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    • This seems similar to previous cases were Biden said something and the official response was that Biden’s comments were not the White House’s position on the subject. The official transcript is probably what he was SUPPOSED to say. What he actually said doesn’t matter, the transcript is the White House’s position, Biden is irrelevant. The Office of the President is the actual president, Biden is just the spokesmodel.

      • There’s a clever garbage bag manufacturer in Holland who prints funny sayings on their products, one of which is “Ich bin eine binliner.”

        Evidently Berliner is both the correct way to refer to a citizen of the city as well as the correct way to say “jelly filled donut” in areas other than Berlin. Still makes a good joke. Who cares if it was laughed at at the time or not.

  1. Steve Kirsch is a tech entrepreneur who made hundreds of millions of dollars after founding an early search engine and helping invent the optical computer mouse.

    Recently, he stood before a gathering of more than 250 lawyers in Atlanta while wearing a custom black T-shirt designed like a dictionary entry for the phrase “misinformation superspreader.”

    “Our definition is it’s someone who’s basically pointing out the truth and it just happens to disagree with the mainstream narrative we’re known as misinformation spreaders, because what they’re trying to do is they’re trying to control the narrative,” Kirsch told NPR.

    Here was my comment.

    This movement was given a huge shot in the arm when unprecedented vaccine mandates were actually enacted.

    Whoever heard of requiring public establishments to exclude customers who could not show peroof of vaccination?

    Or OSHA using a temporary emergency standard to require all employers with over fifty employees to fire those who refused this vaccine?

    There were proposal to deny the unvaccinated medical care, or to require airlines to exclude the unvaccinated from domestic flights.

    • It wasn’t just the vaccine mandates, although those certainly contributed. It was the entire COVID response. The entire government mobilized to essentially lock people in their houses, strap fabric to their faces, and inject them with untested chemicals, all while blatantly lying about pretty much everything. When they were caught in a lie, instead of apologizing or backing off on their approach, they doubled, tripled, quadrupled down on whatever they were doing and told new lies to cover up the old ones. It was like someone had just announced that reality no longer exists, everyone now has to believe whatever the daily lies are or get punished. The entire thing was insane from the get go, and only got worse as it went on. Now a whole lot of people are justifiably paranoid.

  2. So tomorrow is it. The world will see the coronation of a British monarch for the first time in 70 years. Charles III, the longest serving Prince of Wales, finally ascends the throne that he has waited for for so long. I don’t know how many of us Americans are going to get up early to watch it, it does not have the allure of a royal wedding, although it is certainly much more important.

    Is it just me though, however, or does it appear that the media is determined not to give Charles a chance? From the day of his mother’s death, or at least a few days afterward, the media has kept up a steady drum beat of how the monarchy is outdated, how Charles is already a man of the past himself, and of course a relentless tide of a mixture of black lives matter and anti-colonialism. This is not to mention the fact that the media almost can’t mention Charles without mentioning Harry and Megan in almost the same breath. I wonder if the media already know the identity of whichever Royal wondered aloud about Archie’s color and are planning to release it today or tomorrow to figuratively rain on Charles’parade as they gloat about how the weather appears literally likely to and gleefully post memes that state that Diana is the one having her revenge by making it rain, as ridiculous as that sounds.

    The fact is that Charles is everything the media hates, a traditional minded, accomplished monarch who is the embodiment of old style patriotism, complete with flags, uniforms and (the horror!) a crown. The fact is also that the media holds him responsible for the unhappiness and later death of one of their darlings in the form of Princess Diana, the same as they held Donald Trump personally responsible for the defeat of their darling Hillary and refused to give him a chance. They also hold him responsible for the self-imposed exile of another media darling in the form of Meghan Markle, who failed in her attempt to take over and wokify the monarchy and only succeeded in turning Prince Harry into a weak and bitter simp, so doped up on her foo-foo dust that he became, if not a flat-out traitor, pretty close to it. What else do you call someone who turns on his sovereign and betrays internal family business in an attempt to diminish him?

    Like it or not, tomorrow will not see an awkward Diana giving Charles the stink-eye the whole day nor a passive aggressive Meghan soaking up all the cameras’ attention. It definitely won’t see an apology to the former British Empire nations, or an abasement of the sovereign and royal family before victimhood, or any of those other masturbatory woke fantasies.

    The day may come when the people of Great Britain and Northern Ireland decide, like the people of Italy did, that the monarchy has outlived its usefulness and vote to abolish it. However, tomorrow will not be that day. A morning may arrive when self-hatred and hatred of the past becomes trendy in the UK as it did here for a time. However, tomorrow morning will not be that morning. An age may dawn when tradition will crumble and the kingdom with it. However, tomorrow will not see the dawn of that age.

    Rule Britannia! Vivat Carolus Rex! God save the King!🇬🇧👑

    • Been sort of binge watching “The Crown” recently. Hasn’t made me love the royals, though the portrayal of Elizabeth is fairly kind (Thatcher, not so much). Don’t know how accurate any of it is, but far, my favorite bit is when E2 essentially tells Chuck to “man up and quit being a spoiled brat” during his troubles with Diana.

    • Projection much? Traditionally minded? Old style? Charles Phillip Arthur George Mountbatten-Windsor? Who goes vegetarian three days a week, spoke of modernizing the monarchy, who has spent a lifetime advocating for nature conservation, the head of the Church of England who wants to showcase religious diversity?

      I suppose you can call him old fashioned if you want to take into account his complaint that he wasn’t going to be the only Prince of Wales not to take a mistress… That is, if you consider adultery old-fashioned.

      God save the King.

      • And he also drinks martinis and is very particular about his boiled eggs. He’s also a former military officer, polo player, and hunter. Of course he spoke of modernizing, every sovereign who wants to stay one has to move at least some with the times. Religious issues were already moving way before he reached the throne, with the abolition of the bigoted anachronism that is the Act of Settlement, although the disestablishment of the Church of England, which WOULD be a huge change, is probably still decades away.

        And haha, yes, fooling around is still pretty old fashioned. George IV had too many mistresses and illegitimate children to count, WIlliam IV had 10 illegitimate children by an Irish actress, Edward VII plowed through noblewomen and actresses, Edward VIII had more than a few affairs with married women before the great disgrace that was Wallis Simpson, George V fell in love with his cousin before his grandmother matched him up with his dead brother’s fiancee, and George VI had a long and passionate affair with the married Sheila Loughborough. The only UK monarchs in the last three centuries who haven’t fooled around were George III (who had issues with illness), Victoria (although her love life was messed up in its own way) and Elizabeth II, whose marriage was actually against the odds (her parents disliked Philip). Measured against this, Charles’ behavior seems relatively tame… but for his use of poor sickly Dale Tryon, who died just after Diana (also relatively young at 49), but who the world never talks about, if they ever talked about her at all.

    • Boone is being skewered for that decision, and rightfully so. He wouldn’t be if the Yankees had won, but it was still dumb management. Either you leave the pitcher in until he gets in trouble, or you pull him before the 9th and let a relief pitcher start with nobody on base.

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