Res Ipsa Loquitur: When “Bite Me!” Is The Ethical Response

Please, God, have somebody this woke-deranged knock on my door.

The father in the video erred by continuing to tolerate this outrageous example of rude and unjustified interference with his legitimate parental authority, even to the extent, at the beginning, of huminahumina-ing justifications, of which he owed none and none were necessary. Had he been exploiting his child (as he would if he had her carrying a political message) or harming his child (by making her wear a mask), the woman would have at least had a colorable reason to intervene on the child’s behalf.

But being told that dressing the toddler in pink is somehow an offense mandates a quick and effective response: “Bite me!” followed by closing the door sharply in the meddler’s face. Anything more extensive or polite conveys gravitas to the confrontation that it does not deserve.

Who ARE these people?

23 thoughts on “Res Ipsa Loquitur: When “Bite Me!” Is The Ethical Response

    • Pink is the color of the clouds and sometimes the sky at sunrise and sunset, flamingos, spoonbills, several decorative fish as well as one tasty one (salmon), and a lot of beautiful flowers including the ubiquitous apple and cherry blossoms. It has its place in the world, though it’s one of those colors where less is more. That said, I wouldn’t normally wear it myself, except for a breast cancer fundraising event.

  1. Wait, Jack, you followed up on a post about the evils of TikTok videos by linking to a TikTok video? (Yes, I know, the nuances of the stories make it an apples and oranges comparison. But I’m guessing you’re wily enough to plant that TikTok video to see who noticed.)

  2. I have a hard time believing that this is anything other than a comedy video, Jack. You might not find it funny, but I see “tells” all over the place in it.

    One is right up front: the name of the account- “clown world.” I refuse to use TikTok, but they do have a twitter stream, and the content is a mixed bag – with plenty of comedy bits thrown in. Looks like a lot of their posts are user submissions.

    • Agreed. Other tells are the fact that she allows herself to be filmed, and that we never see her face. Clown World is a right-leaning comedy site. The chances this episode happened in real life are somewhere between impossible and damned unlikely.

    • She uses the word “want” with regards to the child’s future gender identity. Committed Woke People know that gender identity is something you can’t change.

  3. I hate pink too, so usually dressed my baby girl in blue. One day a “Karen” walked up to my daughter’s stroller and said, “Oooh, cute…What’s his name?” Realizing she was making an assumption based on the color of clothes my daughter was wearing, I smiled broadly, saying, “Judith.” My big grin obviously didn’t register as she snapped, “JUDITH? That’s a stupid name for a BOY!!”
    Baby girl is now 40, always was and is a tomboy – super capable with tools, guns, engines, etc.but very pleased to be a woman…and knows what that word means. We never purchased “girl” or “boy” toys or books for her….just things she could enjoy and learn from. Why are so many making this gender identity so complicated??? Apparently, tis the fad of the decade.
    Fortunately, our granddaughter, at six, is very competent around tools, tractors, fixing/building things, etc. but loves being a girl and wants to be a ballerina-mermaid when she grows up…and maybe a construction foreman too. SHE knows she can be and do anything she wants as a female of the species.

    • That is what’s most infuriating about all of this gender madness. My entire life, it was drilled into me by schools and media and everything else that anyone could be anything they wanted to be. Girls can play with trucks and be CEOs, boys can be ballet dancers, etc. Now, suddenly, if a boy plays with a doll, you’re supposed to assume he’s really a girl trapped in the wrong body and begin medical treatment immediately. If your daughter likes working on motorcycles, she’s a dude. Call a surgeon! This seems quite contradictory to me.

      There’s apparently no room in this brave new world for tomboy girls or effeminate boys. Breaking gender stereotypes used to be heralded as liberating, but now it’s considered a life-threatening medical condition that warrants drastic surgical intervention. Intervention, it should be noted, that is highly profitable to the pharmaceutical and medical establishment.

      I have no doubt whatsoever that this video is entirely authentic, because the people pushing this nonsense are absolutely insane. The woman in the video is a relatively mild case of this particular mental illness, to be honest.

  4. I think it was scripted.

    Were that not the case and it had been me and my child, ~ 25 seconds in the video and audio would’ve…um…ended abruptly and hilarity would have DEFINITELY ensued!

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