prodigal Son? It’s in the Bible, right?”

    • Whew. I watched the tape. It’s even more damning as evidence of his dementia. He seems to have no idea where he is or what would be appropriate behavior. All he can do is read the teleprompter. He’s a nasty old coot when he goes off the teleprompter. Basic crazy uncle.

  2. Maybe this was part of his “Dark Brandon” act, the dems (failing) attempt at turning the pejorative “Brandon” into meaning “badass”. Unfortunately, just being cranky while addled and feeble isn’t very convincing to that end.

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